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Historic St.Paul Street Vandalized
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Attack on St PAul StreetResidents of the most beautiful street in Lac Brome were shocked and awed to see a home on their street targetted by a severe paintball attack this week. Just steps away from the Mayors home, a lovely Victorian house was riddled with a paint ball attack spreading neon paint on the normally tranquil street in Lac Brome Knowlton.

No other homes were targetted in the attack and the house that was splattered with paint balls has yet to be cleaned off leaving many residents wondering what is happening! Why would a lovely home in the most attractive neighbourhood in Knowlton recieve a vicious paintball attack while other homes were left alone?

The talk at the local pubs and restaurants was intense! Why was a home on the wealthiest street in Lac Brome Knowlton targetted to be shot up with paint balls? Something is amiss! And why has the home remained splattered with frozen paint for so many days? Abandoned? Negelected? Don't the fathers of Knowlton have the duty to intervene and correct such mishaps?

Some folks asked if it could be an unpaid renovation contract that caused a contractor to apply a messy statement of accounts? It's hard to tell but as of yet no-one has cleared off the neon paint streaming down the windows and doors so it almost looks like the home is abandoned which doesn't look good for other residents in the area!

St. Paul street is the renowned and gorgeous street where the Mayor of Knowlton lives so to see such a blatant attack of vandalism has made some people ask if maybe the perpertrators didn't have the right address!!

Has the economic crisis affected our little town so that the wealthy can't afford to pay for what they want to dream about? Don't we all have to pay the bills?

Of course it is impossible to say why one house was attacked...it could be a case of adultery for all the town knows! But to see an empty house covered with the spackle and paste of anger is so sad especially since St. Paul street is the most recognizable street in Knowlton and now that has been defiled without correction it seems that the downward spiral has touched our little paradise!

Since no other homes were touched in the attack it seems strictly targetted so people have to ask if this is some sort of payback or retribution for an unpaid bill or something even more personal? Until the ugle paint is removed we can only wonder and it is so sad that the most expensive neighbourghood in Knowlton has been attacked by such horrible vandalism. Such a shame to see our small town being damaged !!

With housing values in the area dropping so dramatcially it is a shame that this sort of unwelcome publicity has yet to be cleaned up especially since the Mayor of Knowlton drives by the vandalized house every day! Shouldn't someone do a little tidy up? The neon splatters on such a lovely home are simply dishonerable!!


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