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MORE INFO > $50 for 6 months of your ad appearing on DestinationKnowlton! Get your business name, a 112 x 56 pixel image in regular shared rotation on the home page and every article, including all archives, for six months. You also get up to 50 words of text to describe your business, including a link to your website, at the top of the business directory page. Partners at this level enter a pool of rotating ads with other advertisers and every visit to a new page by a visitor to the website places one of the ad images from that pool onto the webpage in the right hand navigation column. Visitors who click on the sponsored advertisment will be brought to the business directory page where all preffered sponsors, their 50 word descriptions and website link if you have one, is highlighted. Restaurants, B&B's & Hotels who purchase paid listings will also appear highlighted in color at the top of either the Restaurants or Accomodation

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Front Page
Your 112 x 56 pixel graphic or logo will appear prominantly on the front page of the destination web site in rotation with all other sponsors.

Every time a visitor visits the main page a different local advertiser appears in this position and when a visitor clicks on the graphic/link they are brought to the business directory page where all sponsors have their logo, 50 words of text, and website link highlighted at the top of the page.

Business Directory
Your listing (112 x 56 pixel graphic, 50 words of text and website link if you have one) will appear at the top of the business directory page page with other sponsors.

Paid listings also appear on the monthly calendar page and on every single archived article of the website.

Paid listings also appear in rotation on every archived webpage, on the monthly events calendar page, accomodations page, and restaurant guide for the 6 month duration of your paid listing.

Attract visitors to your website and let them know about your services in Knowlton or the surrounding area!

Only $50 for 6 months
Click here to add your paid listing now

or Reserve Your Ad, Pay Now & Submit your ad later
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Images to be used for your sponsored listing (112 x 56 pixels) must be approved by the editor and we reserve the right to reject or modify (with your approval) of any image so it better fits with the design of the website. Animated images are not accepted.

Other ways to use for your business
1. Contribute a story or add an event to the calendar for free
Submitting an article with photographs highlighting a story that may be of interest to residents in the Lac Brome area is a perfect way to get people to know about a particular event or human interest story. Your article and photographs will appear on the main page, usually for a week, and permanently in the archives. We also welcome "letters to the editor" if you would like to contribute an article, letter or have a story idea. Adding your event to the monthly event calendar is free, click here to add an event to our calendar.

2. Add a free Business Listing

You can add your business or organization to the business directory for free.

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