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Destination Knowlton's Favorite Travel Guides for Quebec
January 12
Winter Lecture Series
"Samuel Wells and Luke Knowlton's Involvement with the British Secret Service/Northern Division

Even though things are quiet in Knowlton in January as far as the calendar of events goes there is a great winter lecture series being presented by the Brome County Historical Society featuring Historian Jim Manson. The Saturday lecture presentation focuses on the topic "Samuel Wells and Luke Knowlton's Involvement with the British Secret Service/Northern Division " where the fate of Vermont's loyalist population took a dramatic turn for the better after the 1780 rapprochement between Ira Allen and Luke Knowlton leading to an informal alliance between the defacto Vermont Government and prominent loyalists from Cumberland and Gloucester Counties. In exchange for supporting Vermont's bid for independence from New York, the loyalists were given a free hand to work against the Revolution. Now this is the type of stuff that can't be made up! Come hear for yourself the exciting details that make the history of The Eastern Townships such a fascinating subject! Presented by The Brome County Historical Society in the Old Court House, 15 St. Paul Road, Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Information: 450-243-6782

January 19
Winter Lecture Series

Reverend Charles Stewart and Frontier Religion in the Eastern Townships

Another Saturday night for those of you who prefer the meat and potatoes of history over an evening with Don Cherry at the rink. Another popular presentation with Historian Jim Manson who profiles "Reverend Charles Stewart and Frontier Religion in the Eastern Townships" Reverend Charles Stewart played an important role in the early religious life of the Eastern Townships but it was his evaluation of the region's American settlers after the War of 1812 that interested Lower Canada's political authorities. If you thought scandal and drama was limited to the Liberal Party this will provide much merriment and historical background of our region. Presented by The Brome County Historical Society in the Old Court House, 15 St. Paul Road, Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Information: 450-243-6782

Throughout January
While Knowlton tends to slow down like many Canadian villages do in the winter there are always reasons to visit! There are great restaurants and stores and shops to visit in Lac Brome and since we are so close to popular ski areas like Bromont, Sutton and even Vermont ski areas there is always something to do in our small town.

Just relax and stop over in a bed and breakfast and enjoy the recreation in our area featuring skiing, hiking, snowshoeing and of course the evr popular activity of enjoying a bottle of wine and a good DVD.

Knowlton has every possible amenity for visitors including a post office, library, restaurants with wifi service and about the friendliest people you will ever meet!

The snow can get thicker than a pile of melting mozerella!
Deep Dish Honda
Take a break at one of the many great restaurants in Knowlton and don't be surprised that the snow covers your buggy while you dash inside to pick up a pizza pie and a caesar salad to go! One of the best things about Knowlton is the fact we have everything we could need within a few minutes from home and we can still declare we live in a rural jewel!
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The Brome Lake Santa Clause Parade

See The Winter Fireworks

The Big Brome Fair 2007
Well...you missed the Brome Fair 2007 but don't worry we have a full recap! A full collection of photos and videos from the Brome Fair plus we want you to come back for next year! See more about the Brome Fair | Check out our photo collection from the Brome Fair or look back at the 2006 Brome Fair.

Brome Lake Duck Festival
As the leaves turn there crimson mix of orange delights the duck festival again showcases the world famous ducks that have made Brome Lake famous. There are sidewalk boutiques and culinary demonstrations and competitions by world-class chefs who converge on Knowlton for this prestigious event. Always a crowd-pleaser the Duck Festival is one of the most popular events in the tourist season.

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Action Plan or Fantasy Land?
Anna Nixon At Sutton Gallery
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Remembrance Day in Knowlton
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Fire Department To Get New Fire Trucks

New IGA for Knowlton
David Suzuki Visits Knowlton

Speed Limits Don't Match Road Reality
New Benches Installed Beside Pettes Library
Uniprix Ready For Expansion...Next Up: Tim Horton!
Getting Ready for the Big Brome Fair
Knowlton Business Faces Fine for Illegal Sign
Knowlton Gas Station Says Buh-Bye!
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Gerald Swann: featured painter
Renaissance Lac Brome Meeting
What Can We Do With Lac Brome?
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RCMP Musical Ride Thrills Townshippers
Running the Tour Du Lac Brome
Public Market Opens In Knowlton
Brome Lake Ducks Maintain Rugby Record
Eastern Townships Challenge visits Knowlton
Celebrating the Big Brome Fair
Changing the Victorian Landscape of Knowlton
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Ice on Mill Pond reflects our lovely Church.
January Ice
When the snow storms have passed and the sun peeks out from over The Glen we can sometimes be treated to wonderful patterns on the frozen mill pond. Delicate patterns are created on the ice and the central park in Knowlton is popular with visitors because of the outdoor skating rink the town built and for the incredible views.
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Art, Music & Literature

Stay tuned for upcoming shows in 2008

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Recommended reading at the Knowlton Public Library
These books are available now at the Pettes Library at the corner of Knowlton Road and Lakeside Drive in central Lac Brome. Valid library card is required, visit the library for more information.

The Olive Route (Non-fiction)
Books by Carol Drinkwater
Like the Silk Road and the Spice Route, the Olive Route stretching 2,200 miles from Gibraltar to northern Syria encompasses not just a journey, but an epic adventure involving the age-old transportation of a precious commodity. Carol Drinkwater travelled along this beautiful and sometimes dangerous route, uncovering ancient stories, meeting striking and courageous people and tracing its venerable olive culture.

Tracking the Cretans, Phoenicians, Greeks and the Romans, amongst others, she eventually finds her way back to her olive farm in the sun-baked hills of southern France. The Olive Route recounts a thrilling, heroic, sensual and entertaining journey by the bestselling author of the much loved Olive series.

Red River (Fiction)
Books by Lalita Tademy
Lalita Tademy weaves together history and the story of her own family to bring us an epic work of fiction, the dramatic, intertwining story of two families struggling to make a place for themselves in an America deeply divided after the Civil War.

For the newly freed black residents of Colfax, Louisiana, the beginning of Reconstruction promised them the right to vote, own property, and at last, control their own lives. But in the space of a day, angry whites would take back Colfax in one of the deadliest incidents of racial violence in Southern history, In the bitter aftermath, the Tademys and the Smiths will have to deal with the wreckage, push on, and build a better life for their sons and daughters over the next seventy years.

Night Falls On Damascus (Mystery)
Books by Frederick Highland
Night Falls on Damascus holds up a mirror to the continuing puzzle of the Middle East as it weaves a rich and engrossing tale of murder, revenge, and the corruption of power. With the introduction of Inspector Nikolai Faroun, a new type of hero enters the mystery scene, a man with a hidden past, a Levantine working for a hated Western regime, a man caught between two worlds who can trust no one and call no one friend.

Exile (Mystery)
Books by Richard North Patterson
International bestselling author Richard North Patterson takes his political and legal thrillers one step further by focusing his latest novel, EXILE, on the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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The Amazing Race...Knowlton Style!
Back to School: Watch Out For Our Kids!
Quaint Village or Monster Truck Show?
Taking Aim At The Mayor
Can You Hear Me Now? Cell Tower To Be Built
Knowlton Landmark Hotel Wins Award
"Raccoon Cookies" Fight Rabies Outbreak

Knowlton Imposes Strict Dress Code

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