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February 11th, 18th & 25th
Black History Month Series of Lectures

Sundays afternoon in February at 2 River Road in Stanbridge East.

Sunday February 11th:
Guest speaker is the President of North Country Underground Railroad Historical Association Don Papson
will give a lecture on the Lake Champlain Corridor Passageway to Freedom.
Sunday February 18th
Hisorian and archiviste Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne will give a lecture on Salvery in New France and the Angelique Story.
Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne is the author of the book "Proces de Marie-Josephe-Angelique"
Febrary 25th
Come and share Robert Gailbraith and members of the St. Armand Historical Society as the discussion turns to the Black community of Phillisburg and St. Armand.
Refreshments are always served during the series and admission is by donation to the Missisquoi Historical Society. For more information on the lecture series or the historical society call 450-248-3153

February 14th
Happy Valentines Day!

February 17th
Historical Lecture Series
Featuring Jimmy Manson. The topic of Jimmy's lecture is: " Class before race: French-Canadian Nationalism as seen by English Speaking Townshippers During the Duplessis Years" This is sure to be an interesting discussion. The event starts at 1 pm and will be held in the Old Court House at 15 St. Paul street in central Knowlton. For more information call 450-243-6782.

February 19th

Brome Lake Soccer Club Registration

It's time to start thinking of the Summer 2007 Soccer season in Brome Lake and the registration will take place from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Community Center on Victoria Street. Parents are asked to bring a photo of their child or children as well as a cheque for payment. Registration fee is $80 for seven players per side or $90 for eleven players per side. Late registration will take place on the 23rd but to avoid the late fees it's better to register for soccer on time. Better yet, call ahead to the cenetr at 450-242-2020 and get all the details about signing up for soccer. There is no guarantee that all players will get placed on teams so register early. The kids love soccer so make sure you take the time to get them signed up!

Cinema Series & Movie Listings
Yes we have movies in Lac Brome! Come see it on the big screen with your friends and neighbours the way people did before DVD players and cable TV!

Sunday February 18th at 5 p.m.
The Last Trapper
(documentary 2006)
On an incredible Canadian "White Odyssey" crossing 8,600 kilometers by dog-driven sled from Alaska to Quebec, filmmaker Nicolas Vanier met Norman, a modern-day Jeremiah Johnson—a Davy Crockett for a world that has forgotten its past.

Norman, 50, lives in the Yukon woods with a Nahanni Indian woman named Nebraska. A long-time trapper, he doesn’t need society's luxuries. He has his dogs and he eats what he hunts or fishes. He handmade his sled, his rackets, his hut and his canoe with the wood he gets from the forest. Leather is tanned by Nebraska for him in the old way, as the ancient Sekani Indians did. Hunting lynxes, beavers, martens, wolves and wolverines provides the rest.

The Last Trapper made by Christal Films. Photo courtesy Christal Films.

Each spring, he goes to Whitehorse or Dawson to sell furs and buy sundries: cigarette tobacco, ammunition, traps, flour, matches, candles and batteries for his radio. He travels with his dogs. They are silent and allow him to gaze undisturbed at the majestic landscapes he crosses. That is what makes Norman trap. The Great North is in him, and Nebraska carries it with her, in her blood, because the boreal forest is her people's mother.

The audience gets a day-to-day portrait of a pure spirit, existing in accord with his environment, and living respectfully off the lives of fellow creatures.

Screening will be at 5:00 p.m. Regular admission: $7.00 per person; $5.00 for Theatre members, quiet kids under 3 get in free. Presented by Theatre Lac Brome at Arts Knowlton, 9 Mont-Echo. Box Office: 450-242-2270

Winter is Lac Brome is no picnic!

Winter is no picnic!

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From February 22 to March 25
Vernissage: Saturday February 24 at 2:00pm

Arts Sutton
Courtesy of Mary Bogdan, Madonna & Child 1, Mixed Media, 79 X 57 cm
Arts Sutton Gallery
in Sutton presents an exhibition of current works by Mary Bogdan and Ted Yudelson which deal with the theme of change or the hope of change. The two artists address the issue of personal evolution in their own unique way through their encounter with the creative process. Within the moments of incidental illuminations that occur along the way, each discovers hope for metamorphosis, leading to transformation and ultimately...click here to read more and get information on the exhibit

February 18th in Dunham
Matt Forand & Robyn Hughes
This folk blues duo will be playing acoustic music starting at 8:30 pm, tickets are for sale at $10 each. They are playing at Playing at Brasseurs & Frères inc. 3809, rue Principale, local 104 in Dunham. For more info (450) 295-1500 or visit Brasseurs & Frères at www.betf.ca

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Recommended reading & New Books at the Knowlton Public Library
These books are available now at the Pettes Library at the corner of Knowlton Road and Lakeside Drive in central Lac Brome. Valid library card is required, visit the library for more information.

Night Falls On Damascus (Mystery)
Books by Frederick Highland
Night Falls on Damascus holds up a mirror to the continuing puzzle of the Middle East as it weaves a rich and engrossing tale of murder, revenge, and the corruption of power. With the introduction of Inspector Nikolai Faroun, a new type of hero enters the mystery scene, a man with a hidden past, a Levantine working for a hated Western regime, a man caught between two worlds who can trust no one and call no one friend.

Exile (Mystery)
Books by Richard North Patterson
International bestselling author Richard North Patterson takes his political and legal thrillers one step further by focusing his latest novel, EXILE, on the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Red River
Books by Lalita Tademy
Lalita Tademy weaves together history and the story of her own family to bring us an epic work of fiction, the dramatic, intertwining story of two families struggling to make a place for themselves in an America deeply divided after the Civil War.

For the newly freed black residents of Colfax, Louisiana, the beginning of Reconstruction promised them the right to vote, own property, and at last, control their own lives. But in the space of a day, angry whites would take back Colfax in one of the deadliest incidents of racial violence in Southern history, In the bitter aftermath, the Tademys and the Smiths will have to deal with the wreckage, push on, and build a better life for their sons and daughters over the next seventy years.

The Olive Route (Non-fiction)
Books by Carol Drinkwater
Like the Silk Road and the Spice Route, the Olive Route – stretching 2,200 miles from Gibraltar to northern Syria – encompasses not just a journey, but an epic adventure involving the age-old transportation of a precious commodity. Carol Drinkwater travelled along this beautiful and sometimes dangerous route, uncovering ancient stories, meeting striking and courageous people and tracing its venerable olive culture.

Tracking the Cretans, Phoenicians, Greeks and the Romans, amongst others, she eventually finds her way back to her olive farm in the sun-baked hills of southern France. The Olive Route recounts a thrilling, heroic, sensual and entertaining journey by the bestselling author of the much loved Olive series.

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