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What happened in April 2008 near Lac Brome, Knowlton, Quebec

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Every Saturday Night
Live Jazz and Dining
The Relais Restaurant in the historic Auberge Knowlton is presenting wonderful live Jazz music every Saturday night from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Come and enjoy a delicious meal or just a glass of wine with friends while listening to some young and talented Jazz musicians playing the classics of Jazz from the 1940's and beyond. More information.

April 19th
Sutton Goes Green!
Arts Sutton will launch the first of two annual exhibitions of works by its artist members, who will also be attending the opening. Read More

April 7th

Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley
With special guest speaker Dr. David Bird, Acedemic and Avian Conservationist. With Spring in the air we are seeing more and more birds returning from their winter nesting areas in the South; what better time to come hear from a bird expert ! Dr. David Bird is a Professor of Wildlife Biology and Director of the Avian Sciene and Conservation Centre of McGill University.

Dr. Bird will be giving a talk on avian habits with a liht hearted look at reproducing and caring for chicks in the nest...those fuzzy little buddies! The meeting of the Canadian Club takes place April 7th at 2:00 p.m. at the Auberge West Brome on Highway 139. There will be some light refreshments, surely not chicken wings, during the break. Non-members are required to pay a small $10 entry fee.

April 9th to 12th
Woolrich Warehouse Sale
The ever popular Woolrich Warehouse Sale is taking place at the Oddfellows Hall at 476 Knowlton Road, accross from the Depanneur Rouge. The 4 day sale gives residents and visitors a chance to buy the quality Woolrich clothing at a fraction of the regular retail price.

Get their early beacuse the line-ups are like what you would expect to see at a Rolling Stones concert!
Decades before the Civil War - before telephones, automobiles and airplanes were invented - Woolrich was an established company supplying apparel and woolen cloth to those whose lives often depended on rugged, reliable, outdoor clothing. In 2005, Woolrich celebrates an amazing history of 175 years of continuous operation.

Established in 1830, Woolrich is today the oldest clothing company and woolen mill in the nation. From the creation of the now famous red and black Buffalo Check, to supplying apparel to three of Admiral Byrd's Antarctic expeditions, Woolrich has continued the legacy of reliable outdoor clothing for the better part of two centuries.

The super-sale takes place Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 10AM till 7PM and Saturday from 10AM till 4PM. Remember to get to the Oddfellows Hall early because the Lac Brome folks like to start lining up about three hours in advance!

More info by calling 450-243-0058.

April 17th
Annual Business Dinner
The Chamber of Commerce of Brome Lake will hold its third Annual Business Dinner presented for the business community of the Town of Brome Lake on Thursday April 17th, 2008. This year, the theme of the evening will be the CLD of Brome Missisquoi and will focus on the several tools and resources that are accessible to business owners of the region.

The Brome Lake Chamber of Commerce is please to announce that Mrs. Josée Brunet, Director of Economic Development Services, and Mr. Hermann Ruf, Industrial Development Advisor will be our special guest speakers of the evening. The Business Dinner will be held at: Auberge Quilliams 572 Lakeside Rd. Brome Lake Thursday April 17th, 2008

The evening will begin at 6 pm. $60/person This event is sponsored by: Desjardins & Cie The evening will be a great opportunity to bring together the business community. There will also be great door prizes to be won. Places are limited so we advise to reserve as early as possible. Please contact Mrs. Joelle Chartrand, General Director, at (450) 242-2870 to reserve your seat.

Throughout April
“Arts & Antiquities - A La Carte” is a newly-formed coop of some 20 creative entrepreneurs that see the village as their home as well as their way of life. Having rented a large space in the heart of the village at One Lakeside Road, the group of artists, artisans and antique dealers have set up a mini shopping center of individuality and creativity that has yet to be seen in the Eastern Townships
. Group Believes in Knowlton's Revival .

Knowlton has every possible amenity for visitors including a post office, library, restaurants with wifi service and about the friendliest people you will ever meet! Come and enjoy the final weeks of Winter in Knowlton and take advantage of the nearby ski hills and the local hospitality that is the specialty of Brome Lake!

Fire hydrant in the snw.
Children Playing at the Church
With the snow finally melting away after an unusual winter that seemed to drag on forever we are starting to feel like it is actually spring! The grass is getting greener and the longer days of sunlight put a smile on everyones face and the children definately enjoy the outside much more now! .
More Photos & Pictures of Brome Lake

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Action Plan or Fantasy Land?
Anna Nixon At Sutton Gallery
Spectacular Migration of Birds

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The Big Brome Fair
Well...you missed the Brome Fair 2007 but don't worry we have a full recap! A full collection of photos and videos from the Brome Fair plus we want you to come back for next year! See more about the Brome Fair | Check out our photo collection from the Brome Fair or look back at the 2006 Brome Fair.

Brome Lake Duck Festival
As the leaves turn there crimson mix of orange delights the duck festival again showcases the world famous ducks that have made Brome Lake famous. There are sidewalk boutiques and culinary demonstrations and competitions by world-class chefs who converge on Knowlton for this prestigious event. Always a crowd-pleaser the Duck Festival is one of the most popular events in the tourist season.

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Chickadee feeding on the Squirrel Buster!
Spring Daffodils
The sunny days of April bring out the gorgeous yellow blooms of the fragrant daffodils. The flowers add color and sunshine to any room and are being sold throught Knowlton by various groups; why not treat yourself to a lovely reminder that we all made it through another wild winter! More Photos & Pictures of Knowlton

Art, Music & Literature

April 11th - 13th
Bonbons Assortis
One of Quebec's most well-known and beloved playwrights, Michel Tremblay will have his theatrical play "Bonbons Assortis" presented by La Troupe du Café and Espace Sutton at Arts Knowlton, 9 Mont-Echo.

Friday & Saturday at 8:00 p.m.; Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Tickets: Adults $15.00, students $10.00. Information and reservations: 450-538-1717.

April 12th & 13th
Brome Beaux Arts
Concert featuring Les Boréades. On the programme: Marais, Lully, Couperin. Presented by Brome Beaux Arts at the Old Brick Church, West Brome. Saturday: 8:00 p.m.; Sunday: 3:00 p.m. Admission is free. Information: (450) 263-2346

Until April 13th
Day of Celebration at Arts Sutton: A Show with Three Artists
Arts Sutton Gallery is welcoming Spring with a festive show by three Montreal artists: Hélène Latulippe, Sacha Marie Levay and Claude Prairie. Titled "Day of Celebration," the show will run until April 13th and will be an oasis of joy, lightness and pleasure. . Each artist addresses the theme of celebration in her own way: Hélène Latulippe through her theatre of objects from the neighbourhood hardware store, working with a vocabulary that develops around a simple form, bright colours and everyday objects.
Find out more

April 17th
Remembering Pavarotti
A musical presentation by Henry Schreiber.

Luciano Pavarotti, was an Italian operatic tenor, who crossed over into popular music and became one of the world's most famous vocal performers. He was one of The Three Tenors and was well known for his televised concerts and media appearances. Pavarotti was also noted for his charity work benefiting refugees, the Red Cross and other causes. He was born in Modena to the family of a baker. After abandoning the dream to become a professional football goalkeeper, Pavarotti spent seven years in vocal training and began his career as a tenor in 1961 in Italy. He sang in houses in The Netherlands, Vienna, London, Ankara, Budapest and Barcelona.

The young tenor earned valuable experience and significant recognition while touring on the invitation of soprano Joan Sutherland and during his 1965 US debut in Miami on her recommendation. His position was solidified in the years between 1966 and 1972, during which Pavarotti first appeared at Milan's La Scala, other major European houses and, in 1968, NYC's Metropolitan Opera to great acclaim.

A musical presentation by Henry Schreiber. At Arts Knowlton, 9 Mont-Echo. Information and reservations: 450-242-1395. Come out and hear why Pavarotti was in a class all of his own!

April 24th
Music of Vienna
A musical presentation by Henry Schreiber.

Ahhh who can't be moved by just thinking about the sounds and histroy from Vienna!

Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria, and has long been one of the major centers for cultural development in central Europe. The Musikverein (Concert hall) at night, January 2005Music organizations in Vienna include the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, which has been promoting musical development in the city since 1812. The Vienna Boys Choir has an even longer history, dating back to 1498, while the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is also renowned. Major music venues in Vienna include the State Opera House and the People's Opera House, and the Academy Theatre and the Burgtheater, all of which are owned by the federal government

A musical presentation by Henry Schreiber. At Arts Knowlton, 9 Mont-Echo. Information and reservations: 450-242-1395. Enjoy a breathtaking and unique audio voyage into some of the most amazing music from beautiful Vienna!

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Recommended reading & New Books at the Knowlton Public Library
These books are available now at the Pettes Library at the corner of Knowlton Road and Lakeside Drive in central Lac Brome. Valid library card is required, visit the library for more information.

Night Falls On Damascus (Mystery)
Books by Frederick Highland
Night Falls on Damascus holds up a mirror to the continuing puzzle of the Middle East as it weaves a rich and engrossing tale of murder, revenge, and the corruption of power. With the introduction of Inspector Nikolai Faroun, a new type of hero enters the mystery scene, a man with a hidden past, a Levantine working for a hated Western regime, a man caught between two worlds who can trust no one and call no one friend.

Exile (Mystery)
Books by Richard North Patterson
International bestselling author Richard North Patterson takes his political and legal thrillers one step further by focusing his latest novel, EXILE, on the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Red River
Books by Lalita Tademy
Lalita Tademy weaves together history and the story of her own family to bring us an epic work of fiction, the dramatic, intertwining story of two families struggling to make a place for themselves in an America deeply divided after the Civil War.

For the newly freed black residents of Colfax, Louisiana, the beginning of Reconstruction promised them the right to vote, own property, and at last, control their own lives. But in the space of a day, angry whites would take back Colfax in one of the deadliest incidents of racial violence in Southern history, In the bitter aftermath, the Tademys and the Smiths will have to deal with the wreckage, push on, and build a better life for their sons and daughters over the next seventy years.

The Olive Route (Non-fiction)
Books by Carol Drinkwater
Like the Silk Road and the Spice Route, the Olive Route – stretching 2,200 miles from Gibraltar to northern Syria – encompasses not just a journey, but an epic adventure involving the age-old transportation of a precious commodity. Carol Drinkwater travelled along this beautiful and sometimes dangerous route, uncovering ancient stories, meeting striking and courageous people and tracing its venerable olive culture.

Tracking the Cretans, Phoenicians, Greeks and the Romans, amongst others, she eventually finds her way back to her olive farm in the sun-baked hills of southern France. The Olive Route recounts a thrilling, heroic, sensual and entertaining journey by the bestselling author of the much loved Olive series.

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