Artist Farruggello Exhibit in Knowlton

FarruggelloSunday December 9th you’ll have the chance to see new paintings by Farruggello in the recently opened Bed and Breakfast on Victoria Street, “Gite du jour au Lendemain”. Take a moment to introduce yourself to the artist as well as the home that has been part of Knowlton’s history since the 1800’s.

About the Artist : Farruggello
Originally from Nice, France, Farruggello initially entered the art world by working in several framing studios. In his early twenties he opened his own gallery, which he ran for 3 years. In addition, for several years he continued to organize expositions for various studios and galleries in Nice.

However, it is in Quebec, in 1989, that he began his work as an artist. There, he participated in several live-model workshops and carried out his initial studies of perspective inspired by architectural structures and urban environments which he enjoyed deconstructing. His present work still draws from those early experiences.

His first acrylic paintings were composed with masses of color, to which he progressively added more perspective.

In 1994, he began a collage series, cheerfully blending paint with urban décor elements that he photographed. Staircases, facades, doors, fire escapes, railways, lampposts, rope lines, etc., are part of the many cultural references that he fused together.

In 1995, he presents Façade, his first exposition in Montreal. This initiated a long series of urban compositions where he mixed abstraction with realistic elements, a distinguishing feature of his style even today.

The colors are vibrant, the paintings are juxtaposed, and the dynamic suggestions are indeed audacious signifying an accrued mastery of a medium and a more radical aesthetic. Read more on the official website :

Gite du jour au lendemainAbout The Knowlton Bed & Breakfast : “Gite du jour au Lendemain” Originally known to many in the early 1900’s as The Foster Farm, the house on Victoria Street is well known in Knowlton. It is said to have been the house with the first inground swimming pool of the region! The lovely Victorian Home and surrounding barn have always been a charming decoration on the street. The home was occupied by the McKeen family for several decades, Mrs. Francis McKeen has a street named after her in Knowlton and they McKeens had always kept the property and buildings looking sharp and tidy with fresh white paint!

I actually have a soft spot for this house because I lived in the home for the last 5 years of the McKeen ownership, renting the small house attached to the main home that used to be the farm managers house. The home and property have always represented the Victorian spirit and it is great to see the new owners of the home have turned it into a bed and breakfast to share this unique part of Knowlton’s history!

There are three bedrooms available. The house is at a walking distance from the marina (15 minutes), from the village (20 minutes) and from the beach (30 minutes). There is an inground pool and the Bike Path is right off the main driveway. Lovely old trees tower overhead and flowers bloom in the lush greenery on the large 1.37 acre property.

Visit the official website :

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