Death and Rabbits?…OMG Not Rabbits!

Cathy Cahill: La vie, la mort et les lapins (Life, Death and Rabbits)Cathy Cahill tells us a story, her story, in this series of drawings called La vie, la mort et les lapins (Life, Death and Rabbits). Image: Nous avons visité Mike et Rachel-ils vivaient sur la rue de Yoko Ono. Pencil and oil pastel on paper, 76 X 112 cm.

A succession of sad and happy events unfold in a short space of time. The title of each drawing gives us clues for interpreting the picture. Cathy Cahill’s work is peopled with rabbits, who symbolize reproduction, empathy and vegetarianism and who tell us the tale of a tragic accident, a move, a marriage, a funeral and a pregnancy. The freshness and lucidity of her work is a delight to explore.

Cathy Cahill was born in Montreal in 1972. She has a degree in Art and Art History from the University of Toronto. She lives and works in West Brome with her husband, Todd Munro, who is also an artist.

Cathy has shown in a number of solo and group exhibitions since 1999, including Les Femmeuses in Longueuil in 2006 and Fuzzy at Oakville Galleries in Oakville, Ontario. For more information about the artist, see her website at

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