Do You Remember When The Brome Lake Blog Embarrassed Knowlton?

Morris Croghan of the Brome Lake BlogWhile the Olympics are bringing out the best in Canadians the Brome Lake Blog is continuing to bring out the worst in people, especially the owner, Morris “Don’t call me Maurice” Coggles.

Residents of The Town of Brome Lake are wearing paper bags on their heads as Brome Lake Blog continues to be a mysogynistic ranting forum that paints the town on the Internet as a haven for fools and right-wing self-serving, fawning parasites!

The Blog, owned by Morris “Maurice” Croghan, is in no way a representation of the fine folks living in Brome Lake but instead is a nasty collection of worthless posts that are designed to poke at people and inscite responses instead of actually doing anything positive.

Townsfolk’s are at their wits end but unfortunately there is no laws against utter stupidity otherwise Croggles would be doing life for first-degree retardeness!

Morris Croghan, or Maurice as we say here in bon Quebecois, or is it Morris like John Charest is a convenient twist spelling in order to hide his Quebecois heritage? Momo seems to be like many old men who take up blogs late in life after the spark of intelligence and sensibility has long been snuffed out due to cerebral shrinkage: he fails to see that his maniacal posts actually cause people to feel sorry for him!

Sir: You live in Quebec, complain about everything and your name is Maurice….that makes you a 100% pur laine Québécois!! Like it or not, protest as you do, you are what you most hate, monsieur.

Maurice seems to have a constant axe to grind with the Brome Lake Chamber of Commerce and it’s not clear why as Mr Croghan doesn’t seem to be any sort of entrepreneur or business owner who pays taxes in Brome Lake or does he, so his constant anger towards the people trying to help Brome Lake doesn’t make sense. Does Croggles have any bright ideas for helping local business? Does he have any idea about running a real business that gives back to the community and supports families or is his agenda one of trying to circumvent protocol for self-profit?

His attitude is typical of those whose megalomania creates a delusional belief of self-entitlement.

Morris Croghan of Brome Lake BlogHe bashes the French language and glorifies his English roots but this demonstrates a keen self-loathing as the name Maurice is as French as Poutine and St Jean Babtiste under all his God Save The Queen bravado and crotch mold!

He hates taxes, hates the politicians, hates the Francos, hates The Anglos, hates the business owners, hates the tourists, he hates hates hates…well except for the rose colored stories of when he, as a boy in 1950, used to run naked through the fields of Foster singing English war songs and bashing bird nests with sticks.

It seems like this one-dimensional childish character of base simplicity has grown into an elderly one-dimensional character of base simplicity but the age seems to have worn down any glimmer of reason, wit and intelligence to about a four point font. His remarks and observations stand-out on his blog with the same class and sophistication as a hair-matted, pee-stained la-z-boy in the front yard of a hillbilly trailer park.

Hey Maurice, why don’t you try starting a real tax-paying business in Brome Lake instead of bashing others? When people complain about how their tax dollars are being used it is one thing but if they are not even part of the system and just sit on a festering soap box of hatred and ignorance then they just sound foolish. Baiting people with blog posts and name calling and fueling misinformation and hatred is the hallmark of a small and unhealthy mind.

One thing residents of Brome Lake can be thankful for is that the Maurice Croghans of the world are slowly but surely disappearing under the watchful eye of a benevolent lord. It was fitting that when Conan O’Brien did his last Late Night show he spoke emotionally to the audience and said the one thing he despised most is what Morris Croghan represents: cynicism.

Times have changed old man.

Back when the Brome Lake Blog started it appeared that Brome Lake had a new forum for residents and even announced the coming Blog with fanfare, but it soon turned to disappointment as the Blog slowly revealed itself to be a inbred forum run by a single dictator who wished to force views down people’s throats: let’s look back…

What's that smell? The stench of ignorance and anger in a blog?
Dateline Brome Lake (2009) :Brome Lake has a new forum for residents. The Brome Lake Blog was started to allow citizens to express feelings on issues and discuss concerns about politics and life in Brome Lake.

Still in it’s infancy, the blog isn’t organized yet into categories and it’s basically a free for all guestbook where people just toss their two cents into the ring…but some visitors are finding that if you don’t agree with the agenda of the blog then you are told to just plain shut-up! Brome Lake Blog is available at

Started by resident Morris Croghan the new blog “is dedicated, but not limited to, relevant comments on the politics, commerce and general happenings in and around the Town of Brome Lake, Quebec, Canada. Comments must be in English and all will be subject to scrutiny before being published. Profanity, slander, sexist, or racist, comments will of course be barred.

We are looking for honestly held opinions ( that’s allowed in a free country ) be they politically correct or not.” Hmmm…sounds like a nice concept but once inside people are finding that what that really translates into is something quite different. People are being insulted and there is no sense of humor in sight! If someone posts an idea the post is picked apart like a prairie dog by vultures. While it purports to be a forum for residents it seems that only three residents, the site directors, are posting their agenda which is hard to decipher through the rudeness.

Oh well, it at least shows that most people in Brome Lake have better things to do than waste their time on a local blog that seems to be doing nothing more than uniting the bozos! The blog has been operating for several weeks now and more public interest is growing as the 2009 Brome Lake Election approaches.

There are more and more folks leaving comments and asking questions and surely there are more and more visitors who come to see the latest issues and of perhaps to check out the comments to provide a little comedy relief! So far there has been little interesting political commentary and the appearances by the candidates in the Brome Lake Elections are as rare as a sighting of a groundhog on a wet February!

Brome Lake Blog The blog is not always easy to navigate and there appears to be some name calling and trolling where answers and comments are laced with aggressive intolerance. If a point is made it is usually belittled if it tends to go against the blog owners personal viewpoints…of course since the Brome Lake Blog is a personal creation without any connection to the town it will likely remain a place for people to either beat the same drum or to be told to shut up and stop being stupid!

If a blog solicits honestly held opinions then it should be tolerant to all opinions but there already appears to be some straying from issues solely focused on Brome Lake as Federal Government bill’s regarding benefits to new Canadians seems to be a topic of discussion as well

“I don’t like bigots. I don’t like liars. I don’t like agenda driven Anglophobes. I don’t like meaningless political speak. I don’t like dirty tap water. I don’t like what my towns become. I don’t like phony “Baie St Paul” advocates. I don’t like Anglo panderers. I don’t like decrepit, defunct Anglo Foundations.” says one post by the blog manager.

Another post: “Wisdom Era Councilors at it Again ! I see ha! ha! that George Bristol ha! ha!, Larry “No show” Fairholm ha! ha! ha! and Alain ha! ha! ha! “the linguist” Gautier are running again ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!Come on fellows, give us taxpayers a break, surely you jest ? The new administration will have plenty of toxic left over Wisdom deadwood to contend with as it is, in Carke, Bourret.

George I’m sure would spend more time in West Brome if he could, but those terrible WB roads, almost impassable ! ( except to Bel Canto events). Larry “no show” Fairholm, seldom attends meetings, but is never absent on payday. Could be he is usually trapped on the other side of the lake while the provincial roads department goes about it’s never ending task of changing all the bridges and diverting all the ditches into Brome Lake.As to Mr Gauthier, Alain once showed some glimmer of commitment to doing the right thing (bilingual resolution 2008-10-355) but in the end folded and morphed into a mouthpiece for the Wisdom, Carke, Bourret team. Went down with the ship Alain ? Time for all to say goodbye. ”

And another: “…answer my questions, but remember no spinning and no political speak, just good solid answers. This is a blog, not a polite wine and cheese lying contest.”

Morris Croghan and the Brome Lake BlogIt’s not clear how people will react to such comments and posts but it would be un-likely that any political candidates would show up on the blog with all the name calling and quite probable that the blog could end up being nothing more than a vent for a few malcontents who want to sling mud on anything that moves! Let’s face it if someone says “I find your Blog, and in particular, your comments, irrelevant, malicious and uninformed” and then they are called “stupid” then there doesn’t appear to much headway made towards constructivity.

Indeed the Blog owner is posting hatred and ignorance and name-calling and finger wagging all the while seeming to say that the problem with Brome Lake is that 50years have passed buy and progress has happened. Progress, good and bad, happens to every town so for the Brome Lake Blog owner to pine for lost youth is rather sad.

Morris Croghan and The Brome Lake Blog have reached new lows in intelligent commentaryWord around the water cooler is that commenting on the blog is pointless and it is all a waste of time and just a platform for hatred and ignorance as well as pointless name calling and mud raking.

Unfortunately the people who have started this project seem unable to create and simply wish to destroy with attacks on people in the Town. Dissing this website is as pathetic as it gets! In the little world where the Brome Lake Blogger leaders dwell there is a population of knuckle draggers who seem to live in some delusional world of malicious self-importance and self-righteousness.

No-one is allowed to have a screen name, posts are deleted if they don’t fit the tastes of this one man show. The owner of the blog seems to find the time to insult the Destination Knowlton website for some reason…see what happens when you try and give someone a voice? I guess we learned our lesson on that one!

Visit the BromeLakeBlog and decide for yourself if it is a representation of the real viewpoints of Brome Lake or if it is a vocal minority of trolling bullies exposing their true colors, bigotry with a mix of ignorance, hatred and cranky old fartinessness: www.bromelakeblog

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