Earth Hour Celebrated in Knowlton and Brome Lake

Turn out the lights ChildrenEarth Hour at Town of Brome Lake
The Community Joins Forces Against Climate Changes

Come on Everybody!

Turn out the lights!!

This year, the Town of Brome Lake has joined Renaissance Lac Brome and a group of citizens to underline Earth Hour, a planetary manifestation against climate change and greenhouse gases. This event will take place around the world on March 27th, 2010from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

To highlight the event, municipal authorities will turn off every light in municipal buildings:

Town Hall, Centre Lac-Brome, Municipal garage and Fire Hall.

Council members invite citizens to take part in this planetary movement on March 27th,2010. Our participation in the Earth Hour means much more than just turning off lights once a year for 60 minutes. This event allows people to voice their opinion on the future of the planet and to send a message to world leaders to take appropriate action to redress the climate change situation.

Gather in Coldbrook Park at 8:30 p.m. with a candle and celebrate Brome Lake’s first Earth Hour with your friends!

The Town of Brome Lake, in cooperation with its partners such as Renaissance Lac Brome,already has several projects aiming to fight against greenhouse gases, such as:

-The consolidation of its urban plan and by-laws to integrate sustainable development as an objective which highlights urban standards in regards to the environment. This consolidation will also be the opportunity to rethink the problem of light pollution and measures to adopt to resolve this situation;

– The establishment of a new waste management schedule by the Town to reduce traveling of trucks. This new schedule pursues this objective to encourage recycling
and composting;

– The implementation of a renewal strategy for less energy-consuming municipal vehicles and equipment;

– The adherence to the “Programme Climat Municipalités”, which proposes an inventory
of the sources of greenhouse gases that includes an action plan;

– The improvement of infrastructures in parks and public recreation areas respectful of the environment.

Gather in Coldbrook Park at 8:30 p.m. with a candle and celebrate Brome Lake’s first Earth Hour with your friends!

Lac-Brome, le 4 mars 2010. La Ville de Lac-Brome s’associe cette année avec Renaissance Lac Brome et un groupe de citoyens afin de souligner l’Heure pour la Terre, une manifestation planétaire de lutte contre les changements climatiques et les gaz à effet de serre. L’événement se tient le 27 mars 2010, de 20h30 à 21h30 et ce, partout dans le monde.Pour souligner l’événement, les autorités municipales éteindront toutes les lumières utilisées dans les bâtiments municipaux : Hôtel de Ville, Centre Lac-Brome, Garage municipal et Caserne d’incendie.

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