Knowlton Duck Farm Scandal! Why Would The Easter Bunny Refuses To Visit Knowlton?

No More Easter Bunny Visits For Us! Can you blame The Easter Bunny?The Easter Bunny has said she has cancelled all future visits to Brome Lake. No more Easter Egg hunts for kiddies, it’s over! The announcement came after Brome Lake Ducks said they will begin slaughtering “bunny wabbits” to increase the work-week for employees and this has forced the lovable Easter Bunny to announce that she will “permanently cease all future visits to Brome Lake forever”.

The announcement was made today by The Easter Bunny who said she was saddened by the news and tearfully added that she looked forward to a day when people would eat more carrots and vegetables and less cute fluffy creatures.

“Killing the symbol of Easter is wrong!” said the Easter Bunny as she nibbled a carrot stick, “What’s next, the tooth fairy, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Mickey Mouse? They already have Donald and Daffy being turned into boil in the bag delicacies at Brome Lake Ducks….is nothing sacred for the kids? We’re talking more than just the Eastern Bunny folks, we’re talking Bugs Bunny! Bugs Bunny? What’s Up Doc???”

So we’ll have to now explain to our Brome Lake children that they will be no longer serviced by the Easter Bunny because it was was announced that Brome Lake Ducks would soon begin slaughtering thousands of little bunny rabbits every week! The Easter Bunny expressed shock and disappointment that Brome Lake would be home to such acts against rabbits and said she had no choice but to boycott ever coming to the area for Easter ever again. Sad news for children who love the fluffy white cuddly creatures with their wiggly noses and beady little eyes and friendly dispositions; they will no longer be visited at Easter by that most famous of rabbits who delivers chocolate treats and daffodils every Spring.

The Brome Lake Duck Farm had to go beyond their duck farm activities because there just wasn’t enough work at the factory farm to give all employees a full 5 day work week. To add an extra day’s work for the employees 6,000 bunnies will be killed and transformed into human food.

In today’s economy employers are looking for ways to keep employees employed a full 5 days per week as having people work only 4 days out of seven doesn’t seem too productive, naturally, rabbits, being stupid beasts, do not understand this logic. It’s not sure what would be involved if they wanted to ramp up to a seven day work week but no doubt someone will be looking at a way to keep the rendering plant a rendering!

Children in Brome Lake will have to adjust to not seeing their Easter Bunny anymore and will have to find solace in the fact that they may be still able to see thousands of rabbits every week …not happily hopping along with baskets of chocolate eggs but crammed into as factory trucks that grind through town; trucks filled with cages of little bouncing baby bunnies on their way to slaughter…add the flying fur to the flying duck feathers that blow through town from behind the trucks every day and it sounds like Brome Lake could be the setting for the newest Tim Burton film!

“I’ll certainly miss coming to Brome Lake to visit the children and hide eggs every year” said the Easter Bunny from her winter retreat in British Columbia, “but they kids will just have to find some other cuddly representative of Easter that isn’t a food for hungry carnivorous humans…maybe they could try The Easter Cockroach?”

OUCH! Someone, pass me a carrot!

Wabbit Stew? How Could you?!!!Started in 1912 on the western shore of Brome Lake, the Brome Lake Duck farm is the oldest duck-breeding farm in all of Canada. The native New Yorker who started the farm just before World War 1 chose to breed Peking duck; a large-bodied white duck with a distinct yellow bill and feet, as well as delicious meat which had been first imported from China to the United States in 1873.

Family later moved the farm and its buildings to the other side of the lake and the farm was set up in an area where the ducks could swim freely in the lake during times of summer heat. Now one of the largest employers in the area the farm has annual production that is close to 3,000,000 ducks which are imported to food service industries around the globe including Asia, South America and Europe. Now, with the addition of 250,000 rabbits per year being slaughtered, Brome Lake will have another badge on her colorful uniform.

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Brome Lake Ducks : Truly the nec plus ultra in ducks!

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