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Here are the winners of the “Rues Principales in bloom” contest who were announced at a breakfast meeting held recently. The Rues principales Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that, for more than 25 years now, has been actively working in the socio-economic revitalization and sustainable development of municipalities in Québec and in other provinces.

Drawing on an original global approach, the Rues principales Foundation has acquired an expertise that has enabled it to have a positive impact on the quality of life of the citizens of over 250 municipalities. As a result of the atmosphere of concerted action that the Foundation establishes, it is able to make the sustainable development of each municipality a consensus-generating project and a collective success.

The Winners of the Brome Lake “Rue Principales in Bloom” 2009 Contest

1st prize: Hill House B&B
2nd prize: Club de Golf Inverness

1st prize: Auberge Quilliams
2nd prize: Jardins Foster
3rd prize: Le Cyprès

1st prize: La petite table nippone
2nd prize: Wright General Store

1st prize: Auberge Lakeview Inn
2nd prize: Galerie Knowlton
3rd prize: Galerie Bistro Carpe Diem

West Brome
1st prize: Auberge & Spa West-Brome
2nd prize: Mountainview Services vétérinaires
3rd prize: Pur Animal

There are also many honourable mentions, such as: Allard Construction, Auberge du Joli Vent, Dépanneur Lakeside, Golf Lac-Brome, Auberge Knowlton, Brocante Casa, Bromewood, Boussada, Camlen, Chic Entrepôt / Rococo, Espace Mosaïc, Françoise Martel la Coiffure, Jones New York, Knowlbanks, La Marina, Le Chien Noir, Les Emballages Knowlton, Paddies Boutique, Papa Spiros, The Shack/Dawes Jewellers, Uniprix, Woolrich / Mill Pond, et le Restaurant O’Sunrize.

Pictures available on the Brome Lake Chamber of Commerce website at

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