Like 1888! High-Speed Internet Upsets Lac Brome

Article courtesy of B. Goulet, longtime resident, fromWest Brome.

Hey Mr. Mayor, there’s an election in November and what are you doing to show us, the taxpayers of Ville de Lac Brome that you are really interested in our well being. Spending our hard-earned tax money frivolously is ticking people off.

We need HIGH SPEED INTERNET in this area more than we need a money gobbling beach house. Mayor Wisdom has point blank told us that he is not interested in getting a government grant to help bring High Speed into certain areas that don’t presently have it. We don’t need a Lame Duck mayor.

Seems the mayor is interested in working for the citizens only within the Knowlton hub considering no one else despite the fact that they religiously pay their taxes directly to the town.

Granted, it’s nice to have our outdoor skating rink watered and cleaned now and again in West Brome, but we seniors stopped skating years ago. We do, however love to see the youngsters frequenting the rink but we older folk need to be busy indoors as well and get our money’s worth out of our elected mayor and councilors. It’s time for them to start looking at spending our money where it’s really needed in this
modern computer day and age.

The time is now for all taxpayers who live in these deprived areas where there is no High Speed Internet to collectively start a letter writing campaign demanding Mayor Wisdom and our elected councilors wake up and start doing what they were elected to do in the first place; Listen to your constituents!

If, you the reader suffer with old dial ups and can’t get High Speed, write a letter to your representative or the mayor and demand something be done, and soon. The time is now to unite and change this injustice.

As a result of this blatant denial by the Mayor to help us High Speed deprived citizens out with this problem, these areas of West Brome, Fulford, Foster should seriously start looking about breaking away from this Lac Brome hub and become an independent municipality much like the town of Brome. There is no reason why we, in this area, we can’t reach into our own pool of talent to handle our own municipal affairs.

Now this sort of Beach House would certainly attract attention!Why should we pay for a new dam when the federal government is prepared to spend billions on infrastructure? Why not try to get some of that money?

Why should my tax money be spent for an ego trip “Beech House” on a potentially polluted lake, that in future years will cost us far more in taxes for maintenance and upkeep, winter and summer, that the entire cost of this project itself. Gee..

We have a wonderful new underused Community Center. Why not let the winter sleigh rides start from there. Daaa!

How many sleigh rides has there been this winter? Hmmmm!

Come on Lac Brome people! get letter writing. It’s time for some progressive changes here. Are we to re main lesser citizens because we don’t live in the Knowlton Hub?

We, the forgotten will certainly not forget during the upcoming November elections. If you refuse to help us, we will refuse you at the polls.

Letter generously provided to DK by B. Goulet, fromWest Brome.

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