Police Plan More Patrols For Brome Lake

Police on Brome Lake? This would be a real tourist attraction!The snow patrol is coming! With the SQ announcing they will be stepping up their presence in Knowlton and Lake Brome we can all expect more speed traps, seat belt, impaired driving checks and cell-phone use behind the wheel to be coming and it’s about time!

This is good news from residents who felt like they had to fend for themselves in a lawless community for the last few years!

According to reports the Quebec Police also want to ensure Knowltonites are being served properly in English! Pardonnez-moi? Did someone actually ask if the English community in Brome Lake was being taken care of? What a welcome sentiment!!

The Surete du Quebec has promised to increase their presence on the roads of Lac Brome which is welcome news for everyone in town who has become accustomed to seeing the following before noon on any given day for goodness sakes:

1.Speeding through our schools zones and general speeding throughout Brome Lake.


3.Roaring through crosswalks when pedestrians wish to cross.

3.Drunks leaving the pubs, bars and restos and driving back to work or home …it aint’ rocket science…we’ve all seen this silent majority in action and it should be stopped before more people are hurt. The rates of DWI in Quebec are some of the highest in Canada so a strong and aggressive police force should be a welcome step forward.


5.Break and entering.

6.Not signalling while driving.

7.Filling up and not paying for gas at the Deapanneur Rouge.

9.Bozos yapping on their phones while driving.

10.Drug dealing.

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If the Surete du Quebec can tackle these few issues in Lac Brome then we should see an improvement in the quality of life. I’ve driven through Bromont many times and they have such a prominent Police Force it’s incredible. They have a wonderful Police Station right in the town and are friendly and accommodating.

I’m sure the SQ stationed in Brome Lake and Knowlton have provided some officers with the proper sensitivity training and the ones I’ve met on the streets in Knowlton seem to be very professional and willing to serve and protect. Although the one time I was pulled over by an SQ officer for exceeding the speed limit in Lac Brome I wasn’t too impressed with the treatment I was given especially since I was wearing a Montreal Canadiens Jersey!!

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