Project Ecosphere celebrates ten years at the Brome Fair in 2015

Famous ECOSPHERE project ten years of the Fair of the Environment and Écohabitation in Brome on 26 and 27 September. I’m sending you information about some key events and distinguished guests that enrich this edition.

Many conferences are held on green technology, green building, health and diet.

Our guests Lucie Pagé and Zachary Richard (which comes as a speaker and not as a musician) are available for interviews, and our spokespersons and our DirectorGeneral, Eric Ferland.



Passionate guests Lucie Pagé

Journalist, writer and speaker

Conference Saturday at 4 pm, participating at the evening of the wise

Zachary Richard

Songwriter, environmentalist Conference Saturday at 6:30 pm

The evening of the Sages ‘of solutions for the planet “.

Lively discussion with Lucie Pagé, Dr. Normand Mousseau, François Tanguay, Karine Péloffy

Saturday 17 h-‐18h15

Exciting activities

Visit mini-‐maisons

Road tests of electric vehicles

Photo exhibition in the open air along the pipeline of Robert van Waarden

Exhibition of paintings the artist Denise Campillo fights

Pique-‐nique election: candidates of bromine-‐Missisquoi debate

Spokespersons dedicated: Maxim Roy and Sabine Karsenti

150 exhibitors – 30 conferences – culinary workshop – makeup and electric train for children

A mine of riches in a relaxed and festive atmosphere!

Set in Brome

Thank you to our event and to contribute to the visibility of Project ECOSPHERE! Maxim Roy joined Sabine Karsenti as door-‐parole for the 10th edition of the fair of the environment and the Écohabitation of the ECOSPHERE project, which will be held on 26 and 27 September next in Brome (No Bromont, pas Lac-Brome, is well Brome).

As a child, Maxim has been affected by environmental values. Raised on a farm in Rigaud, she remembers her father for the reuse of compost and recycling efforts. Today, Maxim raises the same gestures that allow it to do its part, in addition to driving a hybrid car and encourage his colleagues on film sets to use parabens as the brand of cosmetics Zorah. Maxim chose to get involved with the Project ECOSPHERE to demonstrate the ease of simple actions for the environment, to motivate people to change their habits of life and communicate his passion to learn environmental.

In addition, the Project ECOSPHERE team is proud to welcome Lucie Pagé as keynote speaker. Journalist and writer, Lucie Pagé shares his life between South Africa and Quebec since 1990. She has published several books including the latest, tomorrow, it will be too late, my son, is the observation of the immense ecological and human debt that leaves his generation. Saturday, September 26, Lucie Pagé offers a conference and an Exchange with people about the role they can and must play, available means and hopes some that exist.

Will follow the evening of Sages with Ms. Pagé, François Tanguay, author and consultant on energy strategies, Dr. Normand Mousseau, author and Professor at the Université de Montréal on energy records and the right to the environment Quebec Karine Peloffy du Centre. They will propose solutions to get out of the oil to help the planet.

It is an appointment this fall to bromine with more than 150 exhibitors, 30 conferences and activities for the family.

Together with bromine, change the world for our health and the planet

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