Sold – Historical house in Knowlton, Quebec

A gorgeous Victorian Home in Knowlton Quebec. After being a part of the history and fabric of Knowlton for generations this property has been sold and re-sold and has been sadly taken from her original glory and turned into something else by property players This photo shows hot it looked when the author of this website lived there Ahhhh those were the days!

Our family home {1926} offers you the opportunity to enjoy spacious grounds and mature trees as well as an inground concrete swimming pool. There are 4 bedrooms and a study and 3 bathrooms upstairs, two of which are off the bedrooms. Downstairs there is a powder room, a formal dining room and a livingroom free of tv., dvd or internet!

A wrap around veranda and screened in porch provide even more living area. The house is fully furnished with dishes and linens but does not have a dishwasher. If you would like the location and to view our home, please contact in the afternoons or evenings.


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