The Brome County News Missed The Brome Lake Election Boat

Guinea Pig...nothing to do with Brome Lake but neither does the Mayor of another Town!Sooo…what happened in Brome this week? Well, according to the local paper not a heck of a lot was worth reporting on…

Residents of Brome Lake were quite surprised to pick up the latest edition of the Brome County News and see an issue that didn’t even have any teensey-bit of coverage of the Municipal Election in Brome Lake that were held Monday…not even a list of results!

This was one of the wildest Municipal Elections in memory and when the dust had cleared there was nothing in the local paper…no chest thumping from the victorious, no wailing lamentations from the losers…just the sound of crickets emenating from the pages of the local paper…the silence was deafening!

The front page of the local paper actually had a huge color photo and story of the election in Sutton! Has Sutton suddenly become part of Brome County? With the emotional campaign that raged in Knowlton and Brome Lake we would have expected at least minimal coverage…perhaps the right people didn’t win?

With all the anticipation for the election here in Brome Lake one would have thought that there would have been some coverage of the election that had one of the highest turnout rates in Brome Lake history? Nope…not one mention of the results, the drama, the dissapointment…nothing. No feedback from townsfolk…no editorial…no analysis…nothing! Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to at least put the results in the paper?

Isn’t this what a local newspaper is about? A small town newspaper should be filled with the personal stories from community groups and volunteers. It should talk about card games and club outings and happy news and sad news from the locals. Recipes, thoughts, jokes….it should reflect who we are…but when an election takes place once every four years you’d have thought that there would have been at least an ounce of coverage…not even!

They seem to have support from advertisers but when there is zero coverage about major local issues then it seems likely that this issue will be lining puppy cages before Friday…how will advertisers feel about that?

Once again this week the best part of the Brome County Snooze was the “Pet of The Week” and they should have put Tommy the Brown Dog on the front page instead of a picture of the Mayor of Sutton! Woof Woof!

For the election results visit our 2009 Municipal Election Page.

Note: These results were published on this website on the same day as the election…once again hinting that newspapers might not be able to compete against online publications. Advertisers may soon start to see more of a return advertising on websites like instead of spending hundreds of dollars on printed advertising locally, especially if the reporting doesn’t touch on the important issues of the Town.
For advertising rates please visit this page.

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