The Granby Zoo Is So Close To Knowlton

Knowlton is lucky to be situated so close to all the best of the Eastern Townships and the Granby Zoo is one attraction that shouldn’t be missed. This is the second year of the Granby Zoo being open for a brief time during the winter nd because of the success of 50,000 visitors last year the Zoo proven that it is one of the top attractions in the area.

Several species shown at the Zoo were selected in accordance to their resistance to the cold, since winter in Quebec is usually quite rigorous. We tend to forget that some Asian and South American regions have temperatures that drop below the freezing point for several months of the year. Granby Zoo houses Asian species that have adapted very well to Quebec winters: snow monkeys, Amur tigers, snow leopards, yaks, Himalayan thars, Asiatic black bears, etc. Llamas, alpacas and Andean condors also encounter cold weather on South America’s highest peaks. These animals remain outside during winter and are a beautiful sight to behold in the snow.

The Zebra at the Granby Zoo in the snow!

“Went to the Granby Zoo today. Nothing like visiting a Zoo in February when it’s 20 below zero. The Granby Zoo has a winter program until February and since they have a few animals that can stay outside even in the cold we thought we’d drive out to enjoy the Zoo; we had gone in the summer time but since DD and I both had the day off together she thought it would be fun to go to the zoo!

We first stopped to see the Elephants. They were in their indoor shelter due to the extreme cold. It resembled a surreal prison with large wide white bars caging in the two Elephants; one is named Doudoune and the younger one is Sarah. When we got there it was feeding time and the keeper stretched what looked like a slinky between the elephants. This is an electric fence to keep the elephants from grabbing the other ones bale of hay…


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