Will Protests in Quebec Hurt Tourism

Montreal will probably bear the brunt of the loss of tourism in Quebec because of these student protesters and the cloud of protesters jumping on the bandwagon but it will also impact all of Quebec even Knowlton and Lac Brome and the Eastern Townships.

With protests going on disrupting traffic on the crumbling infrastructure of Quebec as students demand cheap tuition the tourists will no doubt decide to avoid Quebec completely.

It will be a long summer for business owners and a cold winter for everyone once Quebec grinds itself into a hole it can’t climb out of. Watching the protests in Montreal from Quebec Students and their followers makes one wonder hoe a population that takes so much from Canada and who lives in a crumbling city with so many problems in a world that is full of strife, pollution, war and chaos can find the time to bang pots and pans and bear their breasts to fight tuition costs.

The country of Canada and the province of Quebec need trades people not graduates. Education is such a privelage and it should be paid for shouldn’t it? What about that tried and true pearl of wisdom; “You get what you pay for?”

If the province of Quebec wants to live in a small bubble then they are on their way. They have some of the highest taxes in North America and yet the cheapest tuition rates, they have some of the most government corruption in North America and some of the most entrenched unions that stifle an economy in Canada. They have strict language laws to “protect” their culture but cannot convince themselves to break away from the teat they suckle on that is Canada.

On a personal note, Destination Knowlton authors used to love visiting Montreal many times a year for business and pleasure but now we have decided to boycott Montreal and maybe Quebec in totality!

Sure the Grand Prix is nice and the Jazz Fest and the Film Fest and the Vieux Montreal and the whole scene in the city is wonderful but if we have to have traffic disrupted and have to see parades of half naked cry-babies wanting the government to give them some more then we say no!

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease but for most of Canada the sort of squeaky wheel that is happening with these Quebec protests is making many of us want to put in ear plugs.

Bonne chance!!

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