Welcome to Knowlton, Quebec! The Big Brome Fair 2014 is alive and well at Destination Knowlton!
Welcome to Knowlton, Lac Brome, Quebec
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The reflections of the Church in the Mill Pond in downtown Knowlton. Another reason why Knowlton has a magical charm worth discovering!

Knowlton, Quebec (Lac Brome) is one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec. Situated in southern region of a region known as The Eastern Townships, this quiet Victorian town is an oasis of natural beauty and cultural diversity known for its diverse festivals, historical charm and laid back atmosphere. A rural setting with just enough cosmopolitan flair, Knowlton is close to all major attractions yet has somehow managed to remain un-spoiled by the development of the surrounding Townships.

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Knowlton, Lac Brome, Quebec, is situated on the shores of Brome Lake, the Knowlton area of the town of Brome Lake (Knowlton, West Brome, Foster, Fulford, Iron Hill, Bondville and East Hill),has a combined population of just over 5000.

The Pettes Memorial Libray in Knowlton is a popular spot to visit!Within a leisurely drive from Montreal, Knowlton is also close to Vermont and New York State making it a popular spot for the many tourists and visitors who find Knowlton to be a veritable jewel of the region with friendly residents and the right mixture of attractions, restaurants and recreational activities.

Knowlton's strength is the natural beauty and architecture of the town which dates back to Victorian times. The center of the village has a large green space bordering an old Mill Pond with a flowing waterfall and glorious churches standing magnificently on the banks of the pond. Walking trails lead to the public beach on the shores of Brome Lake where swimmers share the sandy beach with the famous Brome Lake Ducks who have become quite tolerant of people and enjoy getting their picture taken!

Knowlton prides itself in remaining more of a quaint village with art galleries, incredible restaurants, antique stores and variety stores that cater to the eccentric side and are beyond the big stores we see in most towns these days. Small shops and boutiques line the streets and huge green trees create a cathedral overhead for the wide variety of birds, from finches to jays, to sing from.

Horse and carriage sightings are commonplace as villagers enjoy the slow pace of fays gone by!A marina sits on the shores of Brome Lake and several world-class golf courses are within ten minutes of the village making summer a busy time for lovers of the outdoors. Provincial Parks like Mount Orford, Mount Megantic and Yamaska Park are all a short hop from Knowlton and Mount Sutton, Bromont and Mount Glen are ideal places for recreation from hiking and cycling to picnics and canoeing. With so many natural wonders being so close to Knowlton it is becoming a choice travel destination for all visitors to Quebec.

The town museum boasts a large collection of historical artifacts from the region and tracing the heritage of the Eastern Townships wouldn't be possible without considering the importance of Knowlton. The old fashioned corner store is alive and well in Knowlton and a visit to Flannagans general store is like taking a step back in time about 100 years.

The Victorian buildings of the central village are undeniably lovely and a treat for all visitors!With the Big Brome Fair held in the Fall, the Duck Festival, The Festival of lights in the winter and the popular Tour Des Arts it is almost impossible to keep up with the wide range of events in the area.

Beyond the special occasions, Knowlton is a town with a forward thinking and vibrant future. The recently completed Community Center is a testament to the spirit of the residents of the region and the number of active clubs and community groups in Knowlton, from sports to music to visual arts and seniors organizations, is an example of the close-knit spirit the town shares. Life in Knowlton is akin to an era where our grandparents could leave their doors unlocked, knew everyone in the town by name, and said hello to anyone they passed in the streets.

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The Big Brome Fair
Well...you missed the Brome Fair but don't worry we have a full recap of past fairs! A full collection
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Brome Lake Duck Festival
Every Autumn, as the leaves turn there crimson mix of orange delights the duck festival again showcases the world famous ducks that have made Brome Lake famous. There are sidewalk boutiques and culinary demonstrations and competitions by world-class chefs who converge on Knowlton for this prestigious event. Always a crowd-pleaser the Duck Festival is one of the most popular events in the tourist season. See you in 2010!

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Chamber of Commerce of Brome Lake Website.

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Duck Festival - Canard en Fete
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The weather was ideal and the crowds under the big top strolled among the booths offering goodies and samples.
Some good times from previous years: The weather on saturday for the start of the Brome Duck Festival was perfect and Knowlton was buzzing with the carnival atmosphere. The large tent in the Coldbrook Park provided shelter from the sun and was a great idea since last year we saw some rain; this year the ten ensured that everyone could enjoy the tables of goodies without worry.

Gathering for the cooking demonstrations.The festival is all about discovering new ways to enjoy the Peking Duck that has made Lac Brome famous over the years. The cooking demonstrations were well attended and the chef created some wonderful looking dishes! Luckily there were duck sausages available and a steady line-up of folks who needed to bite into a succulant duckydog! The chefs presented tips and new ways of preparing duck and he explained step by step methods of creating fancy duck recipes with little effort.

Samples of different wines and condiments to go with all manner of duck were presented under the big top and crowds milled about the tables under the tent as music played and a shuttle service took groups out to the Duck Farm.

There are also inflatable rides for the kids to bounce around on and pony rides on the Sunday editions. The site is perfect for the whole family and the quiet village really comes to life during the festival.

Picnic in the park.In Knowlton, even when there is a busy festival there is always a quiet place to enjoy a family picnic beside the water. Bring the whole family and enjoy a visit to another time in the Victorian village of Knowlton! When he weather is like this at the end of September the fall colors explode all around the center of the village and stores, terasses and boutiques are all decked out in their sunday best for the occasion. The duck festival is popular amongst visitors who enjoy the fall foliage at the same time as gathering for gourmet treats in the beautiful village of Knowlton.

The Duck Festival continues all day Sunday and then starts up again Saturday September 29th and Sunday September 30th. Don't miss your chance to experience one of the best reasons to visit Lac Brome!

The 7th Annual Brome Lake Duck Fest also known in French as "Canard en Fete au Lac Brome" is starting on September 23rd and the preparations of hard working organizers turning Knowlton village into a huge family oriented street party are sure to make this edition of the succulant festival one of the best ever.

While the region of Lac Brome of the Eastern Townships is often associated withthe Big Brome Fair the Duck Festival is the best chance to really get to know the intimate side of the village of Knowlton.

And let's not forget the ducks!

The ducks are really the star of the show for the two-weekend extravaganza! People gather in Knowlton to taste the newest duck creations from world class chefs and to enjoy the signature hospitality that is is Knowlton.

Famous the world over for its Brome Lake duck, the village of Knowlton (Lac-Brome) is already gearing up for its now famous fall street festival, the Brome Lake Duck Festival.

Knowlton, known as one of Quebec’s most beautiful villages, will transform itself over two weekends this fall on September 22-23 and continues the week-end of September 29-30. The hours will be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Highlights of the festival include a farmer’s market, exhibiting local and regional goodies from maple products to local wines. Musicians, artists, entertainment and games for children are also on the agenda. Of course, duck specialties will be on the menus of local restaurants. This year’s festival promises to be a feast for the senses, both culinary and visual as autumn’s colours will be out in all their splendour.

Organizers invited Marie-Andrée Leblond, a local artist, to design this year’s Duck fest poster. The poster is sure to become a collector’s item for those connoisseurs of both art and gastronomy. The poster will be for sale in many of the village’s boutiques and the Chamber of Commerce tourist offices in Brome Lake.

Culinary demonstrations
One of the most popular events during the festival is the daily culinary demonstrations offered by the many different chefs of the region every hour between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. It’s an excellent occasion for connoisseurs to learn the secrets of the art of cooking and serving duck.

The Brome Lake Duck Festival is so enoyable partly due to the beauty of the village of Knowlton and the friendly atmosphere of the picturesque village.Farmer’s market
Dozens of local producers and artisans will be present in the Park to tempt the taste buds and the eyes with their interesting and tasty offerings. Among them are : Les p’tits péchés de Madeleine (chocolates), Projet d’une terre (smoothies, fresh fruit juices), Les trésors de l’Érable (vinaigrettes), Wish Buds (cards and bookmarks), Bio Bon inc. (breads, cakes, cookies, pies…), Les Produits Camelus (ostrich oil based beauty products), Les Distributions L’Escalier (jams, vinaigrettes…), Crousset inc. (seasonings, herbal teas), Vignoble le Cep D’Argent inc. (wines), Cabane du Pic Bois (maple vinegar), Douceurs de Géraldine (soaps and beauty products), Domaine Pinacle (ice cider), Atelier Alondra (artisan) et Thés C.G. (teas, tea accessories…)

Knowlton, for its duck, and so much more!
For lovers of fine food and wines, The Brome Lake Duck Fest offers the perfect excuse
for a delicious week-end in Knowlton while enjoying the charm and ambience of this historic village on the shores of Brome Lake. See More Pictures of Knowlton & Lac Brome
Sponsors of the Brome Lake Duck Fest include Canards du Lac Brome Ltée, Brasserie McAuslan, Hydro Québec, Finances Québec, IGA Gazaille, Emballages Knowlton, CLD Brome-Missisquoi, Town of Lac-Brome and the Chamber of commerce of Lac-Brome, Gaz Propane Rainville, Shur-Gain, Raymond Chabot Grant Thorton, AR Belley.

A full program of activities will be available during the festival on-site.

Last September saw the first annual duck race take place in Knowlton and it was one of the highlights of the Duck Festival! Crowds filled the Park at Mill Pond to watch as thousands of cute yellow ducks poured over the dam and drifted along the Coldbrook in a crazy race to the finish line. Kids and adults ran through the bushes following the yellow rubber duckies as they bobbed and wove the easy flowing brrok towards the finish line. People cheered, coaxed and hollared at the ducks as they floated towards the victory net! Relive the magic of last years Great Duck Race!

The second edition of Knowlton’s Great Duck Race, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Brome Lake, will take place on Sunday, September 30 2007. The spectacular Duck release is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on top of the Blackwood dam of the Millpond at Coldbrook Park.

Tickets are sold at $5 each and are bundled in booklets of 5 tickets for $20. The Great Duck Race will be the closing event of the Duck Festival and the Chamber expects to attract a great crowd into downtown Knowlton.

The Great Duck Race prizes are graciously offered by:

1.- Swiss International Airlines, two round-trip business class tickets Montreal-Zurich with Swiss International Airlines ($ 13 572 value)
2.- « Shopping spree » offered by numerous Brome Lake’s stores ($ 2 500 value).
3.- Camlen, country furniture gift certificate ($ 2 500 value)
4.- Bousada Interiors, couch and chair ($1 500 value)
5.- Auberge du Joli Vent, « Romance and delicacies » package ($ 500 value)
6.- Centre Électronique Informatique de Knowlton, radio satellite, DVD, MP3 ($ 400 value)
7.- Auberge Lakeview Inn, dinner for 2 ($ 170 value) and 2 Ski Bromont evening season pass ($ 194 value)

The tickets can be bought at the Chamber’s office at 255-C, Knowlton Rd and at participating stores of Lac-Brome.

For more information visit www.cclacbrome.com, call 450-242-2870 or write to [email protected].


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Celebrating the Big Brome Fair
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The proud tradition of the Brome Fair is evident in the faces of the farmers who gather to celebrate their heritageSince 1856 the Brome Fair has been the principal event for farmers and residents of the Brome Lake area. Providing a showcase for animals, produce, arts and crafts and entertainers the Brome Fair is un-questionably the largest and most important agricultural fair to take place in the area.

Over 150 years, the fair has been witness to wars, depressions and incredible advances of technolgy and the rise and fall of many great Canadian leaders and cultural figures and is once again the meeting place for farmers, artists and craftspeople from throughout the Eastern Townships who want to gather together for one short week-end to share, enjoy and most of all to laugh together in this charming and historic fair.

After attending the 150th anniversary of the Big Brome Fair in Lac Brome over the long labour-day weekend it usually takes a few days of rest to get your equilibrium back! At the end of the Brome Fair most folks are usually plumped up with a combination of Wapiti Burgers and Fried Onions not to mention the Funnel Cakes! When you combine this with a few rounds of the rides on the Midway and a trip to the Petting Zoo and a Pony Ride with the kids it can lead to a case of veritable exhaustion!

Of course this year was something extra special with the inauguration of a beer gardens which didn't hurt since we did have a bit of rain on the weekend but it will take more than the leftovers of Hurricane Ernesto to dampen the spirits of the Brome Fair!

With weather forecasts predicting that Saturday would be the best day for the fair it was only natural to see a huge crowd enter the fair grounds on Saturday. Actually the Saturday attendance records were reported to be the highest ever for a single day at the fair in the 150 year history of the fair!

Saturday was indeed a perfect day! Sunny and warm with a light breeze and blue skies....how could anyone ask for more! The midway was packed, the stage in front of the main building saw packed stands as the entertainment was absolutely fantastic...music and magic from across Canada turned the grassy area beside the midway into such a happy place it was simply glorious!

Emerson Drive takes the stage and turns the crowd inside-out! A fantastic show!The main grandstand on Saturday night featured the band Emerson Drive which as any country music fan will tell you is one of the more vibrant country bands on the scene today and having them at the Brome Fair this year was such a great experience! It was hard to believe that just a few hours before the Emerson Drive concert at the main grandstand that there had been horse shows and animals parading because by 8:30 the field in front of the grandstand was literally packed with screaming fans! It was hard to believe this was the Brome Fair as it looked more like a huge Nashville show! The screaming fans were a testament to the music and the ambience of the fair!

Well Sunday proved that those WeatherNetwork folks were not just yapping because the rain started falling and it came down very hard at times! The fair grounds were alot quieter than the day before but still visitors and families came onto the site...although it was surprising to see the number of people who seemed un-prepared for the oncoming rains who entered the grounds without rain-gear...if a vendor had sold a combination of umbrellas and hotdogs they could have made a million!

The Cloggers and Square Dancers made it clear that no foul weather would spoil the show!Rain doesn't mean a thing to the folks who have prepared for the fair for the last year and the fact that Knowlton Band played to practically empty seats showed the dedication and spirit of the fair. Even though the stands may have been vacant the sound of the band playing their fine interpretaions of popular standrads meant much to those hearty souls who walked the soggy grounds and were content to take in the moment! Who can forget the integity and perserverence of the cloggers or the fantastic musical acts who tossed the bad weather to the devil!

Wayne Rostad, well-known from his hit CBC program "On the Road Again" was the main event on Sunday night and while the weather really made a dent in the size of the crowd who dared venture out to the fair those who attended were given a class act by a true class Canadian entertianer. In fact, Wayne appeared in 1987 at the Brome Fair and this was a big homecoming for him!

Monday, with the grey skies and wetness, saw yet anoher example of the Brome spirit as people descended on the site in spite of the weather. Again the midway, food, crafts and animals were the highlight but you could aslo tell by the gleam in many folks eyes that the grandstand truck and motorcycle daredevil show was what most anticipated. While many found the final show to be a bit of a let-down it was most likely due to a few technical difficulties that were beyond the lords of the fair...
but if we look back at the last few years of the fair the truck pull that has been the main attraction in previous years was hard to beat! Hopefully the organizing committee will bring back something more user-friendly as a good ole fashioned truck pull!