Shawn Phillips Visits Knowlton

Knowlton was treated to a rare treat when Shawn Phillips, a major icon of underground acoustic/folk/rock/experimental music, with over 18 albums released played an intimate concert at Frosty's Pub in downtown Knowlton last Saturday night.

With only 100 tickets sold in the small club by the Mill Pond it was a perfect venue for such a singer-songwriter. Everyone had a great seat to witness Shawn go through alot of new material and some of his awesome back catalog. Many of the local Knowlton locals seemed oblivious to the magical music that Shawn emitted from his guitar and didn't seem to appreciate the fact that one of the great underground musicians of the world was in front of them in such a small town...A few of these local drunken knowlton trash cretins laughed and talked loudly over Shawns music, which was accompanied by a cellist, the real fans of Shawn's music tried to appreciate the once in a lifetime moment.

Knowlton seems to have no shortage of rather sorry looking "ladies" who seem to spend their weekends drinking too much and listening to their own wisecracks...while this is behaviour we mostly thought had gone away with high school there seems to be a side of Knowlton that is still "workin' for the weekend"!

Shawn, however, was the highlight and shared his new songs and some classics. At 63 he is a bundle of energy and used a classical guitar, a steel string and then ripped intoi some meandering songs on a double necked electric turning this Knowlton night into something incredible. He joked between songs and shared stories of his past and current projects making us feel like we were somehow witnessing deep into a wild underground archive of musical talent.
Some of his songs were meandering and progressive in nature and his vocal abilities have ripened and smoothed with age...there were tears in many eyes as he shared his more well known songs.

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Thank-you Shawn for a unforgettable evening of acoustic music by the river!


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