The Sounds Of Spring in Knowlton

Noisy Bikers stir up dust and blood pressure in pub parking lot Now that spring is here we can open our windows and let the sweet smells of renewal and growth drift in from the hills! Ahhh...nothing like the sounds of the finches and robins coming back to delight us with their songs. We can finally take down the storm windows and let the warm breezes drift into our homes...well maybe not!

Once again the sounds of excessively loud and inconsiderate motorcyclists casts a dark shadow on Knowlton.

While the warm weather makes us think of our backyard bar-b-ques and dips in the pool and curling up with a nice book in the back yard we also have to deal with one of the worst aspects of living in Knowlton during the summer: loud motorcycles.

Any sunny Saturday and Sunday in Knowlton you can see these leather clad weekend rebels on incredibly loud motorcycles kicking up an awefull racket in Knowlton. People are wincing and plugging their ears as they try and walk near the Mill Pond because these "wannabes" think that dressing up with a Harley Davidson bandana and having a loud motorbike is somehow the latest trend. The streets of Knowlton become less like a quaint hometown and more like a raceway as the bikers roar through town as if they were the reincarnation of Fonzie himself!

The SQ and city hall in Knowlton seem to do nothing about these groups of incredibly noisy machines! Go to the corner of Lakeside and Knowlton Road and you will be unable to have a conversation or even hear yourself think because of these morons on their bikes. The Knowlton Pub parking lot fills up with bikers who stop in for a beer and to pose with the other rebels without a cause.

These noisey hasbeens are a real blight on Knowlton and the fact that Knowlton on the weekend is becoming less and less family oriented is a shame.

If you come to Knowlton be sure to pack your earplugs because the sounds of summer in Knowlton consist of a whole lot of noise! Quebec seems to be the only place where having loud motorcycles and posing in biker clothes is still fashionable! Instead of addressing the problem the police department & Knowlton officials seem content to just let the town be taken over by these clowns. You'd think that with all the strict rules regarding emmissions and noise bylaws that these bikes would be outlawed but instead they pollute our town every weekend so even if we are down at the beach we get to hear them!

Yep...that's the sounds of summer in Knowlton.


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