A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

Getting Ready for the Big Brome Fair
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Come celebrate the 150 years of the Brome Fair When it's time to celebrate the 150th birthday of something it's to pull out all the stops and make it a really big show! As the Big Brome Fair prepares for the celebration of the 150th annual showing of this wildly popular event the atmosphere in the region is one of palpable excitement!

Today marks the opening day of the 150th annual fair and the weather is looking sunny and mild for the long week-end! We're sure to see you there!

Since the inception of the Brome Fair in the 1840's there have bee many changes of government, wars, depressions and countless changes in the way people live...but some things have remained constant; the people of the region and their connection to the land they live on.

Farmers and craftspeople have been gathering together over the years in an annual celebration of all that they do; maintaining their crops and tending to their flocks, eeking out an existance that is not always easy but is always fullfilling and based on the good values of family and hard work.

To make this Brome Fair one to remember the committee in charge of the event has decided to put an emphasis on decorating the fair grounds to allow visitors to see a real sense of history. This will involve costumes and some special displays and arrangements on the fairgrounds to help people take a walk through the history of the Eastern Townships and the agricultural tradition.

Of course the Brome Fair is about family fun, with free midway rides, music, clowns, magicians, petting zoos, games, food and bingo on site but it is also a serious agricultural show with events and judging taking place in many categories through the week-end. This special 150th birthday bash will also bring the addition of a beer tent for the first time. Traditionally the only beer or alcohol to be seen was at the make-shift get-togethers that tended to pop-up in the huge parking field or stable areas. Surely many a thristy cowboy will be glad to have the chance to saddle up to the bar and have a cold one!

Main headliners for this year's fair include Wayne Rostad, famous for his CBC televisionvariety show featuring small towns and interesting Canadian character's, "On The Road Again" who will be performing Sunday at 8pm His sense of humour and down to earth songs are sure to be a hit!
On Saturday the main stage welcomes the country group "Emerson Drive" a six-piece group with many awards, nominations and top five songs to their credit. Hailed by the Canadian Country Music Association and Billboard, these tight-knit performers will definately shake things up on Saturday night!

Get to the grounds early as there is always long traffic lines heading to the fair grounds. The Brome Fair takes place at 345 Stagecoach Road. If you are in the Knowlton area and can't figure out how to get to the fair just ask anyone you see...The Brome Fair is all we've been talking about for the last month!

DestinationKnowlton.com will be publishing a large photo collection of the event so come back after the dust has settled and re-live some of the magic moments that are sure to take place.

Knowlton Business Faces Fine for Illegal Sign
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The poor shape of signs in Knowlton
This report is inspired by a recent email we recieved regarding the sometimes sorry state of Knowltons public storefronts and signage and Knowlton City Hall's attempts to have one bussinesses's brand new sign removed...we decided to take a closer look:

Is there concerns in Knowlton that the most prevelant signs on the side of the streets are "for sale" and "for rent" signs? Is there some sort of re-structuring of Knowlton that is making this glut of real-estate occur? One has only to look closely at the homes and bussinesses in town to see that there could be something to raise concern among residents. Of course we are proud to proclaim our village as one of the most beautiful villages of Quebec but is it something that has been taken for granted?

Knowlton is home to many events and festivals throughout the year that bring tourists and visitors from all over the Eastern Provinces and States as well as from Europe and even further away based on a reputation that has been built up over years of traditional good hospitality and a charming, picturesque village.

But has the lustre begun to fade from this jewel? There seems to be no shortage of signs and buildings in Knowlton that literally seem to be reaching states of...well, quite frankly...disrepair! With our renowned Duck Festival just around the corner it seems a tad ironic that both of the Brome Lake Duck Farm sign looks quite slovenly...with peeling paint and decals they are almost un-readable.

Of course there are examples everywhere of neglect and while many private bussinesses in this global economy do not have the extra funds to appropriate for signage and landscaping you'd think that Knowlton's collective pride would compell us all to tidy things up a bit.

The Duck Farm has let their sign fall into a state of absurd neglectOne senior's home on Knowlton Road has a completely un-finished exterior wall and everyone who enters the village is exposed to a clap-board strapped wall of styro-foam faded pink insulation! It's been this way for several years now.

After recieving an interesting email from a resident of Knowlton who is concerned of the sad state of the village of Knowlton it is evident that there is some concern on the general look and feel of Knowlton and the direction it is moving. Here is his/her letter as we recieved it (note that the photos were taken by us in our investigation of the letters concerns)

Our concerned citizen writes in the letter:

I am a resident of Knowlton a concern of mine, which I am sure is a shared by many residents of Knowlton, is the decrepit state of many of Knowlton's business signs and storefronts.

Have you looked at the state of some of the signs in Knowlton recently? There are signs that are in such a state of disrepair that it almost seems fairer to put a torch to them and put them out of their misery.

The old IGA parking lot has become a wasteland with a bent SAQ sign and broken signposts Knowlton City Hall seems to think that this is a great representation of a town...Arriving into Knowlton on the highway from Cowansville looks like a mix of garage sales and ghost town remnants! Stores with hand drawn signs on bright colored poster board, warped and leaning signs made out of pressed lumber painted in what looks like cheap paint hanging by rusted chains, colored flags, faded and tattered, looking like an abandoned used car lot. The list is long and these signs are not hard to spot! Dear me, even the Duck Farm sign is barely legible and is peeling, not to mention the parking lot with one crooked SAQ fluorescent sign and two abandoned metal sign posts...how tragic!

Knowlton's own community center is a pathetic mix of peeling paint, crooked signs, pages duct taped to walls and loosely flapping banners dangling off the building...city hall thinks this is part of the Knowlton Image?This doesn’t seem to phase city hall one bit. Actually, while visiting one local business I was shocked to over-hear that city hall was extremely upset with their sign. What sign is this you may ask? Is it one of the signs that is falling apart, chipped paint, crooked, rusted and causing an eyesore to visitors? No...it is a brand new sign, probably costing several thousand dollars, that has raised the ire of Knowlton's officials.

Speaking with an employee of the pond store confirmed that, indeed, city hall wanted to pull the plug on their brand new sign. Most people have probably not even seen it as it is only visible when you are in front of the building. I'm talking about a new sign that is now on the Esso Gas station building on the corner or Knowlton Road and Victoria.

Now how could these elected officials seriously have a problem with this sign and yet be blind to the fact that right across the street from this sign there is a ramshackle wooden sign practically falling over with peeling paint and bright pink paper with handwritten letters as a window display? Is this the sort of signage that Knowlton City Hall prefers for the image of Knowlton? Apparently yes because they seem to ignore these examples of tumble-down signs…even their own fire department has a sign that has literally fallen apart! Our brave fire-fighters deserve more respect than their current sign offers!

Now how could these elected officials seriously have a problem with this sign and yet be blind to the fact that right across the street from this sign there is a ramshackle wooden sign with peeling paint and bright pink paper with handwritten letters as a window display?

I can't comprehend the logic! Is there some law against nice new signs? When I look around at other signs in Knowlton of all different styles and in various states of decay it seems strange that there is this one new sign that is deserving of such attention and if it isn't because someone at city hall has an axe to grind I can't see how else city hall can find the time to want to complain about a new, modern, stylish and discreet sign when there are some many examples of similar signs and even worse, decrepit and derelict signs without an ounce of attractiveness or charm?

It is understandable that a town wants to have a vision and maintain a theme but some of the signs along the road into Knowlton look like they were painted 20 years ago and haven't been touched since! What must visitors think when they seem peeling paint and dirty overhanging canvas and flags drooping in town?
If any sort of neon sign is illegal in the town philosophy then passing by the main Video Store on Knowlton Road must signal alarms in city hall? if not...then why does this particular new sign stand out?Even the municipal fire department sign, while in wood, is half missing and looking like a broken down western movie set prop! The signage right beside the tourist info-center, in the heart of the village, is listing to the side and looks like it has been attacked by a knife...the paint is chipped and faded...what a poor image to project. Why isn’t city hall pro-actively concerned about this? What about the Mill Pond? What about our roads and water supply?

I'm not too happy to see elected officials use their powers on such minutiae as a nice new sign when, my goodness, some of the signs in Knowlton are so sad that tourists must ask why is this town being rated as one of the most beautiful villages of Quebec? We deserve to know that our elected officials are trying to work with the community to make it a better place. Why not work with businesses who want to make Knowlton their home instead of working against them? Have you seen how many stores are for rent and for sale in Knowlton? City Hall would better spend their time, and our money, fostering a spirit of community.
Yours Truly,

We welcome all letter and opinions here at Destination Knowlton. If you would like to submit a letter or article or opinion or photos feel free to email them to [email protected]

It is difficult for the average resident to be completely abreast of the laws and rules of Brome Lake Municipality but it seems simple enough to take a look around the village and see some inconsistancies or areas where improvements could be made.

It seems odd that the elected crew would allow their own fire department sign to fall to pieces and find it o.k. to turn an eye to gaudy flapping faded flags and seem unphased by unfinished buildings and crooked sidewalks and yet get their feathers ruffled over a sign. The financial investment of this business owner in their sign says alot about his or her desire to create a modern and progressive image and the fact the town of Knowlton would object to such thinking shows that maybe they have had their priorities skewed.

Many small towns whether it be in Vermont or British Columbia that have succeeded have done so by coming together with a communal vision and a spirit of togetherness. It does no good to point fingers and raise voices, what Knowlton needs to do is set an example before things are suddenly out of our small local hands and into the cold hands of foreign business interests.

With the 150th year of the Brome Fair perhaps it is time to look back on what makes Knowlton great and try to bring back the spirit that made us one of the best villages in the Eastern Townships!

Knowlton Gas Station Says Buh-Bye!
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Tanks for the memories! Regular patrons using the Esso station on the corner of Knowlton Road and Victoria found out today that the popular, and only full servce gas station in Knowlton will be ceasing operations. Knowlton learned that as of the end of October the gas station is shutting down. The Esso station has been operated by Yves Desgens & Fils for many years and had regular clients who were faithfull to the friendly service that was offered.

The car wash was also always busy as the dual washing bays often ha line-ups during hot summer days ass people filed in ready to wash their cars. There were often fundraisers that took place on the site as well.

The Esso station was, for many residents and visitors, the only place to get gas in Knowlton and many of them were faithfull to the gas station and wouldn't gas up anywhere else. Even though the roadside sign rarely ever showed the price of gas (some say this is because the price was always higher) it was always busy and Knowltonites were simply being neighbourly by always buying their gas there.

Visitors were often buying maps and a cold drink and asking for directions from the staff and they always had a reputation as being friendly with a good sense of humour, important traits with the cost of gas these days!

All we can say now is: Tanks for the memories!

Residents were taken aback that the announcement came as a single line of unilingual French text in the Tempo that the station would be closing. Some people who had just heard the news were feeling a little bitter.

"After so many years in business and having so many loyal customers it's pretty sad that there is not any form of expresion of gratitude or thanks to those of us who bought gas here," One woman said, "and it shows a bit of a lack of any sense of gratefullness to the community! Of course businessess will come and go and people have to move on but a simple note to us regulars would be nice...not a one liner in the newspaper saying "we're shutting down"...period."!"

Another man agreed, feeling that the Esso station had just been waiting to close the door and move on and owed nothing to Knowlton. "I've been coming here for years and to read about the closing in a newspaper and only in French?! It's just par for the course for some of these business people" he added, saying he'll now get his gas at the Depanneur Rouge instead.

Looks like the Boyscouts and Girlguides will be making alot more money on car washes in the near future!

SPCA Adoptions Raise the "Woof"
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The sunny weather was perfect as people gathered at the Mill Pond Park to see the little puppies and bigger dogs who were looking for homes. The SPCA adoption day held in Knowlton was a huge success with at least seven dogs being adopted in a single day and only one more dog brought into the warm care of the SPCA.

The SPCA event is held regularly to raise funds and awareness for the plight of abandoned animals. People often are forced to give up their pets due to allergies or because of moving into a new home or when they have a new baby. Of course, such situations are normal but it is always best to offer your pet a loving home instead of abandoning them.

Many people, on their way up Lakeside up from the Mill Pond, pass by a small non-descript sign announcing the local SPCA and as they approach they see it is a glassed bulletin board with a red light-bulb hanging beside it: most people wonder why!

As you look down you will also see engraved stones forming a tribute similar to a Hollywood walk of fame for all the pets who have made a difference to their owners...a tribute to the furry creatures who have made a difference in the lives of the people of Knowlton.

Grandhildren pull on the sweater of Gradpa trying to convince him to adopt a little kitty catThe SPCA have a bulletin board on Lakeside and if ever a pet, or cat, goes missing the red light is turned on and that alerts residents to the fact that they should stop and read the latest posting on the SPCA lost bulletin board. When the red light is turned off it signals that the pet has been found. It's a primitive system but it works and has pet owners feeling that if ever their dear pet goes missing there is someone who will help!

If you have a pet that needs a new home or ever find an animal that is in need of help then please do the right thing and contact the local branch of the Monteregie SPCA by calling Barbara Mason at (450) 676-9727 or visit the Monteregie SPCA to see their available adoptees who who love to have a home!

Changing the Victorian Landscape of Knowlton
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Espace Mosaik has brought an incredible Eastern inspired feel to Knowlton There have been some interesting new additions to the traditionally "Victorian" look of the village of Knowlton that have been creating quite a stir amongst curious residents!

The old round roofed building formerly known as Mullarkey's garage on Knowlton Road has gone from being a run-down building in need of paint and repairs to a sagging roof to suddenly looking like some exotic zen garden! Certainly not what one would expect in Knowlton but any project that takes an old building only inches away from being better of demolished and turning into a unique and stylish-looking store is welcome.

The only problem is that throught the construction process it was next to impossible to figure out was to be the final result. The frame of the old garage was re-inforced and the siding was completely changed and when stone slabs and bright smooth gravel was brought in with the turf it was anybody's guess!

Rumours abounded that it was being tuned into a casino or a vintage car shoppe. Nothing like letting a town's imagination run wild with possibilites!

Now, finally, the store will be celebrating a grand opening on the Labour Day Weekend to launch: "Espace Mosaik". The store will highlight, among other things, incredible arts and crafts and garden objects from Indonesia. There will also be featured leather goods and, teak furniture, flowers made of shells and lychees, and goatskin belts and bags all imported by the owners of the new business Jasmin Préville and Joel Dumas. Visit Espace Mosaik at 341 Knowlton Road. You won't be able to miss it especially with the large beautiful bird statues that often site outside when they're open!

Such new and unique concepts and businesses are much welcomed into Lac Brome and the Knowlton area as they offer the chance for new visitors to discover the area! Destination Knowlton welcomes Espace Mosaik and offers congratulations on the store opening!

Since progress in inevitable in any small town and the installation of new businesses often mean improved employment and social conditions for residents, additions to Knowlton, like the improved IGA, are a boon to the area and bring in fresh faces and young families who in turn need to use the housing and services of existing businessess.

There is some concern, however, that without a clear urban vision Knowlton could grow too quickly and forget about the Victorian heritage and flavour that has made it a member of the Most Beautiful Villages in Quebec club.

Some new construction in Knowlton makes people wonder...Another recent construction project near Spring Hill Road on the corner of Knowlton Road has also raised eyebrows. Looking somewhat like a mausoleum or strange funeral parlor this large white square structure with large narrow windows doesn't look anything like the traditional Victorian houses in the area and has people wondering if this is a private residence or perhaps some sort of strange art gallery. Indeed, as you drive by with the view looking down onto the roof of the square rooftop it seems like the architects involved in the project perhaps decided to disregard the surrounding style of Victorian homes in favour of something eccentric or basically wanted to go way over-the-top. Some locals feel that such drastic architectural tangents from the historical direction of the town will lead to a strange mix of styles that depend on the whims of new residents instead of sticking too a vision based on the past generations of Knowlton.

Of course no small town can expect to remain vital in a fast-paced world without making some major changes and accepting that progress sometimes means big-box stores and franchises. Look at Bromont, for example, where the ski-hill has become surrounding by condos and shopping and a whole new restaurant plaze as residents of Montreal and the area decide that living outside of the city is now an option.

Maintaining a consistant look and feel is important for a small town. Many similar Victorian villages in the Eastern Townships and Vermont have strived to keep the flavour of the town that has existed for years.

The what the heck is that houseAs you drive into Knowlton on Lakeside, right across from the Knowlton Yacht Club, there is a house that has been affectionately called the "what the heck is that" house by visitors! The structure looks more like a cardboard box that has been smacked down in the middle of a lush forest...the house, standing beside the glorious Victorian homes on the surrounding lots, seems alarmingly out of place.

While a private owner surely can decide what sort of residence they would like to live in some people wonder if this particuler "bunker" was built by someone who had drawn the plans without considering where the house was to be placed, surely if an architect had been involed they would have tried to create a habitat that was more harmonious to the homes surrounding it?

Knowlton is in full bloom and the fantatsic contrasts of old and new are combining to make an incredibly stimulating place to live. Innovations and modernizations are welcome, no...they are essential, for the continued health of the village but at the same time we must also never forget the history of Knowlton and the reason why it is succesfull as a village.

Of course, the town of Knowlton must look to the future and embrace the new milleneum...but they should pay tribute to those who have come before since their legacy is what Knowlton what it is! If the elected officials of Knowlton could work together with new businesses and new home builders to focus a vision of the village then it would surely eliminate the danger of the down turning into a strange brew like Cowansville or Bromont.

Knowlton Landmark Hotel Wins Award
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The Robinson Hotel in the 1922-1940 period of KnowltonOne of Knowlton's central hotels and restaurants, the "Auberge Knowlton" which is a building that has undergone many re-incarnations in her long history, has been awarded accolades from a leading North American travel guide as one of the top destinations in Eastern Townships region.

The editors of Fedor's Travel, one of North America's leading travel writing powerhouses, choose an exclusive list of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions that they recommend visiting in various regions for pople who wish to holiday and travel in regions such as the Estern Townships. Knowlton is proud to be once again recognized as a worthwhile attraction according to such discerning and critical tastes!!

The Fedors guide are popular around North America as comprehensive guide books for travellers as they hire local writers in hundreds of worldwide destinations to comment and critique local places to stay, sleep, shop and eat.

To garner recommendations from Fedor's guide is an honour for Knowlton, Quebec!

Originally named Blinn's Inn the structure was originally built in 1849 by Edward Blinn created Knowlton's first public establishment offering accommodation, food and beverage. Located in the heart of Knowlton, Blinn’s Inn was succesfull because the old-time stagecoach route from the Bolton Pass to Gilman’s Corner passed before the hotel doors. Around 1851, Mr. Blinn sold the Inn to Albert Kimball, who changed the name to Kimball’s Hotel and the Knowlton Stage House. For many years after that , two generations of Kimballs dispensed hospitality on this ever-popular corner.

The Inn has surely been witness to a range of characters over the years! Destination Knowlton extends congratulations to Auberge Knowlton hoping that such prominent exposure will enable the establishment to complete the minor renovations that have been "in progress" for many months!

The Auberge Knowlton is featured in one of Destination Knowlton best places to stay accomodation listing

"Raccoon Cookies" Fight Rabies Outbreak
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"Operation Raton" as it is officially known in French or "Operation Raccoon Rescue Cookie Drop" as it has also been called has been launched in the area to stop the spread of rabies after two racoons were discovered infected with rabies in Dunham, a town near Knowlton in the Eastern Townships, Monteregie.

The discovery of the infected animals caused widespread concern that rabies could be spread to other species so the "Racoon Operation" will be taking place until the 10th of September, according to local officials of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Flora and Fauna. The operation to vaccinate and capture the poor infected creatures will consist of two distinct stages:

The air drop of vaccine laced "biscuits", consisting of the aircraft release over 120 thousand vaccine-filled "racoon cookies" containing the rabies vaccine within the area of Upper Richelieu, Rouville, Brome-Missisquoi and the Upper Yamaska region which are within the perimeter determined by officials to be at risk.

The vaccine-laced bates are not dangerous to people but if you find one of the small, labelled, green-brown cubes it would be best to avoid it as it's purpose is to vaccinate the animals that risk catching rabies. However, if you do contact one of the bait-biscuits or you know a child who has then call the phone number on the biscuit or contact the local CLSC.

In the event of a wild animal bite wash the wound as quickly as possible with soap and warm water and contact your CLSC or local health care providers. If you see any dogs, cats, racoons, skunks or foxes which appear disoriented or acting in a bizarre manner call 1-800-363-1363 to report it.

Keep your pets inside during the operation (Until September 10th) if you are within a 15km radius of Dunham.

There will be a capture and manual vaccination of racoons and skunks in a 10 km radius of the area of the discovery of the sick racoons in Dunham.

The towns targeted during the air drop of biscuits are: Abercorn, Ange-Gardien, Bedford, Bolton West, Brigham, Brome, Bromont, Cowansville, Dunham, East Farnham, Frelighsburg, Granby, Knowlton (Lac Brome Lake) , Potton, Shefford and other villages and towns within the radius of concern.

Animal capture will continue until September 10th in Cowansville, Dunham, Frelighsburg, Sutton and Stanbridge East.

For a complete list of the towns and municipalities affected by this operation and for complete information call Quebec Services toll-free at 1-800-363-1363 or better yet :visit the website of public health in the region: http://www.rrsss16.gouv.qc.ca/santepublique

Dangerous Cyanobacteria Closes Brome Lake
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Brome Lake, the veritable jewel of Knowlton, had restrictions imposed and warnings against recreational use of the beach and water as blue-green algae reached dangerous levels and concerned Environment officials. This continues the unfortunate pattern of lakes in the area that have been shut down, often year after year, due to the toxic levels of the water becoming dangerous to humans.

Many other lakes in the area have been already shut down in what has become a regular occurence:

Waterloo Lake was closed July 12th and has closed every summer since 2003.
Roxton Lake closed July 14th and has closed every year since 2003.
Boivin Lake closed July 19th and 2006 is the first year the lake near Granby has been closed.
Bromont Lake closed July 21 and was contaminated in 2005.
Missisquoi Bay was closed July 25th and has closed every year since 2000.
Selby Lake in Dunham closed July 26th and was contaminated in 2005.
The Choiniere Reservoir in Yamaska Park was closed August 4th and was contaminated in 1990 and again 2003.

July 17th Brome Lake was officially closed after first being contaminated in 2000.

These harmfull bacteria can be caused by many factors and many residents feel that global warming and the increase of phosphorous in lakes due to the encroachment of humans and the waste and fertilizer they release into the lakes.

Aquatic plants, fish and all animals near the lakes can be affected in negative ways by disrupting habitat and normal life functions. Liver function in humans can also be affected which is why contact with the waters of such lakes is to be avoided.

This is not a new problem, the deterioration of septic fields, the fertilization of lawns and crops. As populations around lakes such as Lac Brome increase so does the need for public education regarding the concrete steps that can be taken to reduce the release of materials that contribute to such lake pollution.

The Public Health officials of the Monteregie area ask people to not consume water from these lakes, to not eat fish from these lakes and to avoid letting pets play in the water. It was a wonderful summer in Knowlton at the public beach and while we feel that summer in the Eastern Townships is almost over it is still sad to see our lovely lake suffer from such a sickness especially when it is a result of our being here.

Quaint Village or Monster Truck Show?
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Mothers with strollers find themselves between huge trucks in what should be a peacfeull morning walk that suddenly is more like a monster truck show Tourists often find themselves standing in what should be the picturesque center of the village of Knowlton on the corner of Lakeside and Knowlton Road only to find themselves surrounded by overheated, diesel belching trucks and semi's hauling loads right through the village. The trucks are both noisey and smelly...not really a quaint village atmosphere!

Many towns and prgressive municipalities have bypasses for such traffic but Knowlton seems to have no plan in plae and allows massive heavy machinery free reign of the roads. Maybe great for "progress" but not for tourists who are starting to compare Knowlton Road to the Tachereau Boulevard, a large Montreal roadway known for long traffic jams and aggressive drivers.

A letter to the editor from a recent visitor to Knowlton expressed what many residents and tourists to Lac Brome have been concerned about for a long time: truck traffic in the center of the village. There is a constant flow of dump trucks and heavy duty trailer hauling rigs chugging up the hill over the Mill Pond Bridge and grinding their engine brakes into the village four way stop at an alarming rate.

In Nancy Eaton's letter which appeared in the Brome County News she stetes "the charm of the village is completely destroyed by the constant flow of noisey, heavy trucks passing through the very heart of it. This is madness..." she says, " The village is in desparate need of a bypass for this kind of traffic. Please!".

Of course we must accept the growth of Knowlton will bring about more and more construction which means more heavu machines and trucks as residents build ponds and houses in the area but the diesel spewing trucks are dirty, noisey and dangerous as the large vehicles take over the narrow central road through town.

The four-way-stop in central Knowlton is often a scene of backed up traffic and huge trucks idling and crawling at a snails pace forcing the tourists to plug their ears and watch thewy don't step off the sidewalk into the traffic. Try sitting and enjoying a meal on one of the outddor terrasses and you'll be assaulted by noisey trucks all day long.

The sidewalks are already barely wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side! Parking in the village is tough to find and we see people walking by the library getting showered with black diesel fumes! Ughhhh!

It's hard to say if the Knowlton elected officials will be able to address this issue or if they will just let tourists decide not to return because of the lack of peace in the village?

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