A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

Did Someone Say Winter?
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While most of Canada suffered a deepfreeze people in Knowlton we're trying to fly kites in another record breaking warm weekend. If you can believe it this picture was taken on November 26th!While most of our friends and family across Canada suffered the brutal cold of some major snowfalls and frigid negative temperatures we were literally basking in the warmth of one of the warmest November weekends on record.

The Knowlton kite enthusiast seen in this picture taken on Saturday in late November had no troubles dealing with the scraping of snow and ice from his windows like his friends in Alberta but instead was concerned with the weak warm winds which were blowing from the South and were unable to lift his kite to the sky!

My goodness...the trials and tribulations we have to deal with here in Knowlton!

The fields beside the daycare center and the Brome Duck Farm and near the new Brome Center were actually turning green with the warm sunnt weather! It was one of those weekends where we are glad that there are not more people who know about the good life of the Eastern Townships!

For once we are warm and dry while the rest of Canada drops into a deep freeze! The warm temps may not last but we enjoy them while we can.Is there somthing wrong with this picture? Yes! There is more snow in British Columbia than we have here in Knowlton...but this is not a problem but merely more proof that those Coastal residents are finally getting paid back for living in Lotus Land and they can't keep bragging about the great days living on Salt Spring Island with impunity!

Here in Knowlton, around town there were people who had decided that this was the weekend to turn on the decorations and get the Christmas season started. Hmmmm....the warm weather almost made us want to start turning on our swimming pool pumps not think of winter!

The long shadows of fall turn a bike ride in the fields of Knowlton into a dramatic photoThe diminishing sunlight means that at 4 o'clock the shadows start to fall on the fields and this can make for some dramatic pictures like this one as the grassy fields, usually covered with snow at this time of year.

While many residents strolled among the region with coats wide open and feeling no need for mittens there were some weekend residents who had decided that this was the weekend for setting up the Christmas decorations. Throught the village, the sights of people plugging in plastic snowmen and TV commercials for Christmas featuring songs and visions of snowy skating rinks seem to seem almost alien as Lac Brome enjoyed another unusually warm weekend. While the upcoming Knowlton Santa Clause Parade is starting to dance in our dreams it was simply incredible to see that there was almost no sense of winter in the village!

Of course, the store window displays highlighted Christmas and there were the Christmas Sales banners hung with due care and decorations being put up but even as tourists walking up the Lakeside Hill tried to toss their scarves in the spirit of the season it was obvious that the weather was doing strange things!

A snowy cold blowing picture...this comes from the west coast of Canada and is a very rare sight!Across Canada it seemed that winter had struck with the gale force arctic fury that is typical of a Canadian winter but we were enjoying such mild temperatures that it was almost t-shirt weather. Of course we all know the weather will change and this temporary respite from the cool Siberian Highs has been a real enjoyment.

This dark and dreary picture might be somthing that we are used to seeing here in Quebec during the winter and for those wanting to do winter camping or backpacking in the Eastern Townships but it is actually a rare picture submitted from a visitor to DestinationKnowlton.com living in usually warm Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. This picture was taken on November 26th, 2006!

We love to see pictures like this and please don't mind us if we brag about our warm temperatures...while you were suffering from unusually cold temperatures we were enjoying some incredible temperatures...and we'll take it! While the rest of Canada was freezing in the sweeping Artic air crashing down from Nunavut we were deciding wether we should mix ourselves a hot chocolate or a cold beer...with the temperatures being so warm many of us, as we decorated our Christmas trees, chose the beer!

A beautiful kittu cat on the shores of the ColdBrook in Konwlton...preparing for Christmas but wondering why it is so warm!@While the rest of Canada froze their asses we spent one of the most memorable weekends enjoying the mellow life in Knowlton. A walk beside the ColdBrook found this lovely creature, a cat with fluffy reddish fur, purring and walking along the banks of the river and reminding us of the fact that we're so lucky to live in southern Quebec since the rest of Canada is suffering under a full fledged winter attack!

Check out the latest pictures taken from the warm fall of 2006.

Lac Brome Rentals Signal Growth
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Looking to rent or buy in Knowlton? The growth of the region means that more and more there are viable spaces to rent or buy in the Eastern Townships.The growth and prosperity of Knowlton has lead to more housing construction in Lac Brome with more condos being built and the need for affordable housing as more and more people are looking for jobs and places to rent in Knowlton.

With the new IGA opening and creating much needed jobs in the area and more development being initiated on a regular basis in Knowlton it is likely that more and more new residents will be looking for apartments to rent or even property in Lac Brome to build.

There is no shortage of homes for sale in Knowlton and for sale signs can be seen on almost ever block. The new Coldbrook Condos, with the lovely pond and proximity to the trails along the brook are filling up fast and completion of the final phases of the condos are almost done.

The condos along Knowlton Road have recently been completed and the units are selling quickly with many tenants already moving in. A few units are remaining but will likely sell soon enough as investors see the potential in Knowlton. The condos have three apartments in each unit and they are really built with a lovely style that looks just perfect in the Victorian flavor of the village.

The nearly completed Brome Center is proof that the region of Lac Brome is growing in a positive way! Opening is scheduled for December 2006.This picture shows the almost completed Brome Center which will be the new center of local government and healthcare as well as recreation and basically all functions of a local community center. The central location in Knowlton will provide a central meeting place and allow all residents to have easier and more efficent access to health-care and community services. The grand-opening of the center will be featured on our website and a special toast should be raised to all fund raisers and believers in the project!

While buying a condo in the Eastern Townships is a good option for many young families, or older folks looking to downsize from a larger waterfront property or achorage, some people buying a condo as an investment and will put it for rent.

The area has seen more and more land being sold for new housing construction and many existing homes are being put for sale in this roller-coaster real estate market. The price of homes has dropped recently in the area as more and more homes for sale enter the market.

The rapid and continuous growth of Knowlton will have a positive influence on the housing market as more and more people look for alternatives to living in cities and as the Eastern Townships job opportunities increase there will be more and more people wanting to building and looking to rent in Lac Brome.

The growth of Lac Brome and Knowlton has shown that a positive urban vision can really create the right environment for increasing the population and prosperity of a region.

DestinationKnowlton.com is happy to help connect people looking for apartments to rent in Knowlton, houses to rent in Lac Brome and Condos or properties for sale in the Eastern Townships by offering local owners the chance to advertise your property on this website.

List your property for sale or rent here.

Spectacular Migration Signals Winter's Approach
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The skies over the Eastern Townships were full of formation flyers as thousands of birds make their retreat from the oncoming WinterLarge groups of migratory birds in spectacular formations were seen during the weekend over the Eastern Townships. The birds annual southern voyage is one of the surest signs that the cold Arctic air is on it's way towards us. The sight of the honking birds surely make many of us contemplate purchasing our tickets for the beaches and sun baked islands that are so popular during the Canadian winters.

If only it was as easy as flapping our wings!

Throughout Saturday and Sunday the grey skies were streaked with groups of hundreds of birds toughing the winds. The familiar v-shaped formations pulsed across the sky as the winds made the formations shift and morph into incredible shapes! Wave after wave of birds passed overhead, sometimes 10, 15 and 20 minutes between the various flocks.

What an incredible sight! If anyone has any better pictures of the dramatic formations please feel free to submit your photos to our photo gallery.

Birds, looking like leaves in the branches, take a break in the trees of Lac Brome before continuing their long migration South for the winter.Bird watchers in the Eastern Townships surely have been noticing the glorious sight of formations of migratory birds heading south. Such sights above us are a better indication that snows and cold are on the way than any Weather Network reporter attempting to decipher the low pressure patterns over Quebec!

Seeing hundreds of birds in their flight formations battling the winds is enough to well up our tears as these slight feathered creatures gather in groups to brave the long journey to warmer regions. We sometimes find it difficult to procure a timely flight via "WestJet" to the beaches of Florida that will be convenient to our hotel reservations and to many of us the struggle that migratory birds of Quebec must undergo does not even cross our minds...

Seeing huge flocks of low flying birds in formation over Granby, Cowansville and Lac Brome flapping against the cold winds as they made their way to their wintering grounds was indeed an incredible sight!

With the temperatures in November finally starting to get close to freezing, we are finally facing the inevitable fact that the snow and frigid temperatures will soon be fully upon us here in the Lac Brome region.

While many of the birds we saw flying above us this weekend during the dropping temperatures were Geese or Ducks; the variety of birds in Quebec is huge!

A female Cardinal swings on a feeder plumping herself up for the oncoming winter!While most of us are used to seeing Cardinals (like this little cutie at the sunflower seed feeder), bright yellow finches and the happy Chickadees quite often around our feeders it doesn't take much of a trip through the more wild regions to discover some of the amazing birds of Quebec which include: the Common Loon, American Bittern, Double-crested cormorant, Great Blue Heron, Canada Goose, Wood Duck, Mallard, Osprey, Turkey Vulture, Bald Eagle, Cooper's Hawk, Northern Goshawk, Broad-winged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Ruffed Grouse, Piping Plover, American Woodcock, Herring Gull, Common Tern, Atlantic Puffin, Rock Dove, Snowy Owl, Barred Owl, Common Nighthawk, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Belted Kingfisher, Pileated Woodpecker,Tree Swallow, Gray Jay, Blue Jay, Black-capped Chickadee, White-breasted Nuthatch, Wood Thrush, American Robin, Cedar Waxwing, Loggerhead Shrike, Red-eyed Vireo, Yellow Warbler, Cerulean Warbler, Northern Cardinal, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, White-throated Sparrow, Dark-eyed Junco, Bobolink, Brown-headed Cowbird, House Finch, American Goldfinch, House Sparrow.

The sight of a car covered in snow makes us realize that like it or not...the time has come...brrrr!The Lac Brome residents are lucky to have such a variety of birds to watch and discover and many of us have a multitude of bird feeders hanging in our yards to feed and therfore enjoy the sight of a variety of birds close-up.

We don't need to watch the evening weather report to know when the cold weather is about to hit, we only need to atch the birds as they are usually the first to book their flights to the warmer regions! We did have a little tasting of snowy weather a few days ago but that was short lived as we suddenly jumped to un-usually warm temperatures but the fact is scene like this snow covered car are soon to be a everyday fact of life!

Don't forget to get your snow tires on soon!

Knowlton en Lumiere: A bright idea!
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The Lac Brome Festival of Lights is sure to be a bright and dazzling event! This artistic rendering taken with a slow shutter speed shows the natural beauty of lights appearing as a waterfall of starlight! Photographers will love the Festival of Lights for the many opportunities to take creative pictures.The newest Festival in Knowlton is the winter spectacular organized by the local Chamber of Commerce with the support and cooperation of the Town of Brome Lake and the brave volunteer fire fighters. It makes sense for our beautiful village to have another festival...we love throwing a party!

Getting into the spirit of Christmas is a proud tradition in Lac Brome and most homeowners and independant businesses are anxious to un-veil our Christmas displays and decorations. With the infectious spirit of the region during the holiday season Lac Brome is likely to be the brightest place in the Eastern Townships!

The Knowlton Festival of Lights will be the new "official" name of the traditional annual lighting of Christmas lights in central Knowlton's downtown's trees and along the three main entry routes into the village of Lac Brome. While bright lights and traditional Victorian decorations in the village are not new; this year marks a concerted effort by the Chamber of Commerce and enthusiastic volunteers to get everyone involved with the infectious spirit of the Winter season.

In addition, and for the first time, the Knowlton Festival of Lights will decorate one of Quebec's Eastern Townships landmarks, namely our St. Andrews United Church. Lights will also light up Knowlton's falls in the central Coldbrook Park and is sure to provide a spectacular winter scene as the lights will reflect off the fluffy snow in the trees and off the glistening ice on the pond.
The bright lights on the miniature village in central Knowlton is one of the most photographed local attractions.The miniature railway and doll houses in central Knowlton are a must-see centrally located attraction. Trains roll along the tracks in a brightly lit miniature village. Both young and old love to stop and follow the locomotive and imagine adventure stories about the tiny residents of the lilliputian village.

A skating rink in the park will surely be popular, especially on milder days, so make sure to bring your skates! Since most of Knowltons restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries are right in the center of the village it is sure to be full of warmly dressed families enjoying the hospitality. An evening in Knowlton will surely be a glittering and romantic affair and don't forget that the proximity to such winter attractions as skiing in Bromont, Owl's Head and Mount Sutton will make it a perfect winter vacation in Quebec.

Residents have surely noticed the activities in the downtown area as teams of volunteers with stepladders and, recently, cranes were seen hanging lights on the church steeple. During November, even while warm temperatures kept us all from worrying about making the appointment for changing to snow tires, Gerry Moar of the Knowlton Marina and his entourage of volunteers were busy assuring that the lights were placed with care! Read more about the setup of the lights by the Light Brigade.

St Andrews Church in Knowlton being decorated for the Knowlton Festival of Lights. Not sure who the brave soldier was who rode the creaky crane to the top but they deserve a warm glass of Eggnog!A large crane was required, and a brave soul with the courage to ride to the dizzying heights, to get the lights fixed to the steeple of Knowltons most well recognized monument the Saint Andrews Church in the center of the village. The lights on the tall steeple are surely to be an angelic and magnificent sight!

The official flipping of the switch has been set for Saturday December 2nd after the Knowlton Santa Clause Parade at which time Lac Brome will officially launch the first annual Festival en Lumiere. With the enthusiasm that Knowlton residents and businesses embrace new ideas, and with this latest festival to add to our many local festivals, it's easy to see why the hospitality and charm of our region is attracting more and more people to visit and live here!

Following the stringing of the lights throughout the village in mid November by "the Light Brigade" as they were affectionately known same folks wondered about the look of the new, more energy efficient and long lasting LED Christmas Lights: the light from these bulbs is not what many traditionalists are used to and it raised a few eyebrows.

Comments on the esthetics of the lights were mixed: some appreciating the enthusiasm of the town and the sheer distribution of the lights throughout the village and some feeling these new blueish LED lights were too dim and cold to even be called Christmas Lights.

Of course when society made the leap from wax candles to filament filled glass bulbs there were probably a few critics who decried the innovation as an abomination so it should be noted that while the new fangled light bulbs might not be everyone's cup of tea but let's face it: it's the thought that counts!

Do the new modern LED style of lights make you want to sing a chorus of Glory Hallelujia? or Cry Me a River?One person wrote to DK (DestinationKnowlton.com) about the new style of lights: "These lights may be longer lasting and consume less electricity but they don't have any warmth, they look like some sort of interior lighting component ripped out of a Texas Instrument calculator display screen tied to the branches! Just looking at them makes me physically feel nauseous!" wrote the resident, who was obviously in a Scrooge-ish disposition.

Seemingly unable to understand the desire of the town to want to make a purchase (the lights) that would last more than one season, she continued in her letter, "The reason why I think these LED Christmas lights are ugly is that they do not really seem to "shine" any light but only emit a slight glow...when you look at a string of them hung in a tree it shines no light on the branches of the tree or on any surface for that matter so the effect is not one of enlightening but more like a strange glowing line drawn in the sky. They aren't even white but have a cold an almost alien blue color! They don't say "have a very Merry Christmas" they say "on sale at Canadian Tire"! It reminds me of the merriment of my car's dashboard or the black lights we used to have in University...and I wonder if I should wear a psychedelic glow in the dark shirt to fit into this Christmas in Knowlton!"

Well Scrooge, let's see what your decorations look like! We prefer to see people being positive instead of complaining, after all....it's almost Christmas! There are people who offer their time and energy to beautify the town with the limited resources that are available so it should be appreciated…besides…more and more businesses and private home owners will be installing their lights once it starts to feel a bit more like Christmas in the Eastern Townships so the brightness of the town will only increase.

While the red, blue green and twinkling white lights of old might be what many of us consider to be traditional lights for the season such comments are a bit harsh considering we still don't have any snow and we don't officially start the Festival of Lights until December!

There are so many residents and merchants who are preparing to add their lights to the mix and the combination will indeed be spectacular especially if we see some more of the traditional brighter lights to add a new dimension to the Festival. Once our trees are plumped with thick layers of snow, and the lights are shining like hopeful stars, the magic will be inevitable!

Christmas dolls and Teddy Bears in one of the best dressed window displays in Knowlton.Along with the twinkling lights is the unique shops and restaurants in Lac Brome. While we may be a small town there is such a collection of passionate and creative people who live here that the merchants of the area often have some incredible and unusual offerings. This window display pictured here is right beside the miniature train display has some absolutely wonderful seasonal knick-knacks and quality vintage gifts.

Knowlton, Sutton and many of the small villages nestled in the area offer some truly unique opportunities for visitors and the Festival of Lights is just another good reason to come and visit us and enjoy the warmth of the area.

Everyone who worked hard on the first annual Festival of Lights deserves a large bouquet! And to all of you who come to see us during this time we hope you have a very Merry Eastern Townships Christmas!!

DK will highlight a collection of photos taken throughout the Festival; visit our photo gallery to see the full documentation of this event. More photos.

Remembrance Day in Knowlton
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Remembrance day in Lac Brome. At 11 o'clock we all stopped to remember the brave soldiers at the Knowlton Remembrance Day Ceremony in Lac Brome...

The flags were saluted as we gathered at the memorial to remember our soldiers.The Knowlton band played, prayers were read as heads were bowed, and tears welled in our eyes as the lone trumpet's piercing notes helped pay tribute to the brave men and women of Brome County who have given so much in the service of their country.

It was a lovely ceremony and we were fortunate that the weather co-operated as a huge crowd converged on the greens of Knowlton Academy around 10 am. Poppies were pinned to every lapel and the atmosphere was austere.

The Mayor of Knowlton was on hand as were many local family members and representatives from various organizations came forward to lay wreaths of respect. Everyone sang hymns and prayed together and it seemed that these turbulent times made such a ceremony even more vital. Seeing the casualties in current struggles around the world makes more of realize the sacrifices that were made by other generations.

Our finest gathered to share and to remember the trials and tribulations of the past.Police closed off Victoria Street near Knowlton Academy as hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects and lay wreaths for those who can never be forgotten. Every year at Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Canada there are fewer and fewer Veterans of the great wars of the world but the crowds who gather seem to be getting larger all the time.

Living in Quebec, it was surprising to see such a crowd gather in Lac Brome and it surely made everyone there proud in their solidarity in showing their thanks. Most newspapers of major cities across Canada featured reports and historical coverage of Canadians at war yet in Quebec many newspapers almost go out of their way to ignore the remembrance of our heroes! It may not be surprising but it still is disrespectful and so it was especially nice to see the hundreds who came out to bow their heads.

With more Canadians in harms way in Afghanistan it is good to see more young people coming to such memorials. World War 1 and 2 do not register in the consciousness of many young people so the sight of Girl Guides leaving white paper swans at the cenotaph was a poignant reminder of how war continues to affect us.

Those who have been to the war hang their heads in a way many of us can never understand.The Veterans of Brome County proudly displayed their medals and stood at attention as the music lifted into the bare trees and a moment of silence left us all in our thoughts… thoughts for the hope for peace and thanks to all of the men and women of the Canadian Forces who continue to do the dangerous job most of us would be afraid to even contemplate.

Throughout the years many people from the Brome County area have enlisted into the Canadian Armed Forces to fulfill their dreams and meet their destiny. Seeing the stoic faces and close families at the Remembrance Day ceremony made us proud to be a part of such a group. Not all of us are originally from the area but all of us have someone in our family who has known the war in one way or another. This makes us all brothers and sisters in arms and even though many people in the crowd didn't know the person standing next to them...then, as the prayers were read and a chorus of voices whispered "Amen" together it showed that we are all part of a family bigger than we can imagine.

Knowlton Academy was the place for the Lions Club Remembrance Day Brunch.Around noon the crowd slowly dissipated and amongst the handshakes, hugs and back-patting there was the feeling of appreciation for the road we have all traveled up until now and the hope for the chance to see one another again…may God allow.

On Sunday, the day after the memorial, the Legion held a brunch at the Knowlton Academy. The basement was full for the event as people came to sit with a hot breakfast cooked up by the local Scouting movement. The hall where we ate in Knowlton Academy was decorated with large red paper poppies made by the children of the school and many drawings and bright paintings expressing their desire for peace, love and understanding.

The proud faces who have carried us on their strong shouldersBeing surrounded by the arts and crafts of the kids taped to the walls while having Veterans of the wars gather to share a meal and drink a cup of tea among friends was quite moving.

The rain from the night before left pools of water like a shallow moat around the stone monuments where just the day before we had gathered en masse to bear witness to the courage of our brave heroes. As we left the basement after our brunch and walked towards the cenotaph to bow our heads one last time in remembrance we noticed that one of the small paper birds that had been placed during the ceremony by the girl guides had fallen off its fragile home-made cross and was now floating in the rain water...

Lest we forget our modern day herosOur Canadian Forces continue to do battle in combat situations around the world. While we remember the sacrifices of the past we should also be aware of the young men and women who are currently serving our country and helping to protect each and every one of us.

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