A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

World Class Concerts Coming To Knowlton
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Kent Nagano of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra will be in Knowlton to present an incredible series of concerts!World class music directed by classical-music star Kent Nagano is coming to Brome Lake in August and the Town is already excited about the series of concerts that will be offered in Knowlton under the name The Festival Bel Canto!

The Orchestre symphonique de Montreal (OSM) and its music director, Kent Nagano, have announced that a festival will be taking place devoted to bel canto (“beautiful singing”). The festival, which will be held from August 15 to 24 in the historic village of Knowlton, is a presentation of the OSM and Rome’s Accademia Nazionale Santa Cecilia in association with Bombardier. More information at the OSM official website.

Just when us residents thought the only music we'd be hearing was from the newly installed speakers downtown, which have been known to play everything from Eric Lapointe to The Plain White T's, we get the welcome news that the newest poster-boy for classical music in Montreal, non other than Berkely's famous Kent Nagano, will be offering a series of concerts right here in Knowlton! Pinch me! We must be dreaming! And to make us even more giddy: Gino Vanelli will be performing! Some of you old timers remember Gino Vanelli from CHOM-FM back in the day when he sang "Wild Horses" and "Black Cars" and to think that he will be up on Tibbets Hill in Knowlton performing some Italian operatics is too delicious to even contemplate!

The OSM wishes to enhance its summertime programming & something it has offered for many years now by repositioning the timeframe, setting and repertoire of its summer festival and in so doing expand the development of its audience. This edition of the festival will be held under the distinguished patronage of Italian soprano Renata Scotto. Madam Scotto, one of the great singers of the second half of the 20th century, today devotes herself to teaching, among other ways as master of voice at the Accademia.

Soprana Carosi Micaela will be Norma with Kent Nagano.Among all the musical instruments, the human voice occupies a very special place, states OSM music director Kent Nagano. It is considered by many the most beautiful of instruments, capable of translating the passions and torments of the human soul in the most eloquent manner. For my colleagues at the OSM and myself it is important to honour, to share and to bring to life the great tradition of Italian bel canto today. We wish to provide a wider public with the possibility of discovering and enjoying this form of vocal art. And this is one more way of innovating and enriching our educational mission.

Two weekends with the OSM and free events with six concerts under the tent in Lac Brome (Knowlton) in August.

In the environs of Brome Lake, in a rustic and intimate setting, six concerts spread out over two weekends will be presented in a tent accommodating 600 spectators. Two performances in a concert version of the opera Norma, Vincenzo Bellini's masterpiece, will take place on Sunday, August 17 and 24, at 3 p.m. Mezzo-soprano Jennifer Larmore and pianist Antoine Palloc will launch the Festival on August 15 at 8 p.m. in a major recital with piano. On August 16 at 8 p.m., soprano June Anderson and four young singers from the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia will take the stage with the OSM and Kent Nagano to perform some of the most beautiful arias and ensembles by Rossini and Donizetti. The coloratura soprano Sumi Jo, meanwhile, will be featured at an evening dedicated to Mozart, Rossini, Donizetti and Bellini under the direction of Kent Nagano on August 22 at 8 p.m. This concert will be presented in Montreal as well, on August 20, as part of the Mozart Plus series, again under Kent Nagano. On a more popular note, well-known singer Gino Vannelli will be doing a show of Italian songs inspired by his most recent album, entitled “Canto,” with the Orchestre symphonique de Sherbrooke under the direction of Stephane Laforest.

Concerts are under the Tibbits Hill Big Top

Tickets for the event range from $54 to $66 per ticket depending on if you are up close or in the back with the commoners. The calibre of talent would be worth twice the price and to be hearing the sounds of Nagano and Guests on Tibbets Hill will certainly be an incredible experience...kind of like a Woodstock for us sophisticated Townshippers!

August 15-16-17
Opening recital with Jennifer Larmore
June Anderson and young singers from the Accademia under the direction of Kent Nagano
Bellini’s Norma opera in a concert version with the OSM and Kent Nagano

Gino Vanelli, from classic rock to classical music!August 22-23-24
Sumi Jo sings Mozart, Donizetti and Bellini with the OSM and Kent Nagano
Gino Vannelli in concert (in excerpts from his most recent disc, “Canto”)
Bellini’s Norma opera in a concert version with the OSM and Kent Nagano

The programming includes free events during the day on the weekends: a concert featuring young singers from the Atelier lyrique de l’Opera de Montreal; a concert by the Choir classique de l’Estrie led by Francois Panneton, giving pride of place to area artists; and a chamber-music concert with OSM musicians and soprano Marianne Fiset. In addition, master classes will be offered by mezzo-soprano Jennifer Larmore and the Accademia’s head of voice, Massimiliano Murrali.

What is bel canto?

The origins of bel canto are virtually indivisible from those of opera in Italy. From Jacopo Peri's Euridice (1600) to Bellini's Norma (1831) by way of works by Cavalieri, Caccini, Monteverdi, Rossini, Donizetti and a number of lesser known composers, the art and science of "beautiful singing" evolved according to principles and techniques handed down over the centuries by the greatest performers to a handful of carefully selected students, the trustees of an invaluable treasure. The predominance of bel canto in Italy (and its influence right across Europe) obviously had important repercussions on vocal music written after 1845 - the first name that comes to mind being that of Verdi.

Bel canto enjoyed a new golden age during the first third of the 19th century when Rossini (1792-1868), Donizetti (1797-1848) and Bellini (1801-1835), smitten by classical ideals, lent their incomparable melodic gifts to the most beautiful voices of their time, fostering a virtuosity always at the service of expression. Soaring cantilenas, cascades of coloratura, runs, trills and other vocal fireworks and the most endowed singers found their abilities glorified by the pens of these composers of genius. Inspired by the magnetism and the personality of their performers, and laying the foundation for a veritable cult of the diva or divo par excellence and in the best sense of the terms and they devoted their creative talent to that most beautiful of instruments, the one that conveys with greatest eloquence the passions and torments of the soul: the human voice.

Closer to our era, the words bel canto evoke, for lovers of the vocal arts, a sort of Eden restored. Maria Callas, Joan Sutherland, Montserrat Caballe, Luciano Pavarotti, Marilyn Horne and Renata Scotto in the second half of the 20th century succeeded in restoring a lost art its letters patent, while in our time June Anderson, Sumi Jo and Jennifer Larmore have been some of the heirs to this great tradition.

Partnership with the Accademia nazionale Santa di Cecilia
This partnership with the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is the result of an initiative of OSM music director Maestro Kent Nagano and Professor Bruno Cagli, president of the Accademia Nazionale Santa Cecilia and who will be present in Knowlton. Founded in 1585, the Accademia is one of the world's most renowned music institutions, as much for the exceptional role it plays in education as for the excellence of its orchestra and chorus. Renata Scotto, patron of the Festival, is currently master of voice at the Accademia. A bel canto festival in Rome will take place from September 12 to 29, 2008.

As Professor Cagli explains, the Accademia was founded at the time of the great polyphonists (Palestrina, Vittoria, Gesualdo, Marenzio), just before the birth of opera: "We work regularly with Renata Scotto and other musicians to maintain the great tradition of bel canto, an essential part of the history of music. We are convinced of the need to offer an exact representation of the great vocal repertoire but also of the need to guide young singers in their professional apprenticeship. We hope that the collaboration between Santa Cecilia and the OSM, between these two worlds, will excite the interest of those who appreciate good music and will lead us to further initiatives in the future."

The Stanley Cup of Classical Music will be in Lac Brome!A number of artistic and educational collaborations are being born out of this partnership between the OSM and the Accademia. The bel canto festivals in Knowlton and Rome will present the same opera: Vincenzo Bellini?s Norma conducted by Maestro Kent Nagano with Micaela Carosi and John Relyae. Singers from the Accademia di Santa Cecilia have been invited to Knowlton to share the stage with soprano June Anderson. Moreover, teaching is at the heart of the partnership, with master classes, scholarships offered by the Accademia for advanced study in Rome, and a training program for young singers. Finally, violinist Riccardo Minasi, a specialist in early instruments (style and practice) from the Accademia, will act as advisor for the performances of Norma.

Knowlton and the Town of Brome Lake were important partners and without the mobilization of a good number of citizens and businesspeople in the Brome-Missisquoi area such an event would not have taken place.

For the honorary president of the Festival, Mr. Marco Genoni, ex-president of the Knowlton Chamber of Commerce, “The extraordinary beauty of nature here, the renowned gastronomy and the abundant historical character of the village were some of the factors in the choice of Knowlton as the setting for the Festival. A decisive element was the community itself, of Knowlton and of the region: a community that answered the call with enthusiasm and generosity, a community rich in tradition. I thank the Town of Brome Lake, which will be a major partner in the organization of the Festival”.

The new President of the Brome Lake Chamber of Commerce, Cameron Brown (of Camlen), welcomes anyone interested in more information about Knowlton to visit the Chamber of Commerce official website. Brome Lake Chamber of Commerce Website

This sort of world-class event being held in Knowlton is proof that Brome Lake is an important part of the heritage and future of Quebec. Bravissimo to all those who worked so hard to make the event a reality!

Tour Des Arts Celebrates 20 Years
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Sculptures for garden & house. Coming from a background of designing and building masks, objects and figures for the theatre, Almut now follows her desire to create objects for the garden. Almut Ellinghaus is part of the Tour Des Arts and her contribution of art is one of the reasons the Tour Des Arts is Quebecs premier art show and tour!The Tour Des Arts is a popular tourist event in the Eastern Townships as many of our celebrated local artists open their studios, ateliers and homes to allow patrons of the arts to visit and buy some unique Quebec Art in the truly breathtaking setting of The Townships.

The 2008 Tour Des Arts marks the 20th anniversary of the event...often called "The event of the summer" in the Knowlton area of Sutton, Mansonville, Cowansville, Waterloo and many hidden corners in between on the dusty highways and back roads of the historical area around The Eastern Townships.

The popular arts show allows visitors to follow an easy-to-navigate route and visit many artists featuring styles from original pottery to painters and sculptures. This edition of features:

Myriam Bardoul.
"Born in Belgium, Myriam has many original talents. Her contemporary style gives the observer a feeling of freedom of imagination, unpredictability and discovery. Myriam is very interested in the assembling of diverse materials permitting her to play with shapes and textures leading to the creation of one of a kind pieces of jewelry and paintings."

Brigite Normandin
"As far as I can remember the concept of assemblage has been at the core of my work. Gathered fragments and random found objects inspire me to draw, paint, assemble and sculpt works with a thought provoking existential edge."

Michelle Lalonde
"Original mosaics for home and garden. Unique mosaic designs and sculptures (ceramic tiles & glass) for the home and garden...pedestals, animal shapes, vases, wall murals."

Almut Ellinghaus
"Sculptures for garden & house. Coming from a background of designing and building masks, objects and figures for the theatre, Almut now follows her desire to create objects for the garden. Being an acomplished sculptor, she models her sculptures in clay and casts them in durable concrete. The sculptures are often tinted and stained with oxides and are sealed for protection. Her unique pieces draw on legends, dreams and fairytales. They are a reflection on a woman's life, her thoughts and her images. All pieces are limited editions and are cast from uniquely created originals."

Jack H. Walker
"Folk art, primative painting, traditional furniture. Although I'm serious about my art, I don't take my art too seriously. In fact, the more humorously I can create something, the happier I am. I find great pleasure in turning old fishing buoys into comical “guard dogs”, building whimsical bird feeders from twigs and sticks and painting pictures of streets where the buildings all seem to have lives and ersonalities of their own. I try to make you think differently about the way you see something and give you a smile while you're doing it."

Jany Fournier
"Paintings and mixed media. Jany Fournier studied drawing, painting and printmaking at l’école des Beaux-Arts and l’UQAM. After teaching fine arts and painting for over 25 years, she has returned to her own artistic production.For her acrylic, watercolour and oil pastel works, the artist is inspired by the rural backdrop and surroundings of the charming village of Knowlton. You are invited to her workshop gallery, to discover these landscapes and still life pieces, celebrating her impressionist vision of this unique natural setting."

MArk Zimmerl is one popular artist who paints frogs and other such pondlife that pondfreaks and chiefs everywhere enjoy and he is collected by many folks around the world!Mark Zimmerl
"Oil paintings, bronzework, raku ceramics. Mark Zimmerl graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Fine Arts with honours. Inspired by the natural surroundings of his Brome studio, he is currently working in painting, wood sculpture, and ceramics. He has created a whimsical mythical world from the spirituality of the landscape and creatures of the Eastern Townships."

There are dozens of other artists and crafts-people from a wide range of disciplines and for a full listing visit the official Tour Des Arts Website at http://www.tourdesarts.com/en/artwork

Sutton, one of the artistic hot-spots of the Eastern Townships is again hosting several art related events to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the TourDesArts.

From July 5 - 20, the Gallery is proud to be supporting the Tour des Arts, one of the region’s major art events. This year the Tour is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

For 10 days, from July 12 - 20, some 40 local artists will be inviting the public to visit their studios. The show at Arts Sutton Gallery will display work by each artist in the Tour des Arts, so that visitors can get a sense of the art that interests them and choose their itinerary accordingly. They can then embark on a tour that takes them along our beautiful country roads to fascinating discoveries.

As one of the participating artists, Claude De Gaspé Alleyn, commented, “visitors who do the Tour and visit individual studios are given a privileged look at the space in which many different types of art are created. Often they find that each artist’s creativity is multi-dimensional and is expressed not only through the works they make, but also in the way they live.”

Sutton Arts in SUtton Quebec presents works by Louise Andree Roberge and other artists from the Tour Des Arts.The participating artists are:Robin Badger Myriam Bardoul, Claude Beauchemin, Stéphane Bingen, Hélène Brunet, Brenda Carson, Robert Chartier, Nicole Côté, Irma et Roger Côté, Claude De Gaspé Alleyn, Francine Denault, Isabelle d’Hauterive, Almut Ellinghaus, Muriel Faille, Jany Fournier, John Fowles, Claire Globensky, Anne Johnston, Christina Jones-Steingruber, Michelle Lalonde, Stanley Lake, Joe La Starza, Pina Macku, Judy Mullins, John Murphy, Brigite Normandin, Potton Valley Quilter’s, Rhonda Price, Peter Raymond, Louise-Andrée Roberge, John Rollit, Christiane Roy, Carolyn Smart, Craig Skinner, Eira Thomas, Anke vanGinhoven, Jack H. Walker and Mark Zimmerl.

Come celebrate at the opening reception for the Tour des Arts exhibition, with the artists, on Saturday, July 5 at 2:00 p.m. at the Gallery.

The show runs until July 20.

The Gallery is located at 7 Academy in Sutton.
Exhibition hours are: Saturday, July 5 and Sunday, July 6 from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closed July 7- 9. Open every day from July 10 – 20, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Source : Galerie Arts Sutton
Pour information : Catherine Audet, Coordonnatrice de la Galerie
(450) 538-2563 [email protected]

The Artists of the Tour Des Arts are incredible!The Tour Des Arts is more than just art! There are also incredible music and performance artists presenting original and popular works throughout the series. Most of the events happen in the Sutton, Quebec region as Sutton continues to lead the way in the region in culture and tourist offerings.

This year you can enjoy the evening events:
Saturday, Jul 12
The Homebrew Dixieland Band at 7:00 pm featuring: Stanley Lake: Trumpet David Sutherland: Clarinet David Reilly: Trombone Simone Esterez: Bass Jean Lavigne: Drums
Claude Prud'Homme: Guitar Reservations: 450 538 2000 Admission $5 Auberge Glen Sutton
1388 Vallée Missisquoi Glen Sutton, QC

Sunday, Jul 13
PEC percussion 08:00 pm Soirée de rythmes et de réflexions sur le temps. En compagnie de musiciens, Frédéric Gaud vous convie à une percussion athlétique sur des tambours géants, fabriqués de ses mains. I think the translation for that is like the song from T-Rex : Bang a Gong Get it On!! Réservations: 450 538 0486 Prix d'entrée $15 / Admission $15 Coeur de Village- Salle Alec & Gérard Pelletier
4-c, rue Maple Sutton, QC www.salleagpelletier.com

Tuesday, Jul 15 Poésie en français 07:30 pm Participants: quelques figures bien connues de Sutton et des environs, quelques figures nouvelles... Réservations: 450 538 0486 Renseignements: 450 538 5008 Gratuit / Free Admission www.salleagpelletier.com

To find the best route to drive the highways of the Eastern Townships click on this map and visit the TourDesArts.com website!Wednesday, Jul 16
Readings- Prose and Poetry 07:30 pm Discover the varied literary talents of our local English writers. Réservations: 450 538 7333 Gratuit / Free Admission. Le Cafetier de Sutton 9, rue Principale nord Sutton, QC

Friday, Jul 18
Beavan Flanagan - Jazz Piano 07:30 pm Beavan Flanagan playing original compositions and jazz standards Reservations 450 243 0069 Free Admission Café Inn 246 Knowlton
Knowlton, QC

Three Old Bags 07:30 pm Back by popular demand! Risqué comedy about a trio of funky old ladies that just won't quit. Co-created by Mary Harvey, Gissa Israel, Pina Macku and Emma Stevens. Réservations: 450 538 0486 Prix d'entrée $15 / Admission $15 www.salleagpelletier.com

Saturday, Jul 19
Jazz Heads- "The Standards" 06:00 pm - 09:00 pm DINNER-CONCERT featuring Dave Sutherland: flute, saxophone Mike Gauthier: guitar Stanley Lake: trumpet André Lafleur: bass Reservations: 450 538 7333 Free Admission Le Cafetier de Sutton
9, rue Principale nord Sutton, QC

Sunday, Jul 20
Pastoral Concert 04:00 pm 130th Anniversary Pierre Jasmin: piano Beethoven: Appassionata, sonatas Free Admission DONATIONS www.philharmontreal.com Église Good Shepard Church 1458, ch. de la Vallée Missisquoi Glen Sutton, QC

Theatre Lac Brome 08:00 pm "Intimate Exchanges" by Alan Ayckbourn
- A comedy of bad manners and good timing

"Let's be Frank"
- A play by Ricky Blue with Sinatra's Great American Songbook

"Richard Donat Reads Leacock"
- Vignettes by Stephen Leacock

Show time 8pm with a Thursday matinee Info- Box Office 450 242 2270 Ticket Prices $15 to $26 www.theatrelacbrome.ca Theatre Lac Brome at Arts Knowlton 9 Mont Echo Knowlton, QC

Have a great Tour Des Arts and enjoy your visit to the region of Lac Brome, Knowlton and the surrounding beauty of our little slice of paradise! Visit the official Tour Des Arts Website at http://www.tourdesarts.com/en/artwork

June Garden Event Shows Townships Beauty
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Beautiful gardens in Quebec! Some of the most incredible flower arrangements and, statues and water gardens are right here in The EAstern Townships of QuebecAll around Brome Lake, Knowlton, Sutton and many areas of the Eastern Townships you can see some incredible gardens in full bloom as local gardeners display their expertise in growing flowers and creating gorgeous landscapes and gardens. A trip into Knowlton and the surrounding roads aften leads to the discovery of some of the most beautiful gardens in Quebec. Some of these gardens are even open to the public and on June 1st, 2008, you have the chance to visit a special presentation of an incredible garden experience near Knowlton.

Alpines Mont Echo is hosting its annual celebration of the garden—an eclectic gathering of specialty growers and artisans offering a rare and unusual collection of plants ranging from alpines, woodlanders, shrubs, conifers, hardy antique roses, perennials, annuals, ferns, succulents, organic and heirloom vegetables, including a diverse selection of garden art, accessories, furniture and many other treasures.

On Sunday June 1st from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., enthusiastic gardeners, expert and novice alike, will stroll through this picturesque and world renowned country garden located in the foothills of Mont Sutton and Mont Echo in search of that new and exciting plant, that special treasure, that perfect accessory or work of art to adorn their own garden. For directions and further information, visit the website at www.alpinemtecho.com

Responding to increasing demand for such an event is becoming increasingly popular. Organizer Maria Galletti of Alpines Mont Echo in Sutton, held her first event in 2004. The enthusiasm and encouragement were overwhelming, and from the very start it was apparent it would have to be repeated. Being a small specialty grower herself, she wanted to find a way to support and promote other small growers as well as artisans and artists who make unique and beautiful objects and accessories for the garden. Similar events in Quebec, Ontario and the US are gaining in popularity as people become more and more interested in gardening and garden art and accessories.

A butterfly on a daisy...the chances to see some lovely flowers and incredible insects abound!From a small number of participants the first year, the number has increased in leaps and bounds each ensuing year with the majority being repeat exhibitors. Rain or shine, the event always draws a good crowd. Maria Galletti is launching an advertising campaign promoting the event with garden clubs in the townships and in Montreal, through articles and ads in local papers and on such local websites as DestinationKnowlton.com which helps promote events and businesses in The Eastern Townships.

The event will attract many visitors to the area, benefiting the local economy and promoting tourism. People love a good weekend outing to the townships in search of treasure and recreation. Come visit us “In the garden…” at 1182 Parmenter Road, Sutton. For directions and further information, visit the website at www.alpinemtecho.com or contact Maria Galletti (450) 243-5354.

10H - 17H

Alpines Mont Echo accueille la nouvelle saison de jardinage en vous invitant à un rassemblement éclectiques de producteurs spécialisés et d’artisans.

Ils vous offrent une collection unique de produits rares telles que des plantes alpines, plantes de sous-bois, arbustes et conifères, rosiers résistants, vivaces recherchès, annuelles, plantes de légumes biologiques et patrimoniaux, objets d’art et accessoires pour le jardin et plusieurs autres trésors.

Tunde Odunlade in Knowlton
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African Art at the Knowlton Gallery in Lac Brome. Works by Tunde Odunlade areon display amongst the other great African Artists. Visit the Knowlton Gellery in Lac Brome!Knowlton Gallery has become known as the premiere Art Gallery in Knowlton and Lac Brome for offering some of the best local artists and exclusive artists from around the world who enjoy showing their art in the prestigious gallery in central Knowlton.

Once again the Knowlton Gallery will be offering original and unique art and take the pleasure of presenting the Artist on site! A special presentation of the African Artist named Tunde Odunlade will take place this week-end in Lac Brome.

Tunde Odunlade, artist from Africa, will be showing his own creations amongst those of dozens of other rarely displayed artists. The Knowlton Gallery has always been known for innovative displays and an expanding repertoire of artists and artworks but this is truly a unique event.

Tunde Odunlade is one of the leading figures in the resurgence of traditional African art that came out of Oshogbo in the late 60s. A second-generation artist from Ibadan, like many of his peers he is more than just a painter, but works also with hand-made paper, print-making, batik and fibre work - besides being an accomplished musician on the flute, Agidigbo (Mbira) and Congas.

A freelance artist who spends time both in Nigeria and the United States he also manages his own music and dance troupe and has several record albums to his name. He has mastered the intricate art of batik, a craft that developed from the tradition, for which the Yoruba were famous, of adire cloth dyeing.

Not only will Tunde Odunlade be presenting his latest creations he will also be showing and helping to showcase the art of other African Artists who wish to present their works here in Knowlton.

Many North American residents have not heard of Tunde Oduunlade, who is an internationally acclaimed print and textile artist who has exhibited, taught, lectured, studied and travelled extensively within Nigeria and throughout the USA and Europe.

Tunde OdunladeThe art of Tunde Odunlade has been displayed in many solo shows around the world. His works are in the private art collections of such clients as the World Bank Headquarters of Washington, DC. The Victoria and Alber Museum in London, The MacArthur Foundation and The State House in Lagos, Nigeria as well as in the private collections in North America, Europe and Nigeria.

Come see the beautiful side of Nigerian Art instead of just associating the African Country with the 419's!

Knowlton is again highlighting an International artist and you are encouraged to visit the Gallery in downtown Knowlton on Sunday to meet with the artist. Thanks to Francoise Desjardins for her efforts in bringing in such artists to The Eastern Townships. Information by telephone: 450-242-1666.

Visit the Knowlton Gallery Website. Http://www.knowlton-arts.com<

Knowlton Going To The Dogs...Again!
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The Dog Show coming down Lakeside is always fun as the puppies always are eager to put their best paw foreward! Knowlton’s annual Dog Pageant is on again Victoria Day week-end and this year it is being organized through the auspices of the Brome Lake Chamber of Commerce. Sunday, May 18, 2008 will see the 8th annual parade of man’s best friend and the buzz is already happening in the village. The village, already well known as a “dog” town, is home to two Canadian champions and it is said that there are others hidden in the surrounding hills.

A fundraiser for the Frontier Animal Society and Montérégie SPCA, the public can vote for the “Best In Store” dog using ballots at participating Knowlton stores, or at Pur Animal in West Brome. Votes for “Best In Store” dogs cost $1.00 and each ballot is automatically entered into a draw for prizes donated by local merchants.

Store dogs participating are from Arts & Antiquités A La Carte, Brome Lake Books, Davies Antiques, L’Emporium, England Hill, Galerie Knowlton, Jouets du Village, La Coiffure, Paddie’s Boutique, PawFormance, Pur Animal, Rococo, The Shack and Woolrich.

Some of Knowltons favorite residents will be on hand...and on paw!As well, individual dog owners can enter their pooch in the “Open Invitational” category in order to participate in the parade and win prizes. Registration forms are available in Knowlton’s boutiques and the cost is $5.00. Registration must be received before May 16.

Last year, dozens of dogs and their owners joined in the fun at Coldbrook Park, where dogs play games and win doggie prizes and treats for different feats. “Last year’s event raised substanial funds for both the Frontier Animal Society and the Montérégie SPCA,” says organizer Judith Duncanson. “As well, the event has become a rite-of-spring for the families of the area. Kids bring their dogs and have a great time. And a lot of this is thanks to the cooperation of the Town as it has become truly a community event.”

Dogs registered in the “Open Invitational” will join the “In Store” dogs in the pooch parade that wends its way down the hill to arrive at Coldbrook Park at 1 p.m. from Ambience de Garage, behind the England Hill boutique at 104 Lakeside.

For more information, please contact :Judith Duncanson 450-242-2491

2007 Knowlton Dog Show Had Tails Wagging | 2006 SPCA Adoptions Raise the "Woof" | See A Great Slide Show of The Dog Pageant with Photos by Signy Stephenson

Garage Sale Bylaw Rains On Yard Sales
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Well…Knowlton has made the front page of The Montreal Gazette and then then National CBC Radio! First, a story by Alex Roslin talks about the bylaw restricting garage sales in Brome Lake hit the Sunday Montreal Gazette creating quite a stir! He even quoted DestinationKnowlton.com which is always a welcome treat!

In the story he wrote: "As the mercury soars and hockey season draws to an end, Canadians are getting ready for that other great national pastime: the garage sale. Perhaps nowhere has that tradition been stronger than the Eastern Townships village of Knowlton, a favourite destination of antiquing tourists hoping for that rare find because of the many old farms and historic homes"

The issue of garage sales and the new bylaw is casuing an uproar in Knowlton!

But now, residents say the tradition is threatened by a new town bylaw restricting the sales in an effort to keep the community from looking "junky," in the words of Richard Wisdom, the mayor of Lac Brome, the amalgamated municipalitythat encompasses Knowlton."….Readthe full Gazette Story

Only two days after the Sunday Gazette story appeared the CBC Radio One team was digging for dirt trying to see what sort of story they could find in Knowlton regarding Garage Sales. Mayor Richard Wisdom and David Milligan, author of DestinationKnowlton.com appeared live on CBC Radio with Shelagh Rogers in a rather fluffy piece on yard sale "wars"! It was clear that Shelagh and her CBC crew were maybe looking for some fireworks but both Wisdom and Milligan refused to drop down into mud-slinging instead both seemingly wanting to try and build bridges instead of walls. At one point Shelagh Rogers commented that Milligan, typically a "shoot from the hip" type of commentator with flambouyant opinions, seemed to be "sitting on the fence". Both Milligan and Wisdom seemed to appreciate the fact that living in a small town of 6000 people required tact and co-operation while the big city brass at CBC are hoping for titilation. Well, we all have to live here so we need to work together and don't need the big city media to come in to stir the pot...there's enough festering in that cauldron as it is without outside influence!!

The recently proposed bylaw restricting garage sales was rescinded then modified and now its creating more of a stir as the Montreal Gazette featured a story on Knowlton and the Garage Sale Saga on the front page of the English Language Newspaper. Again the Mayor is saying that the signs make the town look junky. It seems there are signs going up all the time for variousevents, pointed to businesses, announcing a boat or car for sale, all over the village not too mention the endless waving For Sale and For Rent signs that are plopped on every other lawn!

First the bylaw was rescinded and then modified and people in Knowlton are wondering what is really happening and if they will be free to go back to selling their junk without of fear of being arrested!

UPDATE: The recently proposed bylaw restricting garage sales was rescinded and then modified to be "more liberal" according to the Town. At first the Town bylaw would allow garage sales on only two weekends of the year! There were to be legal garage sales once in May and once in September! This stirred people into a frothy tempest and so many incendiary letters to the editor were written that the local paper had to be printed on asbestos sheets! The new bylaw allows garage sales on 5 weekends of the year. Free permits are available but are required or the garage sale family would be issued a fine. Signs are not permitted on poles but only on the property of the yard sale host!

Many people feel this is completely ridiculous as advertising on hydro-poles is the traditional way to announce garage sales, homes for sale, kittens for sale, bands playing, missing persons etc.etc.
Previously...it began thus...

This kind of stuff has got to stop! Many garage sales and the signage looks more like a junk sale!I am lucky enough to spend a few weeks in January away in the sun; a much needed vacation where I relax and try and forget about the snow of the Eastern Townships. This year we went to the Hawaiian Islands and had a great time exploring three of the islands. Having just returned, we began sorting through the pictures we took for our new travel website TripSister.com, and began coming back to the reality of being back in Knowlton. It's actually good to get home even when you’ve been to Hawaii!

But I picked up a copy of the Brome County Snooze to see what had been happening and catch up on the local news and almost spilt my tea! Someone wants to take away our Garage Sales?

My first reaction was: "What the #%^&! What's wrong with a good ole fashioned yard sale?"

But upon reflection I can see the Town’s side of this…some garage sales and the folks who run them look downright creepy...and they are often hawking the most questionable of junk piled like garbage on spindly legged tables and if I had a neighbor who sat outside all weekend trying to sell their collection of board games and broken electronics I’d likely get fed up…but some garage sales are well organized with good materials for sale that will find new life in someone else’s home. So why toss the baby out with the bathwater?

With the sorry state of the roads and bridges and the lake and the schools in the district and with tourism hitting all time lows in Lac Brome how could someone have thought it would be a good idea to make a great Canadian cultural event practically illegal?

Many people can’t believe that they want to put the kibosh on Lawn Sales and Garage Sales! Ok...a garage sale is a bit like Karaoke...anyone can sing but that doesn’t mean everyone should sing, but how can anyone legislate people from exercising their freedom to massacre "When A Man Loves A Woman"! Why should the bad singers spoil it for everyone else? Is the fact that a few yard sale "nincomepoops" don't have the Debbie Travis touch when it comes to laying out the trash a reason to ban every red-blooded Canadian living in Brome Lake from having a cute and cuddly sidewalk sale?

Sometimes you look at a garage sale table and wonder...what were they thinking?Garage Sales are a part of our culture and Quebeckers have turned garage sales in to a veritable art form over the years! People from all over this great country go out on sunny weekends to buy, barter, and meet with friends and neighbors on the great open field of yard sales... exchanging goods and stories in the sweet arena of tax-free small time commerce.

Of course it’s no surprise that a Town will find any angle to squeeze tax dollars out of us but this is just downright sacrilegious!

Ok, before I go on, let me just say that I often see garage sales here in Lac Brome, Sutton and even Bromont, and I roll my eyes and say to myself “Ouf…ca fait dur!” and agree that there needs to be something done! Some people seem to set up a card table every weekend and sit outside drinking beer hoping to sell their broken hair clip collection! We often see posted signs in August that advertise sales that took place in June. Would it be so hard for you people to remove your out of date garage sale signs? Ummm...apparently so...hence the new bylaw!

I can see the philosophy behind the law and actually agree in principal that something must be done to stem the free-for-all flea-market look of some of these set-ups. Some US cities require sales to be held in the back yard instead of the front. That’s a good idea! If something isn't done soon we'll end up looking like some third world market village in the Paris slums!

Garage sales are, to many people, a normal part of living in the lower and middle class...a time and place when you don't just toss things out but you go outside and maybe offer your un-wanted items to a friend or neighbour. Hmmm...that sounds ok to many people...so why would the Town of Brome Lake look down upon yard sales? When local businesses drape tattered flags and banners outside their stores, how do the elected "leaders" of the town find the nerve to force the citizens of Brome Lake to stop holding yard sales?

As a boy our family would have garage sales a few times in the summer and it taught me how it’s better to pass on the things we aren’t using anymore and make a few dollars. It taught me to understand commerce and I met neighbors and friends. Does this Town want the yards to be empty of children and families? Are they trying to launch a death-blow to Lac Brome? Now tourists can just whiz right through town as they look for something to do…garage sales brought people into the Town and then the shops and the restaurants! Pardon my reference to the music of Cypress Hill, but this decision is, like the song says, “Insane in the Membrane!”

Mayor Richard Wisdom said at the meeting that the Town looked messy with all the signs for garage sales being put up all over the place. Some people wonder how does a few fluorescent signs painted with poster paint and decorated with glitter and balloons by children put a scar on this town? Didn’t the Town try and have business owners comply with specific signage rules? I guess since that didn’t work out as well as planned the Town decided to pick on someone less resistant: Mom and Pop and their collection of ebay rejects!

Whoa! Why did you even buy that stuff in the first place! Garage sales show how many bad choices make when they go to Canadian Tire!The new bylaw will restrict yard sales to the last weekend of May and the first weekend of September. People who want to sell their treasures must purchase a $20 permit at least 15 days before and cannot post any signs. Ummm…can’t post signs? People might as well mail the Town $20 and dump their stuff into the landfill…the results will be the same.

While the Town is on such a roll...why not put a TAX on all earnings from garage sales, bake sales, bottle drives and Girl Guide cookie collections? Some people think that these elected officials have overstepped the boundaries of logic...this is Canada after all and last time we checked anyone who owned property had some rights as to what they could do on thier plot.

But the Yard Sale "Donald Trump wannabees" have to also realize that every street corner in Knowlton and every utility pole in Lac Brome isn't their own private bill-board for their miss-spelled and gaudy garage sale adverts! Clean-up after yourselves please or else the Town will be more than justified to impose laws...d'uh!

Some folks have muttered that this sort of draconian bylaw is so ridiculous it makes many people wonder if some members of this town council even have a connection with the average citizen. Knowlton is more than just wealthy estate owners in a land of gated domains after all!

And let’s be fair, there are probably more real estate for sale signs up than garage sale signs on a per capita basis in Knowlton! At least a garage sale; no matter how pathetic the people running it or how worthless their junk, is an indication of life and of people living free. It’s not just the garage sales that look messy either. There are countless examples of how property owners, both private and industrial, are basically not giving a damn when it comes to keeping their properties tidy. Maybe the town needs a liaison officer to be able to make positive suggestions as to how people can make Knowlton look better instead of sending out registered letters and drafting bylaws that should be declared un-Constitutional, or at least un-Canadian! Lawn Sales and Garage Sales have a long historical relevance in our country just like Hockey!

What’s next? Little Sally on Oak Street can’t have a Lemonade Stand in mom’s driveway because the signage isn’t three-dimensional wood with halogen reflective lighting? Why couldn’t the Town ask people to take the signs down when their garage sales were over and maybe have a public relations person visit garage sales and try and start a new way thinking? Why not educate people how leaving signs all willy-nilly for weeks after the event doesn’t look good…I mean I think everyone can agree with that! It makes sense for people to pick up after themselves and I get a little miffed when I see signs that are out of date. It’s just litter at that point! But it’s not just the slack jawed table jockeys who leave their signs stapled to posts for months after the event! Even the people who ran the Environmental Fair that happened in September 2007 at the Brome Fair Grounds have neglected to remove signage that is, unbelievably, nailed to trees. Some environmentalists!

Some comments are that the Town leaders seem to be working in an isolated world; designing a Lac Brome which few locals seem to understand. They feel that the Town should work more with people towards a common vision instead of just imposing laws and rules and bureaucracy and regulations! Whenever I hear about such laws as this this I start contemplating doing one of two things, either packing up my business plans, selling the farm and moving out of Knowlton or else running for Town Council; I haven’t decided!

We need to try and teach people although trying to educate the masses on the importance of good taste and tidiness is a Sisyphean task with little chance of success! My suggestion, since you asked, would be to allow anyone to have a garage sale whenever they wanted but they would pay $10 for a permit. They would also be asked to remove all signs when the sale was over and they would be liable for a big fine if they didn’t remove their signage …it’s not hard to find out where to find the offending garage sale owner lives if they don’t remove signs! But not just garage sales; anyone or any organization that puts up a sign to advertise the sale of something or an event should pay a $10 permit and be fined from $50-$1000 if they didn’t remove it.

The Town would make millions off of the real estate agents alone if they did that!

Oh...by the way…I’ll only give you 10 cents for that broken hairclip!

Now that the garage sale law has been taken off the books...maybe this is what we'll be seeing this summer in Knowlton!

The new look of Knowlton...or should we saw...Knuckton?!

So Our Trees Are Becoming A Nuisance?
Read the full story here.

Children in front of the threatened tree on St. Paul Street in Knowlton. The children started a petition to save the treeA beautiful elderly tree on St. Paul Street has been selected to be cut down and residents are asking if this is part of what seems to be a growing trend where development and individuality seems to take priority over our collective environment.

Residents on the lovely and historical street in Knowlton were chagrined to see a Hydro-Quebec marker on the huge and healthy tree near the historic St. Paul Anglican Church which meant the old-growth tree may soon be cut down, unless, of course, the residents who are mounting a petition can convince all sides involved to reconsider!

Concerned citizens, including children who live within the vicinity of the tree, immediately placed a hand-drawn poster on the tree and tied ribbons and even placed a petition for residents to sign on the trunk of the tree that has stood for generations near the historical church on St. Paul street across from the Historical Museum of Brome County and across from the Brome Lake City Hall. That such a healthy and prominent tree could even be considered for removal has shocked and appalled residents!

Neighborhood children living near the tree decided that something had to be done and armed with only ribbons and crayons, and maybe some parental support, decided to start a petition and allow passers-by to sign their names and leave it in a colored sack hanging on the tree. When this intrepid reporter stopped to check the bag it seemed that many people had signed the petition to save the tree!

People under the tree were wondering why Hydro-Quebec would want to cut down the tree which was over one-hundred years old and who even asked them to perform such an abomination!

Granted if a tree is hazardous to human life-and-limb or threatens to disrupt electricity transmissions then something must be done but doesn’t it make more sense to try and accommodate the tree by maybe moving a telephone pole instead; and if that $2000 price tag to move a phone pole is too rich for anyone then you have to ask where the priorities are in our world? Why not place a simple insulated saddle to keep the wire safely away from the tree?

A beautiful White Pine Tree is being threatened with death because someone feels its in the way!Hydro-Quebec was apparently contacted by a resident and indeed they had marked the tree for destruction based on this request of a resident. It has yet to be ascertained if a local resident was concerned for the neighborhood safety or if there were insurance issues based on the proximity of the tree to a neighboring home on St. Paul Street. As far as Hydro-Quebec charging in with chainsaws blazing due to the tree being close to the power lines, which do admittedly come within the proximity of the White Pine, why does this Corporation have the mandate to go in and rip out trees? Didn’t their engineers maybe contemplate the surrounding trees when they were digging holes for their poles?

This tree is over one-hundred years old and any rightly-oriented person would wonder who was there first….the tree or the person who asked for the removal of the tree? Anyone doing a monthly survey of traffic on St. Paul Street shows that, as is typical in Brome Lake and Knowlton, there are often two types of residents: those who live here permanently and want to raise their children in a quiet and natural setting that is both healthy and environmentally progressive, and those who live far away and maintain a weekend residence who think inside a bubble only inches larger than their own property.

Some people pop in and out of the village into their second or third homes that they bought in Brome Lake and feel that their domain should be their little pink toy that they can do what they want with so it looks like something from the pages of a Martha Stewart Home Sense magazine!

Didn’t we see our former Prime Minister, Paul Martin, kill some lovely trees and blatantly disregard environmental laws in order to have a private golf course on his property only to have a little tap on his wrist? Didn’t we see another private resident get fined by the Town for cutting down trees without a permit? Aren’t we seeing massive destruction of trees in Dunham because Hydro-Quebec wants to put in hydro lines? Aren’t we seeing Knowlton going onside with the Main Street (Rue Principals) program which mentions hiding the hydro lines in order to beautify the Town?

People in Brome are seeing a few inconsistencies and arbitrary contradictions so it is no wonder that people are calling the Town to ask what is happening!

The hyrdro lines are barely touching the tree so why is someone calling this an issue!Take a look at this picture! Admittedly, I am not a German Windmill Engineer so Hydro-Quebec will likely reject my proposal to keep their poorly placed line from touching the tree but I won't be deterred: A small brace on the tree with glass insulators would keep the line spaced securely away from the tree...but it seems that the solution is just too simple for them to grasp! Chainsaws and axes have worked in the past so why change policy?

Reportedly, a resident who phoned the Town of Brome Lake regarding the tree on St. Paul Street was told that the Town couldn't really object if a resident within their legal rights asked for the tree to be cut down by Hydro-Quebec; calls to Hydro-Quebec seemed to give the response that they were waiting for word from the Town of Brome Lake. Isn’t it convenient when both sides of suggest that it’s up to the other to make the call!

At least the children are brave enough to take a stand and do something instead of passing the buck!

Some of the more jaded amongst us are saying that the tree will come down and no ribbon and petition campaign will make a bit of difference. Some of the more jaded of the jaded say this tree is coming down for no other reason that someone in the vicinity of the tree objects to the pine needles tumbling onto their property garden.

Goodness! Imaginations can run amuck! It would be disturbing to think that anyone in this day of global warming would be able to find a justifiable reason to chop down a mature and healthy tree. The trees and hills and lakes around us define who we are and people who choose to live here should accept that our natural wilderness is an integral part of our heritage and cannot be removed just so a property owner can live in homes reminiscent of Canadian Home and Garden with perfectly manicured gardens and optimal views of the hills and lakes.

Maybe the tree is a threat to fall during a windstorm? Why not do a simple core sample and see if the tree is healthy? Some experts state that such a tree has a huge root expanse and there is little if any risk the wind could knock it over being in the solid soil it's in. There's more risk of a Quebec highway overpass collapsing on someone than there is that this healthy tree would ever come down!

The Sign seems to follow Bill 101!This sign was placed by the kids on the White Pine tree. Hmmm...they even made a bilingual sign which is more than many folks do when they make signs in the Town of Brome Lake for their for sale signs or those soon to be banned garage sale signs!

Some people point out that The Town of Brome Lake always seems to throw their hands into the air whenever a serious issue comes up and says they can’t do a thing about because it’s not their decision…when taxes go up for us they say it’s the evaluators fault…when a stop sign can’t get put in…they say it’s the Québec government that has to do it…when we are fed up with having no good police force they say they have no choice…trees being cut…can’t do a thing…lake pollution…can’t enforce any laws…goodness gracious what the heck are people paying taxes for?

How can a healthy tree that is older of any resident in this town be chopped down when there must be alternatives available! My goodness it is sad to see the children of St. Paul Street so upset!

Many of us who grew up in rural Canada had a particular tree that was where we had a tree-fort or a tire-swing or stole a first kiss sitting under the trunk. We used to marvel at the bark of the tree and marvel at the birds who danced and chirped in the boughs above our heads; the ants and spiders and squirrels made us, as children, feel that a tree was worth protecting as it was the catalyst for so many species. So many creatures coming together in the global simplicity of a tree!

Hello Tree!This picture shows a resident of Knowlton signing the petition and looking up...way up...to the top of the magnificent pine.

Of course everyone has a right to own many houses around the world and many cars but when the children of Brome Lake are tying ribbons around a tree and have tears in their eyes it is time to see the leaders take a stand instead of saying that they have no control over what goes on.

It seems that in other municipalities where Rues Principals has worked they are often suggesting that burying hydro-lines is one way to improve the look and feel of a town so it seems ludicrous that Hydro-Quebec is removing trees at will and the Town who supports Rue Principals philosophies would just say “Oh Well”!

Last year another favorite tree for many residents was unceremoniously cut-down and then the Town, after having publicly announced their new directions in environmental progress days before, literally destroyed a natural filtering system that feeds the lake after a resident complained that the helpful plants were an eyesore! OUCH!

In Dunham the tragedy of the trees being removed has made the front pages of the local newspapers! To see the before and after pictures is a heart breaker! Hydro-Quebec has spent millions on their marketing, including that lame commercial that shows some hydro electric dam a la James Bay project powering a Tokio Hotel band wannabe guitar yet they refuse the windmill projects submitted by the local Bromont Windmill company in favor of some German group…great…a Quebec company tried to help solve the energy crises and the Liberal Government and Hydro-Quebec say no causing massive fiscal loss for the local companies in Bromont. Some tinfoil-capped residents say its proof that the whole system is run by a Teamster-esque gang working in complicity!

Near Dunham the hard work of planting trees by long-time residents had created a magical thick, lush clustering of vibrant living, breathing trees...a natural habitat for creatures big and small!

The same road seen during the Hydro-Quebec clearing frenzy eradicated years of growth within moments to make way for power lines. With every destructive punch the planet gets beat down further into illness in the name of profits, progress and greed.

These pictures are courtesy of the Brome County News, photographer: Chapman

Many feel that such disregard for such natural and historical structures in Brome Lake and across is proof that the entire “Save Our Lake and Join Kyoto because the Environment is our Priority” PR movement by our Canadian and Quebec Government leaders is nothing more than “Bunky duck doo-doo”!. Who knows what this German firm did to deserve the contract…maybe they employ people from Quebec? Not likely!

While towns like Knowlton suffer due to some cosmetic ugliness caused by Hydro-Québec power lines and sub-stations, Hydro-Québec continues to refuse green windmill projects in our area and cuts down more and more and more trees! While business owners in Brome Lake work with Rue Principals to beautify the town, one of the obvious causes of ugliness throughout the village of Knowlton is the strings of wires and crooked creosote soaked poles spoiling the skyline holding drooping electric lines emitting electro-magnetic pollution.

Hydro-Quebec continues to clear corridors of green space to make way for transmission lines to the USA…isn’t something similar happening in Alberta where the tar sands is being called an environmental catastrophe! Recently close to 1000 ducks perished while landing in a polluted waste water basin in Alberta. Some people see the profit-hungry government agency of Hydro-Quebec is willing to raze acres of forests just to appease profit targets and corporate bonus payments!

Let's look at the possibilities beyond just the fact that trees are the lungs of our planet!

These trees were here before all of us and will likely outlive most of us despite our grandiose schemes and delusions of importance! I have often stepped outside my door to look into my tree to see the birds singing and not caring a whip about me…if that tree was gone then their would be no birds singing to not care a whip about me…that would be as sad as to think of one of our children seeing a glorious tree being sawed down because some bureaucracy couldn't find a better way to save a life.

Many times I have returned to my hometown back in Western Canada and passed by the old house we used to live in and the strongest emotion I feel is when I see the empty spot near our house where that glorious tree used to stand where I played hide-and-seek as a boy. I feel so sad for the children who love that tree on St. Paul Street because if it gets cut down they will feel the same poignant loss that I do thinking about my lost tree.

Country Chic Fashion Show
Read the full story here.

The popular annual luncheon and fashion show featuring clothing and original fashion creations from some of Knowlton's finest boutiques will be held on Sunday May 4th in Lac Brome. Come and see why Knowlton is becoming known for having a variety of mens and womens clothing stores and unique styles that rival many large city centers.

More and more visitors are discovering that the local Knowlton businesses have a lot to offer that can only be found here in Brome Lake. This is the perfect event, now in it's sixth year, to come and enjoy the best of all of Knowlton has to offer in one place in the cozy comfort of the Relais.

Country Chic Fashion Show

The 6th annual luncheon show featuring the boutiques of Knowlton ~ spring & summer fashion for women and men. Boutiques featured include Clementine à la Campagne, Elle Diva, Jones New York,Ma Bille, Jodi Mallinson, Paddies, Rococo, Sandila, Woolrich, Zen Den. Door prizes.

Presented by the Restaurant-Bistro Le Relais, 286, Knowlton Rd.
Reservations required: 450-242-2232.

Knowlton Players Dropping Like Flies!
Read the full story here.

Knowlton Players present A Tomb With A ViewThe Knowlton Players present "A Tomb with a View" by Norman Robbins.

Directed by Lucy McAuley at Arts Knowlton (9 Mount Echo, Knowlton)
May 8th, 9th, 10th, 15th, 16th & 17th at 8pm and May 11th and 18th at 2pm.
Proceeds on Thursday May 8th will benefit the Massey Vanier Stratford trip.

Tickets are only $12 for adults, $8 for students, and $5 for 12 years and under
For reservations call 450 242 2510.

The Cast of the Play
Cedric Briggs, Roger de la Mare, Michaela Barnes, Sarah Hoblyn, Steve Trew, Linda Carey, Genevieve Heap, Julie Senier, Jim (Ace) McLellan, Patricia St-Onge
Norman Robbins' comedy thriller features the, to put it mildly, eccentric Tomb family.

In as sinister an old library as one is likely to come across, presided over by the portrait of a grim-faced, mad-eyed old man, a dusty lawyer reads a will (involving some millions of pounds) to an equally sinister family; one member of which has werewolf tendencies, another wanders around in a toga thinking that he is Julius Caesar, whilst a third is a gentle lady - who plants more than seeds in her flower-beds! By the third act there are more corpses than live members left in the cast.

Knowlton Players present A Tomb With A ViewLucy McAuley returns to the directing helm and is thrilled to try her hand at directing adults!

The cast of ten is made up of a mix of familiar and not so familiar faces. Each actor gets a chance to try out a really outlandish character that is before they end up dead.

Knowlton Players is a non-profit organization, supporting numerous charitable organizations and providing bursaries and camp tuition for our youth. Support your local theatre and see the tremendous talent that Knowlton has to offer!

Visit their website at www.knowltonplayers.com

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