A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

The Beatles Coming to Knowton
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Oh My! The Beatles are coming The Beatles are Coming!The Beatles are coming! That's right kids...if anyone can eclipse Nagano and the classical Bel Canto orchestra it can only be by the greatest musical group in the universe, "The Beatles".

On September 27th Theatre Knowlton is going to be turned into a rock and roll shrine as Day Tripper tribute band rolls in to Knowlton with a live performance of the best of The Beatles! Day Tripper are surely going to turn this town on it's Victorian ear just as the original Fab Four did with the entire world in the 60's!

Relive the thrill and excitement of Beatlemania with "Day Tripper", Canada's most authentic Beatles Tribute Show. Their youth, passion and energy explode off the stage, bringing to life four lads from Liverpool the world fell in love with. Precise attention to detail, both visually and musically, takes audiences on a journey back to experience the Beatles like never before.

From the early days on the Ed Sullivan show to the Abbey Road era, Day Tripper's mastery of both classic hits and lesser known gems blows audiences away. Their vast repertoire, authentic costumes and vintage instruments amaze even the most scrutinizing of Beatles fanatics.

The show is a high energy musical performance of The Beatles throughout their different stages. The band," Day Tripper" covers a plethora of songs with costumes, instruments and personalities matching those of the Beatles. The show is at 8:00pm with doors at 7:30pm on Saturday September 27th. General seating, all ages. Tickets are $15 and can be found at Brome Lake Books, Knowlton Video or at the door the night of the show. Performance runs approx 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission.

Visit the Official Site of these Fab Four gents at the Day Tripper Tribute Band website!!

This is good chance for some of the older folk to introduce some of the classic rock and roll that shaped a musical generation and give everyone a chance to see The Beatles music played live...which only a few lucky ones ever had the chance to see!

Even better...everyone should dress up in classic 60's garb and turn the while evening in to a hippie shaking extravaganza!

Welcome to Knowlton, Quebec
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The reflections of the Church in the Mill Pond in downtown Knowlton. Another reason why Knowlton has a magical charm worth discovering!

Knowlton, Quebec (Lac Brome) is one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec. Situated in southern region of a region known as The Eastern Townships, this quiet Victorian town is an oasis of natural beauty and cultural diversity known for its diverse festivals, historical charm and laid back atmosphere. A rural setting with just enough cosmopolitan flair, Knowlton is close to all major attractions yet has somehow managed to remain un-spoiled by the development of the surrounding Townships.

Knowlton, Lac Brome, Quebec, os situated on the shores of Brome Lake, the Knowlton area of the town of Brome Lake (Knowlton, West Brome, Foster, Fulford, Iron Hill, Bondville and East Hill),has a combined population of just over 5000.

The Pettes Memorial Libray in Knowlton is a popular spot to visit!Within a leisurely drive from Montreal, Knowlton is also close to Vermont and New York State making it a popular spot for the many tourists and visitors who find Knowlton to be a veritable jewel of the region with friendly residents and the right mixture of attractions, restaurants and recreational activities.

Knowlton's strength is the natural beauty and architecture of the town which dates back to Victorian times. The center of the village has a large green space bordering an old Mill Pond with a flowing waterfall and glorious churches standing magnificently on the banks of the pond. Walking trails lead to the public beach on the shores of Brome Lake where swimmers share the sandy beach with the famous Brome Lake Ducks who have become quite tolerant of people and enjoy getting their picture taken!

Knowlton prides itself in remaining more of a quaint village with art galleries, incredible restaurants, antique stores and variety stores that cater to the eccentric side and are beyond the big stores we see in most towns these days. Small shops and boutiques line the streets and huge green trees create a cathedral overhead for the wide variety of birds, from finches to jays, to sing from.

Horse and carriage sightings are commonplace as villagers enjoy the slow pace of fays gone by!A marina sits on the shores of Brome Lake and several world-class golf courses are within ten minutes of the village making summer a busy time for lovers of the outdoors. Provincial Parks like Mount Orford, Mount Megantic and Yamaska Park are all a short hop from Knowlton and Mount Sutton, Bromont and Mount Glen are ideal places for recreation from hiking and cycling to picnics and canoeing. With so many natural wonders being so close to Knowlton it is becoming a choice travel destination for all visitors to Quebec.

The town museum boasts a large collection of historical artifacts from the region and tracing the heritage of the Eastern Townships wouldn't be possible without considering the importance of Knowlton. The old fashioned corner store is alive and well in Knowlton and a visit to Flannagans general store is like taking a step back in time about 100 years.

The Victorian buildings of the central village are undeniably lovely and a treat for all visitors!With the Big Brome Fair held in the Fall, the Duck Festival, The Festival of lights in the winter and the popular Tour Des Arts it is almost impossible to keep up with the wide range of events in the area.

Beyond the special occasions, Knowlton is a town with a forward thinking and vibrant future. The recently completed Community Center is a testament to the spirit of the residents of the region and the number of active clubs and community groups in Knowlton, from sports to music to visual arts and seniors organizations, is an example of the close-knit spirit the town shares. Life in Knowlton is akin to an era where our grandparents could leave their doors unlocked, knew everyone in the town by name, and said hello to anyone they passed in the streets.

Monthly Calendar of Events in Knowlton
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The Big Brome Fair 2008
Well...you missed the Brome Fair 2007 but don't worry we have a full recap! A full collection
of photos and videos from the Brome Fair plus we want you to come back for next
See more about the Brome Fair Check out our photo collection from the Brome Fair or look back at the Brome Fair.

Brome Lake Duck Festival 2008
As the leaves turn there crimson mix of orange delights the duck festival again showcases
the world famous ducks that have made Brome Lake famous. There are sidewalk boutiques
and culinary demonstrations and competitions by world-class chefs who converge
on Knowlton for this prestigious event. Always a crowd-pleaser the Duck Festival
is one of the most popular events in the tourist season.

Brome Fair Feedback: Not All Grade "A"
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Are our children passing through the Gates of Haedes when they entr th midway?The Brome Fair is an event that for over 150 years has brought farmers, crafts-people, artisans, families and friends together to experience fellowship and celebrate the goodness of the bounty of Mother Nature. But this last Brome Fair has once again shown that the long-weekend gathering is also about participating in the "Three D's" : Drinkin', Druggin' & Dumb-Assedness!

Since the Fair directors have seen fit to sell beer on the grounds as well as adding gambling to the event it seems only natural to expect seedy elements to take over. Even this years musical acts David Usher and the Canadian Idol Contestant was a veering departure from good ole country fare like Wayne Ronstadt or Tommy Hunter which is music that has a real barnyard sensibilty!

One concerned parent sent a letter to DestinationKnowlton.com expressing her first-hand views of her visit to the 2008 fair. It is reprinted here:

The Darker Side of the Brome Fair

Dear DestinationKnowlton.com Editor:
As a concerned parent of three children I just want to vent my frustration about the darker side of the Brome Fair. Like everyone else, I love visiting the Fair, we adore the hype around fair time, and visit often while the fair is being set up and taken down. The sheer volume of hard work by countless volunteers is not unnoticed, and I always marvel at how smoothly & safely all events and attractions are run. And this year the organizers seemed to out-do themselves, the event was certainly spectacular.

The problem I have is two-fold, and both are about the drug culture that I have come to associate with the fair, the first concerning the "Carnies", the second the youth. Monday night my husband and I were re-counting all the stories we could recall of Carnie (the young people who assemble and run the rides) mayhem, and this year the list seemed to go on and on, even though we only visited the fair two times.

Carnies! Be afraid be very afraid?There was spending over 10 minutes on the swing ride with my daughter while our ride attendant shared a cigarette or two with his neighbor ride attendant. I was close to vomiting. Then there was the "Carnie" who passed out Monday afternoon during the Cyclone ride, and only other Carnies could awaken him, these riders were on that ride for 22 minutes, timed by the lady standing behind my husband. Someone complained to the Management, but little was done.

This same ride my husband noticed how the gears were stripped and a tool had to be jammed in the mechanism to stop the ride. Then there was the small roller coaster that was late being assembled, deemed "safe" by staff and then abruptly stopped 3 times that I alone noticed, while children were on it, presumably for repairs. The first time my husband saw it stopped, he noticed one of the Carnies was almost decapitated when trying to cross in front of the ride to do the necessary repairs.

The back of the Carnie T-Shirt this year read "Safety First". Joke!

My husband witnessed one Carnie on the floor of the bumper cars, trying to interfere with the riders and tapping people on the shoulder, between rides on the cars trying to touch the ceiling. Last year I recalled when one Carnie came out with a plate of brownies and others left their rides to indulge in this, likely hash-brownie treat. My feeling this year that pot use was being replaced with harder stuff like ecstasy or perhaps acid.

The parents in the line ups are the best witnesses to what is going on, and it wasn't uncommon this year to hear the chat about how stoned so and so was. Having said this, unless you are looking for it, all of what I'm writing about is very subtle, which may be why it goes largely unnoticed. What's troubling, in our safety cautious culture, is how even though some of us see this going on, we continue to let our kids ride the rides! Guilty as charged! My feeling is that we still hold to the safety notion, and much like kids ourselves, we still really enjoy a fun ride!

The even creepier part was what my husband witnessed mid-afternoon on Monday. Seems like Hell-Angel types showed up to collect some sort of loot, which lead us to suspect that perhaps the ride culture is really a cover-up to a much bigger drug culture, when money and drugs are freely consumed, traded, sold, exchanged openly, in front of cheery families.

Maybe she's just keeping her Red Bull cold?The other equally troubling scenario was what I called the youth pot room at the downtown Brome park beside the mail depot. Just hang out there if your 12-19 and get some pot, meet some friends and be cool under the watchful eye of no one. When youth are hooked on pot, their brains are less resistant to lethargy, deep loss of motivation, over-sleep, and lack of commitment to things of previous interest.

Pot in moderation, like alcohol probably has some place in our society, but when youth get hooked, the outcomes are far from harmless. Maybe they are getting their stash from the Carnies, who are buying from the Hells and so on? Maybe we need to ask where are the police and do we really know about the company that runs the midway rides? Let's hope it isn't only concerned parents who are onto this.

My intention is not to harm the reputation of this excellent country fair, only to highlight its darker side so we can continue to make it safer, year after year.

-A concerned parent.

Thank-you for taking the time to express your feelings. I'm sure other parents and visitors have also seen a darker side of the fair. Let's hope that the dirctors take notice of such issues and try and steer the fair to a true family-friendly place and not let the negative forces turn the Brome Fair in to something far removd from the good old days! Can't we get someone like Charles Ingalls involved?

We welcome comments an letters!

For Sale For Rent In Lac Brome
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Victorian Home in Quebec For RentKnowlton, the heart and soul of Brome Lake, has many golden opportunities for people who want to enjoy living in a quiet and historical part of Quebec. Here is an example of the large Victorian home that can be rented or purchased in this lovely community that is currently available in Brome Lake. This is available immediately and the real-estate listing is absolutely charming and inviting.

"Our family home {1926} offers you the opportunity to enjoy spacious grounds and mature trees as well as an inground concrete swimming pool. There are 4 bedrooms and a study and 3 bathrooms upstairs, two of which are off the bedrooms. Downstairs there is a powder room, a formal dining room and a livingroom free of tv., dvd or internet!

A wrap around veranda and screened in porch provide even more living area. The house is fully furnished with dishes and linens but does not have a dishwasher. If you would like the location and to view our home, click here."

An inground swimming pool is included And, since we are bilingual and proud of it here in Knowlton:

"Notre maison familiale (1926) vous offre l’opportunité de profiter d’un grand terrain avec des arbres matures et une piscine creusée. Au 2e étage, il y a 4 chambres a coucher, un bureau, et 3 salles de bains, dont deux sont dans les chambres. Il y a une salle de toilette au rez-de-chaussée, une cuisine, une salle a manger ainsi qu’un salon sans téléviseur (pas de lecteur dvd ni internet!)

La véranda grillagée offre de l’espace habitable supplémentaire. La maison est complètement meublée, incluant vaisselle et literie, mais il n’y a pas de lave vaisselle. Pour connaître l’emplacement ou pour une visite, cliquez ici"

Homes for Rent and Property for Sale in Knowlton, Lac Brome

For rent Lac Brome
There are so many reasons to visit Lac Brome, Knowlton, Quebec and twice as many reasons to live here! Centrally located near shopping and recreation without being cluttered with the modern commercial jungle Knowlton, Lac Brome offers some property and rental prospects that are un-matched in the province!

Where else could you find a "for rent" or "for sale" offering that read like a scene from a Victorian novel, such as:

"Our lovely one-level home in Knowlton is again available for rental between the end of October and the end of May (6 to 7 months rental with an option for more). It is located on a short quiet street near the Brome lake and the marina. A tiny neighborhood, where friendly local residents live all year round. It is luxury living for one couple, although a second bedroom offers room for the occasional visitor or another person. Large open living areas with englassed patio doors give the impression of living outdoors. The large confortable bedroom offers his and hers dressing areas and an office area with all conveniences. Our previous tenants are all available to tell you how living in our home not just satisfied them, but how it was instrumental for them to become themselves permanent Knowlton residents and/or home owners. Ideal for Montreal working people, who seek a getaway and weekend retreat from the bustling city. And ideal for business people who will be stationed in the Eastern Townships for the rental period. Rent includes care taker services, snow clearing, Bell Express Vu or Videotron Cable and Internet services, all furnishings and facilities. $800.- monthly, minimum 6 months, maximum 7. "

Now doesn't that sound like a dream? Living in Knowlton can be like a long fuzzy dream where time stands still and the residents seem to exist in a separate era, a time-warp almost, where progress is almost un-welcome and the quiet times are "en vigeur" with only the occasional truck or motorbike passing through the quaint village.

Unlike many cities or large towns, Knowlton and Lac Brome, Quebec, do not exhibt the classic signs of becoming a flourishing and multi-cultural melting pot where cultures and beliefs blend and evolve while creating a commercial atmosphere of thriving business and artistic community.

Instead, according to some residents, Brome Lake is remaining more like the historical two-tiered society of Canada which once divided into the elite and the working class. Of course the growth of Lac Brome has been important in bringing change and new values consistant with modernization and progress yet the local political thrust and the"Silent Majority" have ensured that Lac Brome remains true to a certain vision which keep Knowlton and Lac Brome as a unique place in Quebec.

Homes for Rent and Property for Sale in Knowlton, Lac Brome

Small property for sale in Knowlton Lac Brome Quebec. A property in Lac Brome in central Knowlton has been put on the market and it is an ideal occasion for someone interested in living in Knowlton to have a great view and a dream house all together at an affordable price!

Many people want to live in The Eastern Townships and while Knowlton is officially recognized as one of "The Most Beautiful Villages" in Quebec it has often been a place that was only affordable to millionaires as the prices of housing was higher than almost anywhere in Quebec.

For more photos and information on this property for sale in Lac Brome visit this webpage.

Many properties for sale are large sprawling estates which may be enjoyable if you can afford a stable of workers to cut the grass, tend to the ponds, and clean the 5,000 square foot house. This sort of homeownership isn't possible for everyone.

For the rest of us, and with this property for sale in Lac Brome, there is a realistic chance to live in this incredible small town and be within walking distance of all local services! This cute, treed property overlooking a lush valley filled with birds and deer, is one of the last empty lots right in Knowlton that someone can build the house of their dreams without buying an old Victorian fixer-upper! Build an energy efficient and modern house and be the envy of everyone who is forced to paint their old wooden house that was built in 1800 every year!

Highland is a small cul-du-sac in Lac Brome within walking distance to the Community Center and Health Care Services as well as the IGA, Schools and Day Care making this location perfect for a small family, first time home-owner or a retired couple looking to live in a reasonable and manageable fashion.

Build the house of your dreams in KnowltonCentrally located property in Knowlton, Quebec. Centrally located on a quiet street close to all facilities this 11,280 square foot lot has a view of the sloping, treed mountains. This parcel of land is ready for your new house. The initial landscaping has been done meaning retaining walls, fill and grass has been seeded. The land is provided with water and sewer services by the town of Lac Brome. Great views at the rear of the property.

Very quiet residential street is walking distance to shopping and the new community center. Build your dreamhouse in the center of the village and enjoy quiet country living in the safety of a wonderful neighbourhood. The lot is 80 feet wide by 141 feet deep and has several trees on the property and a view of the hills that is awesome.

Build the house of your dreams in a great place on a cozy lot with a great view and wonderful neighbours!

For more photos and information on this property for sale in Lac Brome visit this webpage.

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