A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

Don Davison Book Launch In Knowlton
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Donald Davison...Raise The Flag!There is a vernisage that you won’t want to miss...if you liked the show "Chickasaw" last year, you’ll love the book it was based upon!

Local author Donald Davison is finally releasing his book after much work, revision, blood, sweat and tears! Visit Don's Official Book Website...it's really wonderful!

Shoreline Press presents: “Raise the Flag & Sound the Cannon”
By Don Davison

The book is an historical novel of the Civil War as it happened one peaceful day in St. Albans Vermont when some Confederate rebel soldiers came down from Montreal to raid the banks and steal over $200,000.

How about a small excerpt from Don's Book “Raise the Flag & Sound the Cannon” which comes from his own website (my...such a fantastic website indeed) which delves further in to the historical drama which is one of the delectable gems of the stories from the Eastern Townships!

Let's take a listen: "Jake Thompson was the oldest of the three. His beard was short and curly. His face was a little heavy and looked more like a bulldog on the prowl. His red face looked like he was about to scream all the time. His eyes were as black as coal with a demeanor that was quite enigmatic. He didn’t laugh easily and one did not argue with Jake without feeling the fear of the almighty breathing down your back.

Clement C. Clay was taller and slighter than Thompson. He had a full beard and looked older than Jake. With a very straight back, he fit well into his southern genteel clothing, giving him the look of the perfect southern gentleman. The way Jake pulled out his gold watch chain and the manor, in which he touched his nose with his silk hanky, made him a man of obvious culture.

The third man, George Sander of Virginia, was much younger than his two seniors. He was shorter and thinner than Clay. While clean-shaven he was always grooming his small mustache. George was a dapper man by northern standards. Fortunately he laughed easily. Mr. Sanders reported to both Thompson and Clay."

Brrrrrr....doesn't that just stand the hairs on end!!

Don Davison - AuthorDon worked tirelessly on the stage production of Chickasaw which was a wild, musical rendition of his literary work mixed with talents of his friends: the local scamps, writers, creatives, musicians and trouble-makers that reside amongst the trees in the Townships who find great pleasure in turning fiction into stage renditions! BRAVO! See More of the group in action!

Surely this is a great chance to come and meet the author, Don Davison, in his environment...surrounded by shelves of books, sitting behind a sturdy wooden table in a library chair...perhaps with a brown paper bag perched nearby filled with something that only a Jazz musician would dare contemplate!

For those of you who have been hiding under a moss covered stone for the last year Don is one of Knowlton's well-known characters who is not only a gifted writer but also a pillar of the community!! He has been known to offer his support to artists, thespians, nature lovers as well as having been spotted encouraging folks on the treadmills at the local gym! He has been involved in productions at Theatre Knowlton and his workings with such scallywags as Graham Hardman who is notorious and greatly appreciated by local rascals, for such joint-efforts as Chickasaw.ca!

The vernisage, launch of Mr. Donaldson's book is being held at Galerie Knowlton
across from the Auberge de Knowlton
At the corner of 104 and Echo Rd.
5.00 – 8.00 p.m.
Friday night, Oct. 24th

If you can don’t miss Eden Muir’s Atelier
The next day, Saturday, Oct. 25, 2 – 4 pm.
His exhibition of Frelighsburg history through old photographs
is well worth the trip.
We’ll be having a vernissage there too!

CBC's Bill Richardson in Knowlton
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Bill Richardson known by many as a CBC favorite will present his new book and host a dinner in Knowlton Brome Lake Books is very pleased to be hosting a literary Lunch with the one and only Bill Richardson on Sunday November 9th, 12 p.m. at Le Relais Restaurant/Auberge Knowlton, 286 Knowlton Road, Knowlton. Bill Richardson will be speaking and signing his new book "Old Father Williams Well-Ordered Universe".

Bill Richardson well known Canadian columnist, writer, humorist and CBC Radio personality is the winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and author of more than a dozen books has done it again with a hysterically funny collection of ramblings and wisdom's. Known for his quick wit and charm Mr. Richardson is crisscrossing the country on his book tour and we are lucky enough to be one of the few stops he is making in Quebec. Certainly and event not to be missed and a great opportunity to stock up on an original gift for the holiday's.

Bill Richardson is a Canadian radio broadcaster and author. Richardson was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1955 and received his B.A. from the University of Winnipeg in 1976. After spending a year in Montpellier, he moved to Vancouver, where he completed a Master of Library Science at the University of British Columbia.

Richardson has been a broadcaster on CBC Radio One, beginning in 1992 as a regular contributor and guest host on Vicki Gabereau's show. When Gabereau left to host a television show on CTV, Richardson moved over to CBC Radio Two to host As You Like It, a classical music request show. In 1997 he returned to CBC Radio One to become host of Richardson's Roundup.

Bill Richardson CBC personality and author visits Quebec.He began hosting a new show, Bunny Watson, in 2004, and was replaced as host of The Roundup by Tetsuro Shigematsu. During the CBC staff lockout of 2005, he noted in the CBC Unplugged staff podcast that he has spent his entire time as a CBC host on contract, rather than as a permanent employee. CBC's labour troubles resulted in his return to the air via reruns of The Roundup.

Richardson's book Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast won the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour in 1994. He has moderated CBC's Canada Reads since 2003. He is also a frequent guest host on Sounds Like Canada, as well as the current host of Saturday Afternoon at the Opera.

For those of you who are thinking of attending but need to see the menu before committing to a ticket:

The menu - Soup of the Day, homemade vegetable quiche with salad, dessert, coffee.
(Ed. Note" Is this menu is based upon the cafeteria food served at CBC Headquarters when the stars of Little Mosque on The Prairie come to Toronto?)

Tickets for the event will be $15.00 (meal, taxes and service included)and are available at:

Brome Lake Books 264 Knowlton Road, Knowlton, Quebec
Tel: 450-242-2242 - Fax [email protected]
E-mail: bromelakebooks.ca


Le Relais Restaurant/Bistro, 286 Knowlton Road, Knowlton, Quebec
Tel: 450-242-2232 - Fax: 450-242-1055
E-Mail: [email protected]

Painters of the Eastern Townships
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Arts Sutton Gallery is pleased to present, for the second year in a row, a series of lectures given by well-known figures in the cultural community. The second lecture in this series is The Painters and Landscape of the Eastern Townships and will be held on October 25 at 2:00 p.m.

Presented as part of the exhibition Spotlight on the Eastern Townships, which showcases the work of eleven Township artists, the lecture offers an overview of the development of landscape painting in the Eastern Townships.

Building on a shared heritage of images, painted landscapes are constructed and transformed through the vision of each artist who creates them. In the 19th century, the realistic drawings of surveyor Joseph Bouchette, the picturesque engravings of William Bartlett, the romantic canvases of Cornelius Krieghoff, and the luminous scenes of Allan Edson and John Fraser helped depict a harmonious relationship between human enterprise and the natural world.

The 20th century brought with it development of the land, expansion of towns and villages and the transformation of the natural world, but artists, including Mary Catharine Gill, Jean-Paul Lemieux, Goodridge Roberts and John Lyman continued to represent the land and their emotional response to it, conveying a sense of beauty, grandeur and belonging. Basing her lecture on the interpretations of these artists, art historian Monique Nadeau-Saumier will explain how landscape painting developed in our region.

Monique-Nadeau-photo-Imacom,-Martin-Blache-Courtesy Photo of Monique-Nadeau courtesy of Imacom by Martin Blache. Photo supplied by Sutton Gallery.

Monique Nadeau-Saumier has a master’s in Canadian art history from Concordia University, a master’s in museology from the Université de Montréal and a doctorate in art history from UQÀM. She has taught art history and the art and architecture of Canada, the decorative arts and museology at Bishop’s University for 15 years, and has been administrative director of the Eastern Townships Research Centre, also at Bishop’s University. She is very involved with museums and has worked with a number of them in the Townships, including the Colby-Curtis Museum in Stanstead, where she was director and curator from 1999 to 2003.

The lecture will be offered in French. Tickets are on sale at the Gallery and the cost is $12.50 for member and $15 for non-members. The Gallery is located at 7 Academy St. in Sutton and is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you at the lecture. It offers surprising discoveries about the work by the artists from this region.

Source : Arts Sutton Gallery
For information : Catherine Audet, Gallery Coordinator
(450) 538-2563 info @artssutton.com

Quoi de Neuf 2009- What's New in Knowlton!
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Lovely art will be available. This piece by Barbara Salo is a wonderful example of the special arts and crafts on display!The Quoi de Neuf? Astisan Show and Sale presents its fifteenth annual exhibition and sale this October 17th and 18th at the beautiful Club de Golf Knowlton. The organizers, in trying to keep a very personal and intimate feeling to the show, have the artisans displays set up so that visitors can meander throughout several rooms in this wonderful Eastern Townships setting. The cozy boutique style set up offers customers a chance to chat personally with the artisans. Custom orders for really personalized gifts or items for ones home can be discussed with the artisans, which makes this an exceptional shopping experience. The artisans give so much of themselves, hours of personal creativity are put into their products, and reflected in the items themselves.

Judy Mullins says the organizing committee is always trying to keep the quality while creating an interesting mix, and adding new elements to the offering each year. This year some of the new artisans will be Barbara Sala, with her whimsical, naïf art cards and children’s books. Another new artisan, Kazuyo Kamada brings wonderful Japanese pottery pieces that sooth the soul just to look at or touch. A local labour of love will be added to the mix with the Domaine Bressee wines from Sutton Junction. Andre Ouellet is an incredibly fine leather artisan who will offer beautiful bags, and leather accessories. Other fine accessories, new to the mix are Caroline Lanctot-Benoit’s beautiful jewellery, and incredible colourful hand painted silk scarves by Colette Groulx. For parents to be or grand parents…what more wonderful gift than a beautifully shaped rocking chair, by wood furniture artisan Brian Penning, or the special wooden toys and furniture produced by Francois Boisvert of St- Catherine de Hatley. For special little girls in your life you must see Monique Lemieux’s incredible line of dolls and doll clothing…nothing from the box stores here!

Of course, those of you who have been to the show before, will be happy to welcome back our returning artisans offering: handmade soaps, and bathsalts, chocolates, fudge, jams, and pickles, honey and beeswax, or for your home; beautiful rustic birdhouses and mirrors from Bonnie and Pete of ‘Cloud Hidden”, stained glass, pressed flower creations, braided rugs, handcarved mirrors, and sculpted figurines by Sylvie Therrien, ceramics, blown flamed glass, cushions and throws by Denis Meunier, and rustic folk carving by Doug Purdy. Acccessories will see Susan Hill back with her very colourful beaded jewellery, beautiful and cozy angora items, funky purses, and bags, recycled silver jewellery by Roger and Marilyn of Spoon Art, and Elianne Saucier’s whimsical felted hats. When thinking of your gift list….what more generous feeling could one have than seeing a child’s eyes on Christmas morning, when first viewing an incredible one of a kind Saint Nicholas crafted by Judy Mullins, or an intricately detailed and true to period doll house, painstakingly created by Claire Globensky!

You could happily win one of the prizes donated by the generous artisans to the raffle; the proceeds of which are donated to the Brome Lake food Bank.

2009 :The artisans, and Quoi de Neuf? Organizing committee invite you to join them for this wonderful experience: Quoi de Neuf? Artisan Show and Sale October 17th and 18th
Saturday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m Club de Golf Knowlton, 264 Lakeside road Knowlton, Lac Brome, Quebec

Contact: Debbie Hornig 450-243-0890, email: [email protected]

The Autumn Colors in Brome highlight the lovely antique farm machine sitting in a field.The location is a wonderful reminder of yesteryear, as are many of the skills shown, and crafts displayed. It is obvious on entering, that this is no ordinary shopping experience; no box store here, no mass merchandised items of dubious quality in sight; but a return to handcrafted quality workmanship.

Many old style skills are on display: folk art furniture, willow basketry, dried flowers, braided rugs, Victorian Santas, homemade soaps, bath salts, herbal mixes, tisanes, stained glass, woven fabrics, unique children’s clothing, specialty doggie treats, and items, woodcarvings, dollhouses, and blown/flamed glass, hand died hooked rugs, rustic folk-art dolls, cushions, wall hangings, rustic birdhouses, ceramics, turned wood items, and beautifully crafted local angora knits, woven ponchos, and crafted accessory bags. Many of these artisans have put their own modern interpretation to these crafts, resulting in the “one of a kind” type of offering this show is known for. Food items, most from locally grown produce are also available; cider products, flavouring salts, honey, fudge rose based food and beauty items, wonderful chutneys and brandied fruits, and more….

From 2008: Special to the show this year are invited guests; Samuel Pépin-Guay and Etienne Guay from the well-known Saint-Jean-Port-Joli area. This brother team working in recycled industrial wood and metal materials are putting a whole new spin on traditional crafts while caring for the environment, and producing truly beautiful pieces.

Each year the artisans contribute examples of their crafts towards a raffle supporting the Brome Lake Food Bank. The Quoi de Neuf? Artisan Show and Sale is truly a wonderful shopping experience. A place to get unique gifts, unusual items for home, customized pieces, one on one consultations with the artists, Christmas goodies, or just to experience the wondrous creativity in a beautiful country setting.

Directions: (exit 90 off the #10 autoroute, and take 243 south, or 20 minutes from the Richford Vermont, Border, via 139 north )


When: Saturday the 17th of October 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday the 18th of October 9 am – 4 pm

Where: Club de Golf Knowlton
264 Lakeside Road, Knowlton, Ville de Lac Brome

Meet The Candidates - Election 2008
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Stephen HarperHere we go again! Another Federal election and here in Brome Missisquoi we have another chance to stand up and be counted. You've read the newspapers and watched the debates as the leaders swarmed and mugged the Prime Minister and now it's time to make up your own mind. Will Brome Missisquoi go for the dark blue or the pale blue? Will it be the red or the green? Just like Autumn, we have a full pallette of colors to choose from!

On Friday October 3rd, 2008 the Chamber of Commerce of Brome Lake invites the residents of Brome Lake and the surrounding region to meet all six election candidates at the Lakeview Inn, situated at 50 Victoria St., at 7:15 pm.

There will be no debate but rather a “7 minutes open-mike” for each candidate followed by a question period, in a bilingual setting. Mr. Michel Green, lawyer, will be the moderator of the evening.

Be present to be sure to make an informed decision on Election Day about who can best represent you! Don't be lazy! Come out on Friday October 3rd, 2008 meet all six election candidates at the Lakeview Inn, situated at 50 Victoria St. in Knowlton (Brome Lake), at 7:15 pm.

Our Candidates
Christelle Bogosta - New Democratic Party
Pierre Brassard - Green Party of Canada
David Marler - Independent
Christian Ouellet - Bloc Québécois
Denis Paradis - Liberal Party of Canada
Mark Quinlan - Conservative Party of Canada

Brome Missisquoi Riding at a Glance

2006 population - 92591
Population change, 2001 to 2006 - 5.0%
Population aged 18 and over - 74405 (80.0%)
Immigrants as a percentage of total population - 5.0%
Visible minority as a percentage of total population - 1.0%

Median age - 45.0
Median household income - $44,489

Language (mother tongue)
English - 16.0%
French - 81.0%
Other languages - 3.0%

After all that's happened in the last few years in Canada and Quebec how could anyone contemplate not voting for the guy holding a kitten!! Good luck Mr. Harper; may the best kitty-loving Canadian sweetheart win by a dark-blue landslide!

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