A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

Midnight Madness & Knowlton Christmas
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The Madness! The spirit and friendship of Christmas was flowing freely in Brome Lake as Midnight Madness hit Knowlton again!While Knowlton is usually a quiet, peaceful little bundle of joy after five o'clock in the afternoon when it comes to Christmas there is one special night when the streets are alive with music, people and shoppers who crowd the village to take advantage of what is called Midnight Madness where local stores and restaurants are open until the wee hours of the morning to allow locals to come out and shop and meet friends and neighbours downtown. (photo courtesy of Brome Lake Books)

With the twinkling of the lovely lights of the Knowlton Festival of Lights going on and the chance to grab a glimpse of the most beautiful Christmas Tree in Brome Lake that rivals Rockefeller Plaza, Midnight Madness is becoming another one of many anticipated events in Knowlton!

With the support and encouragement of the local Chamber of Commerce of Brome Lake and the many merchants and businesses who want to come together to enhance the Knowlton Experience to the maximum, once again, Knowlton, the heart of la Ville de Lac Brome, was witness to another session of late night carrying-on!

On Saturday, December 13th, the Brome Lake Midnight Madness took place where many shops and restaurants stay open until midnight. People flocked in to the village to discover the specials during this crazy night of shopping in the village of Knowlton! Music was in the streets, bonfires were blazing, sleigh rides and entertainment with the Santa's Elves was be offered between 4 to 9 pm. It was all you could dream of for a perfect 100% Christmas atmosphere!

Knowlton Stores & their donated prizes and the winners!
Holiday treats in the windows and on the counters during Midnight Madness!Naturally, given the small population of our little piece of paradise in Quebec no-one is expecting Knowlton Road to look like Saint-Catherine street in Montreal...that's not we're all about! We like our quiet times but even my gramma occasionally liked to nip into the Sherry bottle and break out the harmonica once and a while! Heck, Midnight Madness is a special time to stay up late and go from store to store almost like a Hallow e'en for us grownups!

More than just shopping...the merchants and galleries of Knowlton create an experience for visitors, providing goodies and treats to keep warm as well as low prices and special products that are not available in your big ole' box stores down the road in Cowansville!

Station Knowlton – Collection of Putumayo CDs Rryan Gautier
Le Shack – A Funky Necklace and an Elle Lunch Bag Colette Ferland
Jouets du Village – Susan Brabeau Puzzle Meagan Patch
England Hill – Weave of Life Dish Maureen Foster
La Vie Sucrée – Nut Cracker Music Box Scarlett Forester
Woolrich – Soft Faux Fur Blanket Cindy Perkins
Jones New York – Black Pashmina Scarf Carolyn Smart
Clémentine – Christmas Apron Matthew Woodard Page
Camlen – Antique Wooden Basket Mike Allnut
Bromewood – Seashell Wreath with Candel Gail Howell
Galerie Knowlton – Lampe Berger Scent Lamp Gabrielle Pharand R.
Ma Bille – 20$ Gift Certificate Liette Compagna
Sandila – 25$ Gift Certificate John Dingman
Brome Lake Books – 25$ Gift Certificate Shelly Whitford
À La Carte – 25$ Gift Certificate Eva Dobbin
Panier Champêtre – 25$ Gift Certificate Gabrielle St. Pierre

Carpe Diem – Screen Print Micheline Vandry
Star Café – Two 10$ Gift Certificates Michelle Messier
Le Relais – 50$ Gift Certificate Myrna Joneas
Le Café Floral – Lunch for Two Gift Certificate Aline Carel
Café Inn – 25$ Gift Certificate Winnie Sherrer

Who knows? With the annual growth of this late night midnight party maybe there is a chance to do a summertime version so guests can enjoy the madness in their golf-pants and crocheted shawls instead of Kanuks and Mukluks!

Congrats to everyone involved and thanks to all the visitors who made it a success!

New life for Windows in Knowlton
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Decoratewd windows at the old Tradition building in KnowltonAn initiative of the Fondation Rues Principales gives great results. For several months now, we have talked about decorating the empty store windows.

Last summer, posters were put up announcing the Bel Canto, the Historical Circuit and the 2008 Duck Festival. Now for the holiday season, winter scenes are up!

A committee was formed, organized its first meeting, and decided: a call would be made to the artists of the village and surrounding areas.

Marie-Andrée Leblond, a well known painter in the region and represented by The Knowlton Gallery, was the first to accept and run.

After three full days of work, you can now see the extent of her work in the windows of the former Tradition grocery store on the way into Knowlton.

What a show! But beware: another surprise on the part of Marie-Andrée awaits you in a few days ...

Gordon Ladd and John V. Fowles will be the next artists who will exhibit their works in various windows on Knowlton road and Lakeside.

With the Knowlton Festival of Lights, decorating the windows give an air of holiday spirit to the village. Celebrate Christmas in our countryside, our way.

If it were not for the volunteers who have hung thousands of lights throughout the village of Knowlton, in the rain and cold, not to mention the generous assistance of city employees and close collaboration of Fondation Rues Principales and the Chamber of Commerce, none of this would have been possible.

For all this generosity, we say thank you on behalf of all !

Knowlton Tree rivals Rockefeller Plaza
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The Giant Knowlton Christmas Tree by the Marina rivals the Tree at Rockaffer Plaza in New York!New York may have the dropping of the ball in Times Square with a huge Christmas tree in Rockefeller Square but Knowlton, Lac Brome, has a tree that rivals the best of the spirit as The Knowlton Marina has created one of the most amazing Christmas trees on the shores of Brome Lake that has ever been witnessed by man or Chrismas Angel!

The traffic down Benoit Street heading towards the popular Marina has been increasing as word of the huge decorated tree spreads. The lovely tree is at the Knowlton Marina which also features year-round cabin rentals and lake access. During the winter the skiers can embark on the cross-country trails from the Marina and of course the summer in Knowlton wouldn't be the same without a trip to the outdoor terrasse to watch the boats and ducks on Brome Lake.

Anyone who lives within 500 miles of Brome Lake already knows that Gerry Moar is a pillar of the community who creates popular holiday themes at the marina including the popular Hallowe'en displays that are rated number one in the district. Beyond the thematic creations that Gerry and his family and staff create, he is a real booster in our community, offering many spare hours and offering freely of his time to become involved in the events in Knowlton like the Festival of Lights, the Winter Festival, the Fireworks Festival...the list is long!

Regarding the incredible towering Christmas tree in Knowlton, Gerry and his "Elves" wrote to us with the spirit that is proof-positive of their commitment to the Brome Lake region:

We wish to share a shining Holiday event with everyone. Knowlton's version of the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree! Our 55 foot fir tree is decorated with 2,200 sparkling LED lights, which consume the equivalent of only two 80 watt bulbs. Tucked under the boughs are a 7 foot illuminated candy cane, the biggest present ever, and a cozy bench for taking photos with family and friends.

The tree is aglow each day at dusk until 10 PM, as of now throughout the Holidays. We invite everyone to take a stroll down to 82 Benoit street, Knowlton and share the Holiday cheer with those you love. (Don't forget the camera!) This fun event is given in Holiday spirit by the Greer and Moar families of Benoit street, Knowlton. Special thanks to Art Page and Robert St. Pierre for their creative work hanging the lights.

Happy Holidays and Peace to all! Gerry and Sue Moar Matthew and Tara Greer

Marché De Noël D'Arts Sutton
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The Arts Sutton Christmas Market will be back, to the delight of everyone who loves beautiful objects created by local member artists.

This annual get together is for anyone looking for that special, original and exclusive gift for the holidays. And this year the Market will be showing works by 45artists and craftspeople. Some exhibitors will be well known to art lovers in the area, while others are joining the Market for the first time.

Come see the wonderful works on display! You have a vast array to choose from: ceramics, jewellery, paintings, textile art, drawings, wooden puzzles, photographs, watercolours, pastels, engravings, ink and paper and mixed media! All of the works are small in size and prices range from $50 to $200.

We have a new idea this year: visitors will be able to vote for their favourite artist. The name of the artist who wins the “2008 Christmas Market People’s Choice Award” will be posted on the Arts Sutton website in January 2009. Also, everyone who votes will be eligible to win a prize draw. The winner will receive a gift certificate worth $100 that can be used at the “Arts Sutton Christmas Market 2009.”
The opening reception – open to the public – will be on Saturday, November 29 at 2:00 p.m. Be the first to find that special gift from among the 145 artworks being offered!

To make it easier for you to drop by, the Gallery will have extended hours for this show, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day starting on December 4 and continuing to December 23.
The Gallery is located at 7 Academy St. in Sutton.

Until December - 23: open every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Source : Arts Sutton Gallery
For information : Catherine Audet, Gallery Coordinator
(450) 538-2563 | info @artssutton.com | www.artssutton.com

Un lieu conceptuel unique en Estrie
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Un lieu conceptuel unique en Estrie depuis 2004!

Chers clients,
À l’aube de cette nouvelle année, nous voulons vous souhaiter de belles fêtes, emplies d’Amour et de Lumière.

Suite à des remarques régulières quant à la lisibilité de notre commerce, et à la confusion des deux noms Etchea & Agur sur notre enseigne, nous avons décidé (en plus de la création de la terrasse), de fondre les deux sous le seul nom d’AGUR.

- Le service Traiteur est toujours en activité

- Le service de Restauration est ouvert (midi & soir) du jeudi matin au dimanche soir.(les autres jours sur réservation,pour les groupes de 6 personnes et plus)

- Les soirées évènementielles artistiques sont annoncées régulièrement.

- Soirée Tapas tous les 1er vendredi du mois :

NOUVEAU SERVICE : Livraison de repas chauds à domicile sur une base hebdomadaire, pour Personnes âgées. Repas santé équilibrés – régimes spéciaux respectés (soupe ou entrée – plat principal- dessert)

Vous pouvez visionner le nouveau Menu Traiteur, le Menu Tapas, ainsi que le menu de chaque semaine, et ceux à venir sur notre site.

En espérant vous revoir bientôt,très cordialement,

maddia esquerre
brigitte de souza

Traiteur Etchea in Knowlton offers a variety of delicious dishes.Traiteur Etchea offers quite a unique space in the heart of the Lac Brome and a visit means more than satisfying a hunger for quality; it is an invitation to travel through the tastes & colors of the world! Chef Maddia Esquerre creates dishes strongly influenced from the menus of the South-East of France and features duck creations, delectable frozen preserves and all manner of meals for small take-out treats or complete catered occasions.

Brome-Mississquoi Election 2008 Results
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Mario Dumont got the better of Jean Charest in this good old fashioned Hockey Fight of an election!!Brome-Missisquoi Liberal Candidate Pierre Paradis was re-elected again in the Quebec elections and the Liberal party was in a cocky mood after they sacked Mario Dumont and the ADQ were sent packing in a complete swing from the last election in 2007.

As un-believable as it may seem the Liberal Party, led by Jean Charest, have convinced a slim majority of Quebec voters to support them during the 2008 Quebec Election. Brome-Mississquoi riding has again decided to support the Liberal Party despite the confusion at the Federal Level, historical damning policies and scandals and the ambiguous direction at the Provincial level.

While certain analysts have blamed the record low voter-turnout on the frigid weather which kept many voters strapped to their Sofas, other's said that the recent splurge of elections have numbed the Quebec voter to the point of psychosis.

No matter the reason, the ADQ, who only 20 months ago during the last Quebec election exploded on the scene and came in with a solid showing in many new districts, suddenly found themselves in third place as the big blue wave receded and carried them away deep out to sea. For more analysis visit the Wikipedia page on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/39th_Quebec_general_election.

One disturbing fact was the record low turnout. Goodness more people watched the finale of So You Think You Can Dance in Quebec than there were people who went out to vote!

In Brome-Missisquoi the results were:

Pierre Paradis - Liberal Party - 14,926 votes
Richard Leclerc - Parti Quebecois - 8,280 votes
Mario Charpentier - ADQ (Action Democrate) - 5,127 votes
Louise Martinueau - Parti Vert - 1,006 votes
Diane Cormier - Quebec Solidaire - 884 votes
Jacques-Antoine Normandin Independant - 171 votes

The love for the Liberals seemed to be inbred in many regions of Quebec despite what happens in the economic and day-to-day reality and many people in Quebec are shaking their heads wondering what is happening! Between the chaos of the Coalition Government of the NDP, Bloc and Liberals in Ottawa at the federal level and the political dog and pony shows of the recent months, including these elections in Quebec, there are many who feel that the Liberals seem to be totally disconnected from the actual crisis of the common-man in Canada and this province.

Merry Christmas.

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