A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

Celebrating a Hollywood Hero from Knowlton
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George Richardson - Art Director and Beyond! A Knowlton Superstar!The year was 1945, and 14-year-old George Richardson got wind of a potential job opening for a messenger – more commonly known in the business as a gofer - at the film studio of Associated British Pictures in his native London.

“My father wanted me to work at a factory,” recalled Richardson during a recent conversation in the Knowlton home where he and his wife Julia have resided for the last four years. “But I decided to play hooky from school and I went to see the studio manager and got the job. I was this blue-eyed, fair-haired boy, and with the salary – and the tips - I think I was soon making more than my dad.”

Article written & photo of Mr. Richardson by Terry Scott and appearing courtesy of The Township Outlet (Linking the Townships English Speaking Community)

More importantly for the younger Richardson, he was being immersed in every facet of the operation, particularly in devising and building movie sets. This was right up Richardson’s alley, because from a young age he always had a passion for drawing, carpentry, plastering, sculpting, and the art of creating settings that lend authenticity to the world of fantasy and optical illusion.

He eventually joined the studio’s art department, and for more than a decade – interrupted by three years of service in the Royal Air Force – he architecturally transformed vision and concept into cinema vérité, relying on an inquiring, steel-trap mind, a devotion to detail and an ability to find solutions to any problem.

During more than a half-century in the film industry, Richardson traveled to six continents and hundreds of countries, either scouting the terrain for an appropriate filming site, building models and settings on the chosen site and adeptly dealing with the logistical elements of getting a film to the screen.

Lawrence of ArabiaAlong the way, he served as art director or art department collaborator on such notable movies as Lawrence of Arabia – the Oscar winner in 1962 - Moby Dick, The Dam Busters, A Touch of Class, with Glenda Jackson, The Mackintosh Man, directed by John Huston and starring Paul Newman, The Great Gatsby and Havana, with Robert Redford, The Man Who Would Be King, Genghis Khan, Cry Freedom, with Sir Richard Attenborough. One of his last major film credits was as supervising art director for Seven Years in Tibet, with Brad Pitt.

“Pablo Picasso (borrowing from a quote generally attributed to Romanian sculptor and carpenter Constantin Brancusi) said, ‘When we are no longer children, we are already dead,’ noted Richardson. “I’ve been really lucky in that I had the opportunity to work all those years at a job that I enjoyed and one that always made me feel like a kid.”

Each movie set that Richardson worked on added to his solid reputation in the industry. He had just finished collaborating on the 1959 film The World of Suzie Wong – Richardson erected a mountainside home on the set in the space of one month – when John Box, the movie’s art director and trusted production designer for gifted director David Lean, asked George: “How do you feel about going into the desert for three months?”

“That three months became a year,” Richardson recalled of the crew’s stay on the Lawrence of Arabia set, 200 miles from nowhere in the middle of the desert. One of George’s major contributions to the award-winning film was providing a complete storyboarding, as per the original bulky script in a mere two-and-a-half days. “After seeing what I had done with the storyboarding, David Lean said, ‘George, what you did was incredible. “It will show (producer) Sam Spiegel how difficult this is going to be unless we pare down the script.’” It was all part of the job for Richardson, who used his artistic talents in so many ways: building a water-tank model that became one of the props for the flood scene in The Dam Busters, and conducting a location-scouting mission for Sydney Pollack, after the famed director balked at the exorbitant cost of filming “Havana” in Cuba. Not only did Richardson find a double for Havana just outside Santo Domingo, he built a stunning model recreation of downtown Havana on an Air Force base there.

Have Gun Will Travel

Have Gun Will Travel - Knowlton resident George Richardson appeared in the 1958 season! Bravo!Mr. George Richardson did more than just provide art direction on some of the most famous films of all time but he also appeared in 1958 as an actor in the series "Have Gun Will Travel" in the episode where he plays the "Chief's Son" in the 1958 episode "The Lady".

The history of such people in Knowlton is a testament to the creative powers and worldwide experiences that our residents have shared. How proud we are to know that such residents live here in Knowlton!

Buy the DVD "Have Gun Will Travel" and own a small piece of a Knowlton Hero!

Bravo George Richardson!

Richardson has been retired for several years but remains extremely active. He has lost neither his artistic flair, nor the baby blue in his eyes. He continues to turn out paintings with remarkable detail. And he and Julia recently combined their talents to build a fireplace in their home. “What I do miss are the people you meet in the film industry… whether they are actors, directors, the crews you are working with,” said Richardson. “Because when you are working with a team you realize they are so good at what they do.”

He counts a lot of actors as his friends, although he had a cardinal rule of never talking to an actor on the set “unless the actor spoke to me. And I never asked for an autograph in my life.” The friendships he forged were largely because the actors appreciated and respected the work Richardson was doing. One day, on the set of Seven Years in Tibet, Brad Pitt introduced himself and said, “George, things have really changed for the better on this set since you got here.”

Does it bother Richardson that the ordinary moviewatcher is oblivious to the work of the art director?

“Not at all,” he replied. “What we’re doing is creating an atmosphere for the actors to work in…whether it’s in the jungle, the desert or in a bar. If you’re able to create that atmosphere in the movie, it means the sets are good.”

Article written & by Terry Scott appearing courtesy of The Township Outlet (Linking the Townships English Speaking Community)

No High-Speed Internet Upsets Lac Brome
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Article courtesy of B. Goulet, longtime resident, fromWest Brome.

Hey Mr. Mayor, there's an election in November and what are you doing to show us, the taxpayers of Ville de Lac Brome that you are really interested in our well being. Spending our hard-earned tax money frivolously is ticking people off.

We need HIGH SPEED INTERNET in this area more than we need a money gobbling beach house. Mayor Wisdom has point blank told us that he is not interested in getting a government grant to help bring High Speed into certain areas that don't presently have it. We don't need a Lame Duck mayor.

Seems the mayor is interested in working for the citizens only within the Knowlton hub considering no one else despite the fact that they religiously pay their taxes directly to the town.

Granted, it's nice to have our outdoor skating rink watered and cleaned now and again in West Brome, but we seniors stopped skating years ago. We do, however love to see the youngsters frequenting the rink but we older folk need to be busy indoors as well and get our money's worth out of our elected mayor and councilors. It's time for them to start looking at spending our money where it's really needed in this
modern computer day and age.

The time is now for all taxpayers who live in these deprived areas where there is no High Speed Internet to collectively start a letter writing campaign demanding Mayor Wisdom and our elected councilors wake up and start doing what they were elected to do in the first place; Listen to your constituents!

If, you the reader suffer with old dial ups and can't get High Speed, write a letter to your representative or the mayor and demand something be done, and soon. The time is now to unite and change this injustice.

As a result of this blatant denial by the Mayor to help us High Speed deprived citizens out with this problem, these areas of West Brome, Fulford, Foster should seriously start looking about breaking away from this Lac Brome hub and become an independent municipality much like the town of Brome. There is no reason why we, in this area, we can't reach into our own pool of talent to handle our own municipal affairs.

Now this sort of Beach House would certainly attract attention!Why should we pay for a new dam when the federal government is prepared to spend billions on infrastructure? Why not try to get some of that money?

Why should my tax money be spent for an ego trip "Beech House" on a potentially polluted lake, that in future years will cost us far more in taxes for maintenance and upkeep, winter and summer, that the entire cost of this project itself. Gee..

We have a wonderful new underused Community Center. Why not let the winter sleigh rides start from there. Daaa!

How many sleigh rides has there been this winter? Hmmmm!

Come on Lac Brome people! get letter writing. It's time for some progressive changes here. Are we to re main lesser citizens because we don't live in the Knowlton Hub?

We, the forgotten will certainly not forget during the upcoming November elections. If you refuse to help us, we will refuse you at the polls.

Letter generously provided to DK by B. Goulet, fromWest Brome.

Feedback or opinions are always welcome! Send emails, photos and letters to

Bilingual Means "Anything But English" in Brome?
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Oh the beauty of the billingual signs! Yes Grammy...you paid taxes for 40 years but now your communti center doesn't recognize the fact that you speak English.The furor continues in Brome Lake over signage, that some people say is blatently slapping Anglophones in the face, as Town Council responded to questions about the sign on the new community center by saying "Centre Lac Brome" is actually bilingual.

According to Town Council, the sign on the Brome Lake Community Center, which says "Centre Lac Brome", is actually a wonderful example of bilingualism and councillors explained carefully during questions at the council meeting that since "Centre" is the properly spelled English version of the word "Center" and "Lac Brome" is the legal Quebec Government designation of the town then "Centre Lac Brome" is acceptable signage. Indeed it appears that this sign is "The Perfect Storm" as far as signs go as the English and French designations are identical!

Someone should tell the CHSSN, the Community Health and Social Services Network, which is the network of community organizations, resources and public institutions striving to ensure access to health and social services in English for Quebec’s English-speaking communities, who call it "Centre Lac Brome Center". That looks like a trilingual nomenclature...French, English and American according to the CHSSN! Bad Bad Bad says Brome Lake!

Of course, in Quebec, we have laws that must be adhered to and the language laws, no matter how despised by some, are laws nonetheless. But if the Town insists that English, as according to law, must be less predominant on signs, and they have done some nice spinning on the Brome Lake Center sign how can they allow a unilingual sign in downtown Knowlton to be established?

Heck...the town insisted a local restaurant change their sign because it advertised "dinner" instead of "diner". My goodness! "Dinner" is perfect because it contains both French and English together in one word!! Just like "Centre Lac-Brome" is bilingual so is, according to the same nebulous logic, the word "dinner" because it...certainly more biligual than Bel Canto?

No English on this sign? PERFECT! No-one can read the correct time? PERFECT!There is an "Art Gallery" on the banks of the Coldbrook in Knowlton that has a sign that is neither French nor English and it is on the main thoroughfare of Knowlton! The gallery has a sign that says "CARPE DIEM"...ummm...is that French? Is that English? No...it is neither official language but it seems that in Brome Lake that anything but English is acceptable! Does the Town prefer to allow a dead language on a sign? As long as it isn't english then perhaps it's ok?

Of course the stunningly Victorian "artsy-fartsy" clock on main street which stands beside the large "kiss my bum" Victorian statue in central Knowlton is something else but even the clock is so impossible to read that anyone passing by will surely miss their bus or appointment! We have a nice Bank of Montreal sign with a classic clock upstream but Town Council said nothing to the crazy junk-yard clock, big bummy statue and unlingual sign in the center of town! A useless clock, a sign written in Latin that should, by logic, be written in proper French. The correct French signage should replace the unlingual Latin: "Cueille le jour présent et sois le moins confiant possible en l'avenir".

While the council is at it they should look at renaming "Lakeside" to "Côté de Lac" because that is a blatent case of english being used in "flagrant delecti". And the actual French translation for "Saint Paul" according to Wikipedia in French is: "Paul de Tarse"! But does anyone have the courage to let the real-estate agents know that they should announce to their clients that the most saught-after property area, previously known as "Saint Paul" street, should be officially known the new and improved "Paul de Tarse"?

Why not rename KNOWLTON with the official French translation for Knowlton. "Knowlton" = "Savoir la Tonne". DOINK!!

Let's take a look at a new and apparently popular event coming to Lac-Brome: The Knowlton Bel Canto Festival. Bel Canto? Is Bel Canto a bilingual expression? Nope...it's Italian! And they don't call it Lac-Brome as is the Proper Quebec Name but for some unknown reason they call it Knowlton Bel Canto? The only consistency seems to be inconsistency!

Regarding the "Centre Lac Brome", many residents are upset at the fact that the English Community provided much of the private funding (apparently over 75% of the local private funding came from mainly English groups yet they don't deserve the respect of having an English sign on the building they paid for) to get the Community Center paid for and the refusal to recognize the English language community as major supporters and fundraisers on the sign that graces the building is a blatent smack in "la face"!

A letter to the editor in the local paper "The Brome County News" by a resident from Fulford expressed the frustrations:

Bilingual Brome?
Article by Morris Croghan, resident of Fulford.

Alan Gauthier at the town meeting of February 2nd, councilor Alan Gauthier, previously thought to have displayed some measure of independent thinking, i.e. his bilingual resolution #2008-10-355 recanted.
Re-joining the Wisdom/Willcinsom team in their determined efforts to keep any offensive English off "Centre Lac Brome's" unilingual French signs. Mr.Gauthier carefully explained that since " Centre" is a properly spelled English word and "Lac Brome" is the legal Quebec Government name for the town. "Centre Lac Brome" is therefore bilingual? Wow! You won't see better spinning than that in Ottawa!

Being a reluctant public speaker myself, I'm in awe of Mr. Gauthier's effortless public delivery of this convoluted, non-sensical pile of verbal garbage. Has Mayor
Wisdom taken on a protege? Yes, "Centre" is a proper English word and "Lac Brome" may well be the town's Quebec government legal name. But no, Mr.Gauthier! Combined as "Centre Lac Brome", they do not constitute a bilingual sign. I would suggest you
consult your 3rd grade English Reader, take a rest and revisit the issue.

Perhaps get your "pole fish" and in your "car blue" go to Lac Brome around "Island Eagle", stay in your "boat red" necause the island is "Propriete Prive"!


Nice lettter from Morris Croghan, resident of Fulford!

St. Patricks Day At The Knowlton Pub
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BOOBIESHappy Saint Patricks Day!Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide by the those of Irish descent and increasingly by non-Irish people (especially in Brome Lake where the English Community stands strong together and raises a beer mug or six together). Celebrations are generally themed around all things Irish and, by association, the colour green. Green, as in the color of Brome Lake! Both Christians and non-Christians celebrate the secular version of the holiday by wearing green, eating Irish food and/or green foods, imbibing Irish drink (such as Guinness, Jameson Irish Whiskey or Baileys Irish Cream) and attending parades.

In Knowlton and Brome Lake the celebration occurs mainly at the Knowlton Pub...where the English Community gather to celebrate the heritage that built this area! What better place to celebrate than at the local Pub where the locals come together! While most of Canada is involved in "Rrrrrrolling up the Rrrrim" to win, we have our own "Lac Brrrrrrrrrome" parties during the green days of Saint Patties day!

Heck...we have no high-speed internet, no chain restaurants like Wendy's (a classic red-headed Irish beauty), no Tim Horton's, no late night shopping, and no real tourist attractions unless someone considers that a truck stop on the highway can be considered as a "Most beeeuuutiful town in Quebec".

In Knowlton...the best place to celebrate is:

Bistro Knowlton Pub

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
Friday March 20th





267 Knowlton Rd, Knowlton 242-6862

How green will a polluted lake become? Yabadabadooo!!The St. Patrick's Day parade was first held in Boston in 1761, organized by the Charitable Society. The first recorded parade was New York City's celebration which began on 18 March 1762 when Irish soldiers in the English military marched through the city with their music.

The New York parade is the largest, typically drawing two million spectators and 150,000 marchers. The predominantly French-speaking Canadian city of Montreal, in the province of Québec has the longest continually running Saint Patrick's day parade in North America, since 1824;The city's flag has the Irish emblem, the shamrock, in one of its corners. Ireland's cities all hold their own parades and festivals, including Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Derry, Galway, Kilkenny, Limerick, and Waterford. Parades also take place in other Irish towns and villages. The St. Patrick's Day parade in Dublin, Ireland is part of a five-day festival; over 500,000 people attended the 2006 parade.

In Knowlton, Brome Lake, only the purists celebrate the day. The longtime English residents gather together to share a communal moment during this special day.

Congratulations Brome Lake for your English Heritage!!

Boil Water Advisory Issued in Brome Lake
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Don't drink the water? No probelm!Brome Lake Issued a Boil Water Notice as of February 20th 2009 and in effect until further notice. (February 24th Update: Advisory has been lifted...go have a glass of clean tap water!)

The population of the Town of Brome Lake using the municipal water system is hereby advised that water must be boiled at least 5 minutes before consumption. This measure is required following the results of sample analysis. It showed coliforms present. Water must be boiled until further notice.

We're fortunate that we have an SAQ in Knowlton to get us through these tough times without clean water!

Nécessité de bouillir l’eau
La population de ville de lac-brome utilisant le système d’aqueduc est priée de prendre note de la nécessité de faire bouillir l’eau au moins 5 minutes avant de la consommer. Cette mesure est rendue nécessaire suite à une analyse bactériologique de l’eau, des coliformes étant présents dans les échantillons recueillis. L’eau doit être bouillie jusqu’à nouvel avis.


Please note that the notice advising to boil water for the population of Brome Lake using the municipal water system is no longer in effect.
Veuillez noter que l’avis d’ébullition de l’eau pour la population de Lac-Brome utilisant le système d’aqueduc n’est plus en vigueur.

Previous Drinking Water Notices in Knowlton

Police Plan More Patrols For Brome Lake
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Police on Brome Lake? This would be a real tourist attraction!The snow patrol is coming! With the SQ announcing they will be stepping up their presence in Knowlton and Lake Brome we can all expect more speed traps, seatbelt, impaired driving checks and cell-phone use behind the wheel to be coming and it's about time!

This is good news from residents who felt like they had to fend for themselves in a lawless community for the last few years!

According to reports the Quebec Police also want to ensure Knowltonites are being served properly in English! Pardonnez-moi? Did someone actually ask if the English community in Brome Lake was being taken care of? What a welcome sentiment!!

The Surete du Quebec has promised to increase their presence on the roads of Lac Brome which is welcome news for everyone in town who has become accustomed to seeing the following before noon on any given day for goodness sakes:

1.Speeding through our schools zones and general speeding throughout Brome Lake.
3.Roaring through crosswalks when pedestrians wish to cross.
3.Drunks leaving the pubs, bars and restos and driving back to work or home ...it aint' rocket science...we've all seen this silent majority in action and it should be stopped before more people are hurt. The rates of DWI in Quebec are some of the highest in Canada so a strong and aggressive police force should be a welcome step forward.
5.Break and entering.
6.Not signalling while driving.
7.Filling up and not paying for gas at the Deapanneur Rouge.
9.Bozos yapping on their phones while driving.
10.Drug dealing.

If the Surete du Quebec can tackle these few issues in Lac Brome then we should see an improvement in the quality of life. I've driven through Bromont many times and they have such a prominent Police Force it's incredible. They have a wonderful Police Station right in the town and are friendly and accomodating.

I'm sure the SQ stationed in Brome Lake and Knowlton have provided some officers with the proper sensitivity training and the ones I've met on the streets in Knowlton seem to be very professional and willing to serve and protect. Although the one time I was pulled over by an SQ officer for exceeding the speed limit in Lac Brome I wasn't too impressed with the treatment I was given especially since I was wearing a Montreal Canadiens Jersey!!

Sutton Hanging By A Thread
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LA-CHUT_2008_Serge-Marchetta (installation, 13X 196cm) courtesy of Sutton GalleryMidway between drawing and sculpture, Serge Marchetta’s most recent works explore the notion of place in the act of creation.

This is an exhibition of in situ compositions that are designed with the location in mind; each work is created using coloured cotton thread. Like spider webs these threads are attached to the various surfaces of the Gallery—floor, walls, roof—allowing for endless variations.

The visitor is invited to contemplate the works from different angles and distances; in doing so, the image changes. The threads are arranged in such a way that the viewer can physically enter the work and feel enveloped by it.

Serge Marchetta left the security of a management job at Canada Post in 1993 to dedicate himself to full-time to art and finished his university studies at UQAM in 1995. He has been in more than 30 solo and group shows throughout Quebec and in the Czech Republic. He is also active in the arts community as a curator, gallery owner and member of artist associations. His work is in public and private collections.

Welcome to the exhibition opening, which will take place at 2 p.m. on Saturday,
February 14.
The artist will do a short presentation on his work at 2:30 pm.

The Gallery is at 7 Academy in Sutton and is open from Thursday to Sunday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Hours: Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm
7 Academy, Sutton, Quebec, Canada, J0E 2K0
450.538.2563 • [email protected] • http://www.artssutton.com/

The Eastern Townships are privlaged to have such contemporary artists exposing their works. An eclectic variety from modern to more classical styles is constantly coming to Sutton, Knowlton and the art galleries of the region!

Canadian Contemporary Art

New Books on Contemprary Art New Trends in Canadian and International Sculpture
Canadian Contemporary Art can refer simply to any visual art made in Canada currently or by living Canadian artists. However, it is a term that more accurately refers to Canadian visual, media, performance, video, and other artistic and/or conceptual practices that are critically and intellectually engaged and that deliberately address both a local and global context. One might further define it by the intended audience and expected venues for its exhibition and display: public galleries, art museums, artist-run centres, certain commercial galleries, etc.

Interior of the Toronto Eaton Centre showing one of Michael Snow's best known sculptures, titled Flightstop, which depicts Canada Geese in flight.

There has been much debate over whether such a national style, philosophical outlook, or unified and cohesive culture exists or ever has existed within Canada. It is large geographically, with many distinct regions, and its population is diverse and is made up of varying national and ethnic backgrounds. Also, as traditional distinctions between "high art" and "low" and "popular" art seem to be becoming less clear, the task of locating one or even a few common characteristics of Canadian art or culture becomes difficult.

There are, however, a few notable moments when Canadian contemporary artists – as individuals or groups – have distinguished themselves through commonality, international recognition, collaboration, or zeitgeist:

The Vancouver School of Photo-Conceptualism (artists include Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham, Stan Douglas, Iain Baxter)

The Royal Art Lodge (whose most famous member is Marcel Dzama, centred in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

NSCAD University or Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, where through the presence of painter Eric Fischl and other notable international visitors such as Joseph Beuys, Dan Graham and Lawrence Weiner in the 1970s a reputation was established as an innovative, radical, and theory driven incubator of new art.

The success of the career of Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, who represented Canada at the 49th Venice Biennial in 2001.

The conceptually-based artistic practice of Michael Snow. See picture above.

Canadian Contemprary Art

New Trends in Canadian and International Sculpture

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