A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

Knowlton, Quebec: December Magic
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Ice on Mill Pond reflects our lovely Church.Come celebrate with Knowlton the arrival of the Holiday season at the opening ceremony of the Festival of lights to be held this Saturday, November 28, at 6 p.m. at Coldbrook Park.

A special thank you to the volunteers:Marie-José Duchesneau for the many hours "tinkering" with the new Festival of lights website ;Vilnis Epners for coordinating the refection of the nutcrackers;Claude & Janet Boulianne as well as our anonymous artist for the construction and decoration of the magnificent mailbox;Camlen's employee for helping out with the lights installation and the nutcrackers delivery;Jacques Lecours for the use of his garage;
as well as Kevin Barnes, Danielle Bombardier, Francine Brassard and Lynn Matthews for all their time given out freely to help realised this festival.

With the short days of November slowly bringing us towards the snows of December it's a good time to look at all of the events upcoming in December in the Knowlton area. So many visitors come to Knowlton during the holidays for the Festival of Lights, for the skating beside the Mill Pond, for the wonderful shopping in the boutiques of Knowlton and to experience the Victorian Christmas that Knowlton is famous for.

The village is nice in quiet once the snow starts to settle but there are plenty of things to do and see throughout the month of December both before and after Christmas.

December Highlights

Every Sunday

Every sunday From 7 pm at Odd Fellows Hall, 476 Knowlton Rd. Information: (450)243-6778

Friday night social club
Fridays from October to May
From 8 pm at Odd Fellows Hall, 476 Knowlton Rd. Darts, cribbage, 500, refreshments ... $2 entrance fee. Welcome everyone! (450)243-6778

Festival of Lights
Until January 1st
Knowlton will sparkle under thousands of twinkling LED lights. Stay a while in the perfect after-ski region and enjoy a wonderful meal while savouring a glass of regional wine in one of our many restaurants. 1-877-242-2870, e-mail
“Noël dans nos campagnes”

Until January 4
Come and find out about activities and festivities offered by the municipalities and the existing animation in our art galleries and artists and artisans’ studios.

Skating Rink in Coldbrook Park in Knowlton
Weather permitting
Come rediscover the joy of skating under a winter sky. 1-877-242-2870, e-mail

Santa Claus Parade
December 5
In the streets of Knowlton (Brome Lake) at 1 pm. Meet Santa after the parade. Presented by the Lion's Club. (450) 242-2491

Merry Christmas!

The Brome Lake Santa Clause Parade

Duck don
December 5 & 6

For each country style duck pie sold during this period, $2 will be given to the Knowlton Lions Club for their Christmas baskets. Brome Lake Ducks, 40 Center St., 450 242-3825

December 5th to Jan 4th
Knowlton Gallery Presents "The Art of Giving"
49 Victoria in Knowlton
The Knowlton Gallery offers high quality contemporary art and fine craft by established and emerging artists.
Come and see the remarkable Santas by Judy Mullins.

Pot-pourri choir in concert
December 6

At 3 pm. at Knowlton St-Paul’s Anglican Church. $10 450 263-5068

Club Optimist Christmas Brunch
December 6

From 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Salle de la Bonne Humeur, 7 Mill Rd. in Bondville. Santa Claus will come visit and the children will receive a gift. For children 10 years old and younger with and adult, brunch is free. 11 to 16 $5, adults $8. Welcome all! 450 243-0325

Christmas reception and musical presentation
December 7
Réception Canadian Club of the Yamaska Valley. Auberge West-Brome, 128 route 139. 450243-6524 [email protected]

Midnight Madness
December 12

Come do your Christmas shopping in our stores which stay open until midnight for the occasion. Animation and contest. Details to come. Caroling in the streets from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Horse sleigh from 8 to 11 p.m. Firepits from 7 to 11 p.m. Gift wrapping service from 7 to 10 p.m.

Knowlton Harmony Band concert
December 12

At Knowlton United Church. Details to come.

December Ice.

December Ice
When the snow storms have passed and the sun peeks
out from over The Glen we can sometimes be treated to icicles forming on the fragile
fingers of the naked hedges along the fences and fields of Lac Brome. Delicate
patterns are created turning the frozen branches into what appears to be glistening
angel wings draped over the trees.

More Photos & Pictures

Christmas carol service
December 12

Seasoned with readings, choir, chorals and singing at 3 p.m. at the Creek United Church. 450 243-6746

Bake sale
December 12

From 10 a.m. at the B.C.H.S. 130 Lakeside Rd. 450 243-6782

The world’s most beautiful voices
December 18

The Music Lovers' Club presents opera on the giant screen at the Centre Lac-Brome. Enjoy the opera in surround sound, and deepen your appreciation of the art through stories and commentary. All welcome! Starts at 6:30 pm. 3$ (450) 242-2020

Snow Ball
December 19

At 7 p.m. Kick up your heels and dine and dance at the beautiful "Snow Ball". Delicious dinner catered by Virgo, music by the popular band "Jab Jab". Tickets $ 150 per person (tax receipt for $80.) Proceeds to Theatre Lac Brome. At Centre Lac-Brome, 270 Victoria St. 450-242-1395.

Holiday dinner-dance
December 19

Enjoy the stylish renderings of pianist Yaakov Ludmer while dining, then dance the night away with a D.J. playing the best in music to keep your feet flying. From 6 p.m. Restaurant Le Relais, 286 Knowlton Rd. Reservations: 450-242-2232.

Polar Express / Boréal Express
December 23

French movie at 10 a.m. and English movie at 2 p.m. At Centre Lac-Brome, 270 Victoria. Only $2 per person! Popcorn or juice $1. 450242-2020

Christmas lunch
December 23

At 11:30 a.m. Menu: glass of wine, soup, meat pie, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, beets, homemade ketchup, dessert and tea or coffee. $20 taxes and service included. Door prizes and cozy ambiance! Tickets on sale at the restaurant. Welcome all! Resto O'sunrize, 1076 Knowlton Rd. in West-Brome, 450 263-5063

Christmas dinner
December 24

At 5 p.m. Menu: glass of wine, soup, meat pie, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, beets, homemade ketchup, dessert and tea or coffee. $20 taxes and service included. Door prizes and cozy ambiance! Tickets on sale at the restaurant. Welcome all! Resto O'sunrize, 1076 Knowlton Rd. in West-Brome, 450 263-5063

Festival of lights fireworks display
December 29

The winter sky over our snow covered village will explode with a spectacular fireworks display in Coldbrook Park at 6 pm. Come to Knowlton and experience the magic! In case of inclement weather, the event will be postponed to the following day. 1-877-242-2870, e-mail

Winter Fireworks in Knowlton!As part of the month long Festival of Lights the village is planning their second annual winter fireworks display. The show is simply spectacular as the fireworks light up the village sky and sparkle over the ColdBrook Park. Last year's fireworks were a huge success and the streets were full of people who braved the chilly temperatures to see the show. It is rare to see fireworks so close to the village and it is really a fantastic show as the fireworks are set to music. Bring a chair and a thermos of eggnog!See Previous Winter Fireworks

Call For Submissions Arts 2011 Program
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Is it art? This painting done by Eastern Townships Amateur Artist David Milligan isn't the stuff you should see in a Museum...or is it?Ok you talented folk...time to come out the closet and show the world your creative side! Anyone who has visited a museum of modern art has probably said to themselves: "Heck I could do better than that!" well, now is your chance to prove it by releasing your inner Artist and showing your works at the pre-eminent gallery in Sutton, Quebec.

The painting at left is an acrylic on canvas entitled: "Beyond The Aztek Bubbles" by local amatuer artist Davil Mulligan. "The starburst twilight swirls through the peyote prayers of Twyla Arness and her co-pilot Glatia Von Wronn. Is this a daring escape or simply a reckless adventure that could lead to wealth, scarring and infamy? I chose bright twisting colors to challenge the mundane explanations that exist in a covertible with the top down and low cut dresses taking no prisoners! Indeed a metaphor for the rebels who abhor the sedentary population that would have them wait in traffic tie ups to commute to the office...Twyla and Glatia have chosen to live life like fingernails down a spinal blackboard!" Acrylic On Canvas 36 x 42 inches UN-FRAMED $1400 CAD

Well said Davil! You have potential to be a professionally funded artist with talk like that but the Sutton Gallery is looking for something a bit more substantial for their upcoming season!! The Sutton Gallery has a renowned reputation as one of the premier galleries in the area for new and established artists to show cutting edge art. They are now looking for artists for the new year of expositions and shows.

Well, actually you will need to be a professional artist to be considered (that counts you out Davil) so if you are not yet a professional artist you should think of visiting a few art galleries to get some pointers on what is hot in the art world...maybe listen to the CBC more often where you will likely learn alot from other professional artists including ways to get on board the Canada Council train of grants and bursaries and the best methods at making people believe that a mural of grey guache and greasy wax paper is a thing of subtle beauty and meaning!!


Arts Sutton is calling for artist submissions for the 2010 season!
They invite artists and curators to submit proposals!

Founded in 1980, Arts Sutton is an arts organization dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary visual art. To that end, Arts Sutton hosts a regular program of exhibitions and organizes educational and cultural mediation activities to help familiarize the community with contemporary art.

Arts Sutton shows work by professional artists who are actively engaged in their practice, no matter which techniques they work with. The artists are committed to a making art and defend aesthetic approaches that are both challenging and innovative. Projects are selected by an independent committee of five (5) people from the visual arts.


The submission must include:

1.A project description (max. 250 words)

2.An artist’s statement (max. 500 words)

3.A current résumé (max. 3 pages)

4.15 to 20 digital JPEG images in RGB colour mode on a CD and/or videos (DVD) and/or USB key representative of recent work. All documents must be clearly identified and accompanied by a descriptive list (title, medium, dimensions and creation date). Please only submit formats that are compatible with IBM PCs. Slides, other media or other media formats are not accepted.

5.Press kit, if any (max. 3 articles)

6.$20 administration fee*

7.If you wish your submission to be returned to you, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage. Submissions that have not been selected or claimed will be destroyed at the end of June 2010.

Submissions that are incomplete or are received after the deadline will not be considered.

The Gallery does not accept submissions made by fax or email.

Note that pages over the specified number will be excluded from the submission. Arts Sutton will notify the artists selected of the committee’s decision by letter in June 2010.

Submissions should be sent to:

Arts Sutton Gallery
7 Academy
Sutton QC
J0E 2K0


Cry Me a Fucking River? My goodness...these modern artists are so full of anger and vinegar!Another Painting by Davil Mulligan. When it's over it's really got to be over! You can beg forgiveness and crawl on your hands and knees regretting every gruesome detail of the sham you call a life but when you bring this Green Eyed Girl into the equation you had better learn how to subtract...as in subtract your head from your shoulders! I wanted to emphasize the film noire essence of this scene by creating a yellowing orange psycho gyroscope effect as our tight pyjamad heroine says goodbye to the person who dared do her wrong!"

Acrylic On Canvas 40 x 46 inches

Davil Mulligan on the artistic process: "I'm not into painting because it provides me an outlet for the twisted blossom filled dreams dancing to the angelic harp music in my head...no way!...I dig painting cuz' it allows me sit in my third floor studio watching re-runs of The Twilight Zone while I load my nervous sytem with voodoo beverages and splash wild colors all over a canvas, the floor, and my clothes... and I have a valid excuse for not answering the phone!

Plus...I can stroll about with ripped, torn, stinky, filth-encrusted, paint stained clothing with complete immunity (even if I haven't touched a brush in months) because people assume that I'm one of those pretentious a**holes who like to walk about making sure everyone knows that they are painters! I don't actually like painting....my shrink makes me do it!"

Stay tuned for an upcoming interview and exposition of paintings by Townships Artist A Go-Go Davil Mulligan. Glad to see the arts community is thriving in the Eastern Townships!

Woolrich Clothing : Brome Lake Tradition
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Woolrich Knowlton is world renowned for presenting sales on discounted Woolrich clothing. Woolrich clothing is for the active, outdoor lifestyle, arctic parkas, jackets, shirts, shorts, vests at a discount. Residents of Brome Lake have always been excited about the big sales happening in the Oddfellows Hall across from the Depanneur Rouge.

This is your chance to grab some plaid and to buy the Woolrich brand at a discount price! Get yourself looking good this year!

Come visit our Knowlton Store for great gift ideas to keep you and yours warm and cozy ths season: blankets, fleece, p.j.s, our famous flannel shirts, wonderful woolen sweaters, and stylish coats, and accessories to add to the mix. We are open everyday from 10 am - 6 pm.

Do you have something special you would like Santa Woolrich to bring you? Sign up for our "Santa's Hint List", and help your loved ones out with their gift list.

Join us for Knowlton's Midnight Madness Saturday, December 12th from 5 pm to 12 pm: Storewide specials, Wonderful surprises, Music, Munchies and more! Come sing along with Mrs. Claus!

Venez nous voir au magasin à Knowlton, nous avons plein d'idées cadeaux pour vous tenir au chaud cet hiver...couvertures, pyjamas, polars, chemises en flanelles, chandails en laine, manteaux stylés et accessoires, etc Nous sommes ouverts à tous les jours de 10 hrs à 18 hrs.

Avez-vous fait votre liste de souhaits Woolrich? Incrivez les articles que vous aimeriez recevoir sur la liste du Père Noël.

Joignez-vous à nous le samedi 12 décembre pour La Folie de Minuit de 17hrs à miniut. Nous aurons des spéciaux partout dans le magasin, des surprises, de la musique et des gâteries. Allez, venez chanter avec la Mère Noël!

Artist Farruggello Exhibit in Knowlton
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FarruggelloSunday December 9th you'll have the chance to see new paintings by Farruggello in the recently opened Bed and Breakfast on Victoria Street, "Gite du jour au Lendemain". Take a moment to introduce yourself to the artist as well as the home that has been part of Knowlton's history since the 1800's.

About the Artist : Farruggello
Originally from Nice, France, Farruggello initially entered the art world by working in several framing studios. In his early twenties he opened his own gallery, which he ran for 3 years. In addition, for several years he continued to organize expositions for various studios and galleries in Nice.

However, it is in Quebec, in 1989, that he began his work as an artist. There, he participated in several live-model workshops and carried out his initial studies of perspective inspired by architectural structures and urban environments which he enjoyed deconstructing. His present work still draws from those early experiences.

His first acrylic paintings were composed with masses of color, to which he progressively added more perspective.

In 1994, he began a collage series, cheerfully blending paint with urban décor elements that he photographed. Staircases, facades, doors, fire escapes, railways, lampposts, rope lines, etc., are part of the many cultural references that he fused together.

In 1995, he presents Façade, his first exposition in Montreal. This initiated a long series of urban compositions where he mixed abstraction with realistic elements, a distinguishing feature of his style even today.

The colors are vibrant, the paintings are juxtaposed, and the dynamic suggestions are indeed audacious signifying an accrued mastery of a medium and a more radical aesthetic. Read more on the official website : http://www.farruggello.com/farruggello_e.html

Gite du jour au lendemainAbout The Knowlton Bed & Breakfast : "Gite du jour au Lendemain" Originally known to many in the early 1900's as The Foster Farm, the house on Victoria Street is well known in Knowlton. It is said to have been the house with the first inground swimming pool of the region! The lovely Victorian Home and surrounding barn have always been a charming decoration on the street. The home was occupied by the McKeen family for several decades, Mrs. Francis McKeen has a street named after her in Knowlton and they McKeens had always kept the property and buildings looking sharp and tidy with fresh white paint!

I actually have a soft spot for this house because I lived in the home for the last 5 years of the McKeen ownership, renting the small house attached to the main home that used to be the farm managers house. The home and property have always represented the Victorian spirit and it is great to see the new owners of the home have turned it into a bed and breakfast to share this unique part of Knowlton's history!

There are three bedrooms available. The house is at a walking distance from the marina (15 minutes), from the village (20 minutes) and from the beach (30 minutes). There is an inground pool and the Bike Path is right off the main driveway. Lovely old trees tower overhead and flowers bloom in the lush greenery on the large 1.37 acre property.

Visit the official website : http://www.gitedujouraulendemain.com/

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