A personal view of Knowlton, Quebec, the Eastern Townships most beautiful village.

Meeting of Contemporary Arts - 2010 Knowlton
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Meeting of Contemporary Arts 1st edition (company registered nonprofit
profit) is therefore the day after it was conceived as early as 2005 by the creators of Agur

Galerie Agur, single conceptual place in the Cantons-de-Townships is established
Knowlton, whose unique location and quality of life have attracted a
people come from different backgrounds, including a large art community. The
gallery has gained many artists, guests and visitors since its inception in 2001. In
Over the nine years of its existence, many exhibitions, seminars and parties
themes were organized in this art gallery event that such
product in 2003 of theater, music and dance at the Théâtre Lac Brome.
Having developed a culinary component, thematic and events - "In the
Table of Impressionists "- the gallery was built in 2005 on a permanent basis
restaurant whose reputation is growing.

The design of an art event bringing together all forms of expressions,
corresponds to the vision and mission which are ours since the inception of the gallery:
promote contemporary artists, artists from Quebec, Canada, emerging or
Internationally acclaimed perpetuate a place of encounters and exchanges, sharing and
become a vital crossroads arts and culture involving all the senses --
visual, musical taste - in order to reach the greatest number.
A big thank you to all of you, through your financial support, as well as your
presence with us in this adventure! Hoping that the success of
the 1st Meeting of Contemporary Arts is only the beginning of a long series.

339, chemin Knowlton, Ville de Lac-Brome, Québec
[email protected] /450-243-0145 / www.agurgalerie.com

Rencontre des Arts Contemporains - Knowlton 2010

Rencontre des Arts Contemporains 1re édition (compagnie enregistrée à but non
lucratif) voit donc le jour après avoir été imaginée dès 2005 par les créateurs de Agur

Agur Galerie, lieu conceptuel unique dans les Cantons-de-l’Est est établie à
Knowlton, dont la situation exceptionnelle et la qualité de vie ont su attirer une
population venue d’horizons différents, dont une importante communauté artistique. La
galerie a conquis de nombreux artistes, clients et visiteurs depuis sa création en 2001. Au
cours des neuf années de son existence, de nombreuses expositions, séminaires et soirées
thématiques ont été organisés dans cette galerie d’art événementielle qui a notamment
produit en 2003 des spectacles de théâtre, de musique et de danse au Théâtre Lac Brome.
Après avoir développé un volet culinaire, thématique et événementiel – « À la
table des Impressionnistes » – la galerie a intégré en 2005 de manière permanente le
restaurant dont la réputation va grandissante.

La conception d’un événement artistique réunissant toutes formes d’expressions,
correspond à la vision, et à la mission qui sont nôtres depuis la création de la galerie :
promouvoir des artistes en art contemporain, artistes québécois, canadiens, émergents ou
de renommée internationale, perpétuer un lieu de rencontres, d’échanges, de partage et
devenir un carrefour artistique incontournable et culturel faisant appel à tous les sens –
visuel, musical, gustatif – dans le but de rejoindre le plus grand nombre.
Un grand merci à vous tous qui, par votre soutien financier, ainsi que par votre
présence, nous accompagnez dans cette belle aventure! En souhaitant que le succès de
cette 1re Rencontre des Arts Contemporains ne soit que le début d’une longue série.
Maddia Esquerre
Conceptrice et directrice de l’événement

Mercredi, 23 juin 2010 - 18h00
AGUR Galerie - restaurant
Lancement de l’événement :
Vernissage : Winston Mc Quade
Jeudi, 24 juin 2010 - 20h
Grand chapiteau à l’arrière / AGUR Galerie - restaurant
Histoires de Visages : Horta Van Hoye
Vendredi, 25 juin 2010 - 20h
Grand chapiteau à l’arrière / AGUR Galerie – restaurant
Les Lumières de la danse : ezdanza - Olivier Wecxsteen
Samedi, 26 juin 2010 - 10h à 16h
Grand chapiteau à l’arrière et tentes individuelles / AGUR Galerie – restaurant
Le Musée Éphémère
Exposition : Artistes en arts visuels
Soirée à 19h30
Souper bénéfice : avec le groupe Gadji-Gadjo
Dimanche, 27 juin 2010 - 10h à 17h
Grand chapiteau à l’arrière et tentes individuelles / AGUR Galerie – restaurant
Le Musée Éphémère
Exposition : Artistes en arts visuels

Ventes tickets Histoire de Visages.............................................................. 28 $
Les Lumières de la Danse .................................................. 35 $
Histoires de Visages et Les Lumières de la Danse ......... 55 $
Souper bénéfice ................................................................. 175 $
25 $/ par ticket déductibles d’impôts
au bénéfice du Club des Lions (un reçu sera remis)

Rencontre des Arts Contemporains
Claire Léger
Marraine de l’événement
Winston McQuade
Porte-parole de l’événement
Maddia Esquerre
Conceptrice et directrice de l’événement
Jean-Yves Esquerre
Consultant pour la danse
Brigitte de Souza
Consultante pour le théâtre
Louise Rénald
Coordonnatrice artistique
Sylvie Chartrand
Relations publiques
Daniel Ranger
Directeur technique

339, chemin Knowlton, Ville de Lac-Brome, Québec
[email protected] /450-243-0145 / www.agurgalerie.com

Easter Bunny Refuses To Visit Brome Lake
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No More Easter Bunny Visits For Us! Can you blame The Easter Bunny?The Easter Bunny has said she has cancelled all future visits to Brome Lake. No more Easter Egg hunts for kiddies, it's over! The announcement came after Brome Lake Ducks said they will begin slaughtering “bunny wabbits” to increase the work-week for employees and this has forced the lovable Easter Bunny to announce that she will "permanently cease all future visits to Brome Lake forever".

The announcement was made today by The Easter Bunny who said she was saddened by the news and tearfully added that she looked forward to a day when people would eat more carrots and vegetables and less cute fluffy creatures.

"Killing the symbol of Easter is wrong!" said the Easter Bunny as she nibbled a carrot stick, "What's next, the tooth fairy, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, Mickey Mouse? They already have Donald and Daffy being turned into boil in the bag delicacies at Brome Lake Ducks....is nothing sacred for the kids? We're talking more than just the Eastern Bunny folks, we're talking Bugs Bunny! Bugs Bunny? What's Up Doc???"

So we'll have to now explain to our Brome Lake children that they will be no longer serviced by the Easter Bunny because it was was announced that Brome Lake Ducks would soon begin slaughtering thousands of little bunny rabbits every week! The Easter Bunny expressed shock and disappointment that Brome Lake would be home to such acts against rabbits and said she had no choice but to boycott ever coming to the area for Easter ever again. Sad news for children who love the fluffy white cuddly creatures with their wiggly noses and beady little eyes and friendly dispositions; they will no longer be visited at Easter by that most famous of rabbits who delivers chocolate treats and daffodils every Spring.

The Brome Lake Duck Farm had to go beyond their duck farm activities because there just wasn’t enough work at the factory farm to give all employees a full 5 day work week. To add an extra day’s work for the employees 6,000 bunnies will be killed and transformed into human food.

In today’s economy employers are looking for ways to keep employees employed a full 5 days per week as having people work only 4 days out of seven doesn’t seem too productive, naturally, rabbits, being stupid beasts, do not understand this logic. It’s not sure what would be involved if they wanted to ramp up to a seven day work week but no doubt someone will be looking at a way to keep the rendering plant a rendering!

Children in Brome Lake will have to adjust to not seeing their Easter Bunny anymore and will have to find solace in the fact that they may be still able to see thousands of rabbits every week …not happily hopping along with baskets of chocolate eggs but crammed into as factory trucks that grind through town; trucks filled with cages of little bouncing baby bunnies on their way to slaughter…add the flying fur to the flying duck feathers that blow through town from behind the trucks every day and it sounds like Brome Lake could be the setting for the newest Tim Burton film!

"I'll certainly miss coming to Brome Lake to visit the children and hide eggs every year" said the Easter Bunny from her winter retreat in British Columbia, "but they kids will just have to find some other cuddly representative of Easter that isn't a food for hungry carnivorous humans...maybe they could try The Easter Cockroach?"

OUCH! Someone, pass me a carrot!

Wabbit Stew? How Could you?!!!Started in 1912 on the western shore of Brome Lake, the Brome Lake Duck farm is the oldest duck-breeding farm in all of Canada. The native New Yorker who started the farm just before World War 1 chose to breed Peking duck; a large-bodied white duck with a distinct yellow bill and feet, as well as delicious meat which had been first imported from China to the United States in 1873.

Family later moved the farm and its buildings to the other side of the lake and the farm was set up in an area where the ducks could swim freely in the lake during times of summer heat. Now one of the largest employers in the area the farm has annual production that is close to 3,000,000 ducks which are imported to food service industries around the globe including Asia, South America and Europe. Now, with the addition of 250,000 rabbits per year being slaughtered, Brome Lake will have another badge on her colorful uniform.

Also interesting: The Brome Lake Duck Festival

Brome Lake Ducks : Truly the nec plus ultra in ducks!

Earth Hour Celebrated in Knowlton and Brome Lake
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Turn out the lights Children
Earth Hour at Town of Brome Lake
The Community Joins Forces Against Climate Changes

Come on Everybody!

Turn out the lights!!

This year, the Town of Brome Lake has joined Renaissance Lac Brome and a group of citizens to underline Earth Hour, a planetary manifestation against climate change and greenhouse gases. This event will take place around the world on March 27th, 2010from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

To highlight the event, municipal authorities will turn off every light in municipal buildings:

Town Hall, Centre Lac-Brome, Municipal garage and Fire Hall.

Council members invite citizens to take part in this planetary movement on March 27th,2010. Our participation in the Earth Hour means much more than just turning off lights once a year for 60 minutes. This event allows people to voice their opinion on the future of the planet and to send a message to world leaders to take appropriate action to redress the climate change situation.

Gather in Coldbrook Park at 8:30 p.m. with a candle and celebrate Brome Lake’s first Earth Hour with your friends!

The Town of Brome Lake, in cooperation with its partners such as Renaissance Lac Brome,already has several projects aiming to fight against greenhouse gases, such as:

-The consolidation of its urban plan and by-laws to integrate sustainable development as an objective which highlights urban standards in regards to the environment. This consolidation will also be the opportunity to rethink the problem of light pollution and measures to adopt to resolve this situation;

- The establishment of a new waste management schedule by the Town to reduce traveling of trucks. This new schedule pursues this objective to encourage recycling
and composting;

- The implementation of a renewal strategy for less energy-consuming municipal vehicles and equipment;

- The adherence to the “Programme Climat Municipalités”, which proposes an inventory
of the sources of greenhouse gases that includes an action plan;

- The improvement of infrastructures in parks and public recreation areas respectful of the environment.

Gather in Coldbrook Park at 8:30 p.m. with a candle and celebrate Brome Lake’s first Earth Hour with your friends!

Lac-Brome, le 4 mars 2010. La Ville de Lac-Brome s’associe cette année avec Renaissance Lac Brome et un groupe de citoyens afin de souligner l’Heure pour la Terre, une manifestation planétaire de lutte contre les changements climatiques et les gaz à effet de serre. L’événement se tient le 27 mars 2010, de 20h30 à 21h30 et ce, partout dans le monde.Pour souligner l’événement, les autorités municipales éteindront toutes les lumières utilisées dans les bâtiments municipaux : Hôtel de Ville, Centre Lac-Brome, Garage municipal et Caserne d’incendie.

Yamaska Valley Optimist Club "Women of Success"
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Lori Graham of CTV will be the keynote speaker.
The Yamaska Valley Optimist Club will once again be celebrating four "Women of Success" at their fourth annual International Women's Day Dinner. To be held Saturday, March 13th at the Lakeview Inn.

The evening starts at 6:00 pm, supper to be served at 7:00 pm Every year the club chooses a different theme and this year they have chosen Successful Women Entrepreneurs. We are so very fortunate to have such talented women amongst us in our community and that we have this special occasion to celebrate their success.

This year's honourees are Patti Larose-Mason and Annette Blanco from the Panier Champêtre; Lucy Hoblyn from Brome Lake Books and Janet Fraser of Café Floral. These four remarkable women, working in the town of Knowlton, have made us very proud and are an inspiration to many in these difficult economic times.

Keynote speaker is Lori Graham of CTV Montreal.
Born and raised on the West Island of Montreal, Lori has always had a passion for performing and public speaking. All through elementary school and high school, Lori participated in numerous public speaking contests and performed in countless theatrical productions. Lori was even elected to give the valedictory address to her graduating class at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School.

While public speaking was always of great interest, academically Lori pursued both pure and applied science. Eventually she would find a way to combine her love of both sciences and languages by becoming CTV Montreal's weather presenter.

Lori got her break in Montreal media while in her second year of broadcast journalism at Concordia University. She was the recipient of CJAD's Al Cauley Award, and within weeks began working for CJAD and Mix 96 as a traffic reporter, news reporter and newscaster while completing her final year of university. She went on to graduate from Concordia with the highest aggregate marks in her program.

Two years later, Lori joined the CTV family as a weather presenter during the infamous 1998 ice storm. She refers to her television debut as her "baptism by ice." She has hosted a number of shows for CTV including "Good Morning Canada" - the network's national weekend morning show.

Lori is also involved in a number of local charities. She hosts CTV's "Telethon of Stars" and supports the Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone, the Children's Wish Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House Charities.

There are a limited number of tickets, so hurry to reserve your place!! Tickets are available by calling Lois Hardacker or Marilyn Hunter at (450) 242-2000, Donna Coates at (450)-242-2548 (evening) or Susan Burbank at (450) 243-0530(evening).

Tickets cost $50.00 with all the profits going to the youth projects that the club sponsors in the area.

Art show by Françoise Belu and Suzanne Blouin
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Suzanne Blouin - La petite Suzanne en automne (détail), mixed media, 26 X 40 cm Arts Sutton is happy to announce that it will be presenting Les Unes et les autres, an exhibit of art works by Françoise Belu and Suzanne Blouin, from March 6 to April 11. This image is courtesy of Suzanne Blouin (Suzanne Blouin, La petite Suzanne en automne (détail), mixed media, 26 X 40 cm)

Les Unes et les autres is produced through a collaboration between two Montréal artists who share a vision of contemporary art, bound to their profound explorations of the pain of childhood.

“Les unes” shows us the same photograph of Suzanne as a child, repeated many times over on a table of four reversible panels strewn with three-dimensional objects, such as bridal veils and seashells. We see her abandoned against the backgrounds of an American desert, the edge of the Saint Lawrence River, lost in the fields, the snow and elsewhere . . .

Art show by Françoise Belu and Suzanne Blouin
Entitled Les unes et les autres
at Arts Sutton Gallery

From March 6 to April 11, 2010
Show opening: Saturday, March 6 at 2 :00 pm
Guided tour by the artists: Saturday, March 20 at 2 :00pm

“Les autres” presents us with a set of twenty-odd black boxes that display photographs of close friends and family of Françoise as children. The backgrounds to the pictures were created using a variety of techniques and are paired with symbolic found objects, as well as scenes in which there is always the silhouette of an anonymous child.

Suzanne Blouin holds a Master’s in Fine Arts from l’Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Her work is included in various public collections such as those of the Musée du Québec and the Museum of Fine Arts in Montréal. Since she discovered collage in 1997, she has been using it as an integral part of her works, including those we will be seeing at La Galerie Arts Sutton. Each work begins with an image of herself, triggered by her earliest childhood memories. Little Suzanne, in these autobiographical fictions, reinvents herself through survival strategies of wild gestures, repeated almost ad infinitum—each set in the fullness of nature and the seasons.

Francoise Belu holds a certificate of Aesthetics and the History of Modern Art from the University of Paris 1. She has participated in numerous shows and performances in Québec and France. She is inspired by ancient myths, in particular that of Oedipus, and the revelations of the unconscious as explored by Freud and the psychoanalytic tradition. Her works depict the unsayable words, drawn from a consciousness that seeks a wordless expression of self. To this day, she still cannot use images drawn from her own childhood because the pain is too intense. Instead Francoise describes the childhood “des autres.”

The public is invited to open to the subtle awareness of these two artists as shown in their works on display at Arts Sutton.

The Gallery is located at 7 rue Academy in Sutton. It is open Thursdays to Sunday, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Une exposition de Françoise Belu et Suzanne Blouin
intitulée Les unes et les autres à la Galerie Arts Sutton

Du 6 mars au 11 avril 2010
Vernissage: samedi 6 mars à 14h
Visite commentée avec les artistes: samedi 20 mars à 14h

Françoise Belu, La boîte de Jésus B (détail, mixed media, 25 X 36 X 12 cm)La Galerie Arts Sutton est heureuse de présenter, du 6 mars au 11 avril prochain, l'exposition Les unes et les autres de Françoise Belu et Suzanne Blouin.

L'installation Les unes et les autres est le fruit d'une collaboration entre deux artistes montréalaises qui ont une conception identique de l'art actuel et une thématique semblable, celle des blessures de l'enfance.

« Les unes » ou la même photographie de Suzanne enfant, qu’on trouve répétée plusieurs fois et intégrée à un tableau, à une table, errant sur 4 paravents réversibles agrémentés de différents objets tridimensionnels - voile de mariée, coquillages… On la voit abandonnée dans le désert américain, au bord du Saint-Laurent, dans les champs, dans la neige, ailleurs...

« Les autres » ou une vingtaine de « boîtes noires » qui mettent en scène les proches de Françoise, sur des photos qui les représentent enfants, dans un décor en techniques mixtes accompagné de quelques objets trouvés symboliques, ainsi que des tableaux dans lesquels figure toujours une silhouette enfantine anonyme.

Suzanne Blouin détient une maîtrise en Arts plastiques de l'UQAM. Ses œuvres font partie de collections publiques notamment celle du Musée du Québec et du Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. Elle découvre le collage en 1997, qu'elle utilisera dans de nombreuses œuvres, jusqu'à l'exposition actuelle Les unes et les autres. Elle travaille à partir de sa propre image qu'elle décline presque à l'infini et qui représente son tout premier souvenir d'enfance. La petite Suzanne, dans cette fiction autobiographique, s’invente des stratégies de survie par la répétition du même geste d’abandon, dans des mises en scène où la nature et les saisons sont aussi mises en valeur.

Françoise Belu est titulaire d’un certificat d’Esthétique et d’Histoire de l’art moderne de l'Université Paris I. Elle possède à son actif de nombreuses expositions et performances au Québec et en France. Sa démarche s'articule autour de différents mythes, et en particulier autour du complexe d’Oedipe, du refoulé de l'inconscient révélé par Freud et la psychanalyse. Ses œuvres mettent en images cette parole qui refuse de se dire, où la conscience cherche à s'exprimer par delà les mots. Incapable, tant la blessure est encore douloureuse, d’utiliser des images de sa propre enfance, Françoise met en scène l’enfance des autres.

Le public est invité à se laisser toucher par la sensibilité révélée par ces deux artistes lors de leur exposition à la Galerie Arts Sutton.

La Galerie est située au 7 rue Academy à Sutton. Elle est ouverte du jeudi au dimanche, de 11h00 à 17h00.

Source : Galerie Arts Sutton
Pour information : Christine Joly, adjointe aux communications
(450) 538-2563 info @artssutton.com www.artssutton.com

BromeLakeBlog Forced to Remove Unauthorized Content
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You can't walk stroll into Flannigans and steal a bag of Bagels. You can't walk in the front door of Bousada and walk out the back door with a sofa you haven't paid for. And now one local blogger has learned that you can't just take someone elses creative property just because you know how to cut and paste.

Luckily the laws of the land, laws that brave Canadians have fought for over several great Wars, have evolved to protect us in the age of computers and while stealing content, pictures, words, stories and ideas from websites might be as easy as a Control-C that doesn't make it right. It is, actually, against the law just as any theft of intellectual property or material goods is.

Now the BromeLakeBlog has learned that posting content from another website without permission is pretty much considered theft and their web hosting company has had the offending material stripped from their servers in accordance with the laws. Bravo!

Just because we're a small little town doesn't make this the wild west! Laws are laws and no-one can walk into your house and walk off with the TV set can they...but maybe some people think that if those bagels at Flannigans are a little stale then putting them in their pocket and walking out without paying is ok?

Trademarks and copyrights exist to prevent ideas from being stolen, now, BromeLakeBlog.com has come face to face with the reality of blogging on the internet by having material from their blog removed by their hosting company because of the DMCA legal notice of copyright infringement filed by us.

BLB has been PWNEDYep, the judge has rendered a fair and sound judgement and BLB has been PWNED! This is all thanks to the digital laws that protect the Internet. DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act and basically what it does is allow content creators an efficient means of ensuring that their original content is not used re-produced or diseminated without permission.

In this case BromeLakeBlog.com posted a 697 word article that had been written for and by DestinationKnowlton.com without consent. When our website asked for the article to be removed we were told that it wouldn't be removed. It wasn't until we went through the effort of filing legal papers with the web host that article was removed from their blog. Incredible that in a such a small town their could be such disrespect...and right in public for all to see! We felt as if it was like having to call the police on the neighbour who "borrowed" the lawn mower and then refuses to give it back!

The offending web site literally laughed in our face at our requests for a return of the stolen goods! The nerve! The laughing quickly turned to indignation as the hosting company followed up on the DMCA investigation we initiated and forced the removal of our content. The blog owner, Morris Croghan, called us communists comparing us to China and acting bewildered that we could claim copyright because of a minor speeling mistake! Denial...not a river in Egypt folks!!

Another victory for intellectual property owners! Just like any sort of property theft, online theft of content is illegal, but some people seem to think that just because it's on the Internet you can just take it. Thankfully the DMCA has proven a useful law to protect us from robbery by these sorts of people who would steal the bread off our family's plates!

Brome Lake Blog? Your delivery of fail has arrived!"It wasn't the fact that they borrowed our article" said "Darling Dave", head creative writer at Destination Knowlton, "It was the fact that they weaseled around our polite requests at removal! They didn't leave a proper attribution and instead of using a summary and a link back to our article which may have rendered their usage "fair use" they chose a juvenile rebuttle of name-calling colored with ignorance and a self-righteous mocking of the rules. Rules that keep our society from entering chaos!"

"We've had our pictures and some of our articles re-printed, summarized and used in print and online as well as done interviews with CBC discussing items that have appeared on our blog. To have it stolen by a local noob blogger who has done nothing but smear our website along with other townsfolk really hurt, we're a small community and to see such viceral disregard and personal attacks is troubling. Property theft was the last straw. But now, seeing we've won our claim against this activity, we feel redeemed!"

Luckily for creative people in the townships, you are protected from digital thieves, you just need to stand up for your rights! Use the DMCA if you need to. Good always triumphs over evil, well, according to Batman at least!

But now...as the legal dust settles...let's hope now that thsee two parties who have agreed to disagree will continue to work on their blogs, serving their different audiences as best they can, with at least a spoonfull of respect and and not have things turn into something that the entire Eastern Townships is ashamed of...let's face it: isn't the future of our town, our province and our country bigger than any blog or the ego of any one person?

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