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Your $85 for rent listing includes:
1. All rentals are accesible under the main category link on all pages of the Destination Knowlton website (Appartments, Properties and Condos for Sale or Rent)

2. A spot on the rental page: Up to 500 words of text to describe your rental property and a small 125 x 125 pixel photograph which will link to your single page on the DestinationKnowlton website that can feature 5 larger photographs The listing stays on the website for as long as you want unlike newspaper advertising which must be renewed week after week. New advertisements appear at the top of the rentals page.

One $85 payment and your advertisement remains active on this website until you decide! The Rentals category appears on the front page of the Destination Knowlton and leads to the main rentals page where your ad stays for as long as you want as a small picture and a link on the rental page to your own webpage on the Destination Knowlton website. (We do the work! We take your 5 photos and 100 words and create a simple webpage with your contact info and a link to your website if you have one)

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